How Paper Clips Save My Spinning Sanity

I love paper clips!

I am a spinner that likes to take my wheel everywhere with me. I am also a spinner who tends to drop and lose things. There are days that, as I carry my wheel, I feel like I’m a dandelion shedding fluffy fiber and tools everywhere.

The tool that I most seem to lose no matter how I tie it on, keep it in a wee basket or even carry it in my purse is an orifice hook. I lose 1 or 2 a year.

Behold the everyday object that saves my spinning sanity:

Paper clip magic!

I throw a small handful into every bag I carry, and if I’m orifice hook-less I grab a paperclip and unbend, leaving or creating a small hook at one end.

Adjust the hook size to your wheel’s orifice and you’re ready to spin. If you’d like, curl the hookless end into a loop, string it on yarn and hang it on your wheel.

Even if I somehow don’t have a paper clip they are sure easier to find or buy on the fly than an orifice hook. Be sure to buy the coated kind because they won’t snag on silk or other super smooth fibers and they come in the best colors!

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4 thoughts on “How Paper Clips Save My Spinning Sanity

  1. Jackie S Brooks

    What a good idea. I can’t carry my spinning wheel around, it’s too big. But I’m very good at losing/mislaying things like orifice hooks etc. and I have got lots of paper clips!

  2. Becky in VT

    For the longest time I thought I was loosing orifice hooks – turns out my cat was stealing them! But yes I’ve been using paperclips ever since. They make much cheaper cat toys…

  3. Richelle

    I have to admit it – I’m still tickled by the term “orafice hook.” What am I, like 13 or something?!?

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