Tour results are in!

A bowl full of yarn

I didn’t hit my lofty goal for the Tour de Fleece but I spun a whole lot of yarn: 34 ounces.  I spun 22 ounces of the dyed-by-my-hand BFL, 4 ounces of fat 2-ply, 4 ounces of Lynne Vogel colored Merino/Bamboo/Silk, and 4 ounces of lofty thick-and-thin. It was enough and I had fun.

I learned that I need a lot of variety in my spinning. There were days at the wheel when I just couldn’t face any more of my blue/purple BFL, that more than lack of time kept me from spinning my dreamed-about 2 pounds of BFL yarn.

I also learned I need a whole lot more practice on my thick-and-thin yarn.

What about you — did you hit your  Tour de Fleece goal? Any tips for thick-and-thin yarn?

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4 thoughts on “Tour results are in!

  1. Linda Hagen

    I spun enough, but didn’t get it all plied. Somehow got a mess on the bobbin while skeinning off and wasn’t able to ply the last three bobbins.
    But I have a lot of new yarn!

  2. Lisa

    I have no aspirations to become a spinner but I am amazed at the skills of all that do. The finished products are amazing! I love the blue/purple combination!

  3. Liz in Ypsilanti

    My goal, as a new spinner, was to spin every day for at least 20-30 minutes. I missed only one day (something about “real life” intruding), but most days I spindle-spun 30-40 minutes. My yarn is getting more “yarny” and less “arty.”

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