Spinning Lessons

the precious abbybatt

I have a bunch of Abby Batts in my stash and I won’t spin them because then they’ll be gone. What if I want to use them for something better later? What if I totally suck spinning them? Abby herself would laugh her ass off knowing her batts had hit Most Precious Status in my stash. “Just [expletive] spin them” she’d say, and she’d hand me a beer.

So I did. And it was good.

Lesson: There are no precious batts.

advice taken.

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5 thoughts on “Spinning Lessons

  1. LoriAngela

    Point taken. What if your knitted gift was too precious for someone to wear? This has happened to me. I will not knit a second item for such a person. Conversely, my sister unabashedly wears out the socks I knit her which makes me knit more for her.

  2. Ballee

    Same here in The Netherlands.. my studio is filled with treasuries, just for looking at it, to beautifull to use.. stupid but true!

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