2010: A good year for knitting

One of my favorite reads at the end of every calendar year is Clara Parkes’ Year in Review at Knitters Review. I’ll never forget the thrill I got when she named Clapotis “Design of the Year” in her 2005 edition.

Well, one of the reasons we re-launched this blog was to bring you the voices of our editorial staff [Amy, Jillian, Kate, and occasionally Mandy], and we like stuff too. So without cribbing from our friend, Clara [we’ll peek at hers after we write ours], let’s see what the Knitty crew are taking away from 2010.

thump, thump, thump

Amy says… My favorite aspect of 2010 was technology and where it’s taking us.

Knitters, crafters, and just about everyone else latched on to Twitter like a lifeline, sharing information from the banal to the beneficial. As I’m the keeper of the Knitty Twitter feed, the voice you hear there is mine [hence all the ukulele references].

Knitters [and others] have also recently discovered Pinterest, and are pinning their inspirations, aspirations and delusions on their own virtual bulletin boards to share with anyone who wants to peek.

2010 was the year we re-launched this blog, learning all about WordPress and the good and bad that goes with it. Mostly good, and we’re really glad to be back. The KnittyBlog has given us a place for our frequent contests, and we’re having a blast giving away great prizes and look forward to doing more of this in the years to come.

We also moved our mailing list to our own server this year, something we’d been meaning to do for a while. We think it’s pretty awesome.

2010 was the year I hacked my first computer, so that the main Knitty laptop could stay safely at home when I traveled for work.

Remix by Berroco

With all the good that technology brought to 2010, I can’t ignore the fact that it was a crap of a year for technology for Knitty in particular. We had some serious server challenges and fought our way through them. No growth without a little grunt work, right? It was all worth it, though the number of mint Oreo cookies consumed in the Knitty office [by me, that is] in early spring, to get through the worst of it, was staggering.

I also have a thing for cool stuff, and 2010 was no slacker when it comes to shwag. My personal favorites: the new Lexie Barnes Glitterati line [glitter vinyl makes my heart beat faster], the new Field Journal Notebook from Tom Bihn [so new, we haven’t written about it yet, but watch the upcoming winter issue for my review], and Signature’s new circular needles.

My final favorite thing, as a non-wool knitter, were all the innovative non-wool yarns that were introduced in 2010. At the top of my list was Berroco’s Remix, a blend of nylon, cotton, acrylic, silk and linen fibers, all recycled. A lightweight tweedy yarn of this quality is something I’d never seen before, and one that had warmth and environmental sensitivity — that deserves kudos! Thank you, Berroco!


Jillian says... My favorite idea for 2010 was doing your own thing.

Two yarn lovers, in conjunction with wonderful partners, launched ‘just what I always wanted’ yarn lines: Pam Allen launched everyone’s new go-to basic yarns in Quince and Co; Jared Flood launched his textural and tweedy Shelter Yarn.

A whole bunch of really talented designers self published (or published with small independent publishers) lovely and true-to-themselves pattern books this year: Miriam Felton, Stephen West, Ann Weaver, Cookie A, and Gudrun Johnston are some of the stand outs. And though they weren’t released in 2010, Ysolda Teague’s two self-published books — Whimsical Little Knits and Whimsical Little Knits 2 — are the success stories of this year, allowing Ysolda to feature her work to retailers in a charming 4-booth space on the TNNA [The National Needlework Association] trade-show floor.

But my number one favorite thing for 2010, because of the quality of information, timeliness and the out and out balls it took to publish: Shannon Okey’s The Knitgrrl Guide to Professional Knitwear Design.

Signature Circulars are very popular among the Knitty staff

Kate says… My favorite thing about 2010 was the books – both paper and digital.

Tons of really amazing books were published by big publishers, small publishers, and even designers working alone at their kitchen tables. 2010 saw the release of so many amazing knitting books, on topics both broad and fabulously narrow.

We saw wonderful pattern collections, we saw excellent new teaching books, we saw books about the usual topics like socks and sweaters and adorable things for babies. 2010 also added books about finishing and cables and Entrelac, and Nordic knitting, and lace (such wonderful books about lace) and collections of patterns for dogs and wild animals and fast food and monsters; and the republication of some key works by goddesses Starmore and Zimmermann.

Go (fill in your favorite country here), go!

And because I don’t just read about knitting, but sometimes I actually do some, too, I was made extraordinarily happy in 2010 by the release of Signature Needle Arts‘ circular needles [above left] and the relaunch of Regia World Ball Color sock yarn [right].

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13 thoughts on “2010: A good year for knitting

  1. Karen

    Thank you Knitty for all your wonderful and informative blog posts this year. It has kept us knitters in the know of what we ‘must have and make’ as we pursue our love of all things fiber.

  2. Virginia

    I am really loving the push towards the digital. It makes my life so much easier (and less cluttered).

    Thanks for your round up post! It was a fun read.

    Happy New Year!

  3. Annamary

    I always discover so much out in the virtual world through your blogs and twitters. But your posts have also worked to help me explore the real world in my corner of the country. Most recently, you’ve opened my eyes to the Field Journal Notebook by Tom Bihn (Seattle) and Yarnia (Portland). I know what my January road trips will include. THANK YOU!

  4. kathy b

    I love the blog. Thank you for reminding me of Stephen West and his wonderful patterns. I am now following his blog and yours daily!

  5. JaneC

    And a question…. with all the great knitting gear out there, does anyone have a favourite knitting bag? And why is it your favourite?

    I have earmarked some Christmas $ to buy one and am overwhelmed by the choices.

    (What a great contest – and the prize could be… a knitting bag! )

  6. Angela

    I got three books this year, Crochet Around The Corner, and Crochet Motifs by Eddie Eckman and Knitting On The Road by Nancy Bush. All in all, a good year:)

  7. Seanna Lea

    I have heard tons of good things about the signature needles, but I would be afraid to use them. Pathetic, because I know my Susan Bates and my Addis and my bamboo needles have all stood the test of time!

  8. e white

    I too am allergic to wool and fell in love with Remix from an advert. I have a little something on the needles now in that yarn and can’t say enough good things about it.

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