You could win! This time: Kolláge square circular needles

Kolláge square circular needles: what a mind-blowing concept

Remember how, in the new issue of Knitty, we announced that we’d be holding contests on the blog from now on? And to watch for a contest post?

This is a contest post! You found it! Can you stand it?

We’re so excited! We love giving stuff away, and this first contest is extra fun, because it’s a set of needles that we just reviewed in our First Fall issue. Scroll down to read the review, with opinions from both a woolly knitter [Jillian] and a non-woolly knitter [Amy]. We both were impressed with the unique feeling of knitting on square needles and how it tidied our stitches.

What’s the prize? A set of 4 Kolláge square circular needles, one in each of their most popular sizes.

How do you win? It’s just too easy. Leave a comment to THIS POST only, making sure your e-mail address is somewhere in the comment. Comments will be accepted until 5pm EST Monday, July 26th.

How do we pick a winner? We’ll choose one of the comments at random after 5 pm EST on Monday and announce the winner on Wednesday in our WWW post.

Thanks to our friends at Kolláge for donating this very cool prize! Good luck to you all!

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873 thoughts on “You could win! This time: Kolláge square circular needles

  1. Carolyn

    I am having a really bad monday and need a pick up…..remembering my brother, he passed away at 55 yrs old and he was a great brother……it has been only two weeks since his death and I am really missing him today…I think a would love to have a new set of needls….thank you…..

  2. marcie m.

    I have been hearing a lot about these needles at my lys. i woud love to try them. marcie m.

  3. Carrie Armbrecht

    I have been interested in these needles for my mom. She has really bad arthritis in her hands, and has a hard time knitting. These were suggested as being less stressful on the hands, and I’ve been wondering if it is true. I’d love to hear from anyone who as used them.

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