Batt Love

When I went to Fiber Expo I was deeply smitten with these batts.

Puffy, puffy batts

They are Whimsy batts from Frankie Loves Fiber, wonderful blends of merino, corriedale, shetland, silk and sparkle. I couldn’t choose between them. To me, colorwise, they belong together, so I brought home all three. I know, twist my arm.

Weeks later when it came time to spin them, I felt even more strongly that the three should be one mixed colorway. It had become an idea I couldn’t shake, a bee in my spinning bonnet. So I went with it.

Here’s what I did to combine them.

Open, the batts had even more colors:

Pink, red, purple and shades of dirt

I divided each of the batts lengthwise into 4 strips, then set aside 2 strips of each batt to be spun in longer color runs.

Batts stripped

The remaining strips I divided in half widthwise into a pile of 12 teeny batts.

shredded batts

Both the strips and shreds I spun in a random color order. I placed the strips in one grocery bag and the shreds another and grabbed without looking.

Strips bobbin on the left, shreds bobbin on the right

I spun the strips onto one bobbin, attenuating each strip lengthwise and spinning from the end. I controlled this yarn a little more, thick and thin, but drafting out  some of the bigger bits. I spun woolen, long draw, at a wpi between 14-16.

I spun the shreds by fluffing them more than attenuating them, but still spinning from the end. I controlled this yarn less, lumps, bumps and chunks of goodness all in the yarn. I spun woolen, long draw, at a wpi between 10-12.

I plied the two bobbins and the result is the colorway that stuck itself in my head when I first fell for these batts.

Blended batts FTW

The wpi is 4-6, the yarn is soft and sparkly, the colors randomly spread throughout. Now what should I make?

Soft and smooshy

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17 thoughts on “Batt Love

  1. Sarah

    Yummy combination! Whatever it becomes, it’s sure to be fluffy and squishy and GORGEOUS! I fell in love with FrankieLoveFibers Batts a while back…i’m totally addicted to spinning them! So glad to see you enjoyed them too. 🙂

  2. kashurst

    I’m with Anne Marie. Big, sparkly cowl. Or leg warmers. I don’t know, but sparkly leg warmers really appeal to me…

  3. Mary Jane

    Love these colors! I’m all over a cushy cowl(buttoned, not pull over). With fingerless mitts, if you have enough yardage…

  4. Kelli

    Did i miss where you said how many yards/meters it is?

    I think it would make a cool cowl and I think the colors would look favorable at your neck/face.

    Everyone needs some sparkle during the doldrums of winter. ~ksp

  5. Marniebella

    so, purty….

    I love the idea of a button cowl – but also, some whimsical head bands would be fun – perhaps with a crocheted flower or two to top them off? hmmmm….whatever, you do will be yummy indeed!

  6. Avril

    I don’t think you should knit anything – just pack it up and send it to me, please! Now -Seriously – Want – WANT!!!!

  7. Patti

    I’ve been stuck first by hand surgery and now by christmas projects, so I’ve been looking longingly at my wheel lately, unable to actually sit down and spin. I have some fiber that I’m going to try and spin up just like you did-soon I hope!

    btw, I see a nice warm hat in that yarn.

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