WWW: Yarn-bombers, chickens and other wild animals

"Darn cute"

The Edmonton Journal has a charming little piece about the final rush of gift-crafting. Perhaps the journalist herself is a crafter and was perhaps looking for a quick article to write so she could get back to her projects?

The staff at Sacramento’s Crocker Art Museum were thrilled to see the museum yarn-bombed in November, proudly posting the pictures [one shown at left] to their Facebook page.

Planning for 2011? Take a peek at the comprehensive round-up of knitting and fiber-related events at Knitters Review.

We love that Sarah Keen’s book Knitted Wild Animals has made it onto a New York Times’ Style section list of notable books.

Insert chicken-related pun here.

Knitters in the UK are making “chickinis” for rescued battery hens. Many of the hens are featherless when they arrive at the Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare, and are outfitted with the little jackets to keep them warm until they regrow their own feathers.

Pattern and more information here.

An absolutely stunning pair of hand-knitted gloves featuring Sanquhar patterning, on the website for the BBC’s series “A History of the World in 100 Objects”, contributed by the Dumfries Museum.

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  1. Frances

    My mother-in-law and sister-in-law rescue battery hens in the UK and I can say for sure that the sweaters are greatly appreciated, especially in the colder and snowier winter they’ve had so far this year.

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