Obsession Thursday: The S

The Backnobber II, affectionately know as the S

When I knit or spin for long periods of time, I get knotted muscles in my back in a particular spot – between spine and shoulder blade, just below my shoulder. You know the spot?

Many years ago a co-worker introduced me to this funny looking S, officially called the Backnobber II.   You hook one end  over your shoulder, centering one of the knobs on your knotted muscle then pull down. It puts deep, concentrated pressure on your muscle and releases the knot.

It breaks down into two pieces, so I take it along to spinning and knitting classes, where I tend to be tense from the learning, sitting and working of little muscles.

It can’t compare to a full body professional massage, but for me it’s magic.

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8 thoughts on “Obsession Thursday: The S

  1. Willa Jean

    I have something like this… a different brand, a slightly different design. It’s a real Godsend when those stiff spots start turning to stone. Mine doesn’t break down for travel like yours does, though. I might have to think about that….

  2. Michelle

    I have one like this, but it has more knobby thingies on it (which is great for hips and thighs and hands–mine get sore from hours of knitting). I wish mine broke down though. Mine even stores huge.

  3. Kelly

    That’s your rhomboid muscle and mind acts up whenever I’m driving in the car for too long (I sit funny, I think, and driving means I can’t squirm). I may need to get me a fancy ‘S’!

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