WWW: Yarnbombers Needed in Scotland, Grand Theft Needle & Hot Knits!

Wow. Just wow.

The Knitted Bliss blog brings to our attention an absolutely stunning modification of a Knitty pattern: a shrug inspired by the Pomatomus socks. Bravo Jen!

The first Vogue Knitting Live event takes place this weekend in New York City. It promises to be a fun weekend of shopping, classes and socializing.

Organizers of the annual Leith Festival in Scotland are seeking contributions from knitters with the aim of “dressing” the woodland area where the festival is held.

A enterprising 14-year old 8th grader in Wisconsin is knitting her way to Europe: she’s selling hats and scarves at a local arts marketplace to raise the funds for an educational trip this summer. You go, girl!

Awesome: a knitting chart generator developed as a demonstration application of the Mathematica mathematical programming language.

Ms. Zappa

For your calendar: Diva Zappa, daughter of late musician Frank, has an exhibition of knitted works at the Maison Bertaux Gallery in Soho, London, running February 4 to June 1st.

And in other news, a Cincinnati man was recently arrested for stealing knitting needles from a car.

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12 thoughts on “WWW: Yarnbombers Needed in Scotland, Grand Theft Needle & Hot Knits!

  1. Carol H

    What a shame the guy in Cincinnati didn’t just ask the knitter. She probably would have given him a pair of needles, some yarn and taught him to knit it.

    The shrug is stunning.

  2. MichaelaKnits

    Oh my god Oh my god Oh my god!!!

    The Mathematica chart code is AMAZING!!! I’m a grad student and I use this language every day, it’s so awesome to see it used for something fun for once! Thanks so much KnittyBlog for pointing this out to me!

  3. Laurie

    Just so you know – the Mathematica charting program was developed by “Olivia M” – designer of the Slippery socks (Winter 07) and Mirror mittens (Winter 08).

  4. Reb

    But what KIND of needles were they and was a WIP involved? I mean, what kind of reporting is this, cincinnati.com?

  5. Carol

    Honestly, a friends had her whole knitting bag stolen from her car – needles, WIP and all! Must have been a crazed knitter…

    1. Carolyn

      I read about it and it happened just blocks from my house. It was not mentioned here in Cincinnati! I had to read about it on this blog…I guess the guy liked the looks of the needles!! I always keep a project in my car….guess I will have to hide it now for crazy people like this guy!!

  6. Seanna Lea

    Wow. The shrug is full of awesome. I love my hippotamus socks (I’ve always had a problem remembering the name), but I never thought to put the pattern on anything else.

  7. Maura

    I am blown away by Jen and the fact that she could figure out how to make that amazing shrug from a sock pattern! Knitters Rock!

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