Spinning Tuesday: More Marled Swatches

Last week I got my spin on with multi colored fibers plied with naturals, creating a variety of marled yarns. This week I knit them. Come take a peek:

First up Spunky Eclectic colorway Diesel. Here are the yarns:

Diesel with naturals

And the swatches:

Spunky Eclectic Diesel swatches

I love all four of these – each natural brings out something different in the original fiber. I would be happy spinning and knitting a whole sweater out of any one of them. Yum.

Now Fiberstory. The yarns:

Fiber Story skeins

The swatches:

Fiberstory swatches

I feel exactly the opposite about these swatches. None of them do it for me, the yarns didn’t either. I think the brown is ok, but the rest seem to take away from the original colorway.

Last we have Abstract Fibers. The yarns:

Abstract Fibers plied with naturals

The swaches:

Abstract Fiber swatches

I like the two darker swatches here. The lighter swatches are too contrasty for me. I especially like the mid brown (upper right), all of the colors in the original colorway get highlighted, while in the dark brown only the green really shows.

Fun isn’t it?

What’s next? Before I start playing with mixing 2 or more variegated colorways, I want to show you a type of marling I’ve always liked.

Texture. Up until now I haven’t said what types of fibers I’ve been using because I wanted to focus on blending colored fibers with natural colored fibers. But what about the same colorway but different fiber types? I love that type of blending.

Here’s what I’ll be working with from cjkoho Designs:

cjkoho Designs colorway: Henry


cjkoho Designs oranges and gold

Left to right: Merino/tencel, silk, Merino and BFL.

Tune in next week for the fun.


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8 thoughts on “Spinning Tuesday: More Marled Swatches

  1. Brandi

    Lovely yarns but I’m not big on any of the fiberstory colorways that may be because pink itsn’t one of my favorite colors to knit. I love the greens although I would pick the darker 2 myself and diesel was just gorgeous with everything.

  2. knitography

    I am loving this series of posts – so interesting to see the process from beginning to end! It’s really opened my eyes to the endless possibilities spinning your own yarn offers. Thanks!

  3. Susan

    So cool! The swatches show the “true colors”, as it were. In several of your examples, looking at the yarns, I thought I would like a particular one knitted up, only to see in the knitted swatches that a different skein was more pleasing to my eyes. My favorite: bottom left swatch of Diesel.

    Excellent photo essay. Thank you!

  4. Heather

    Thank you so much for this. I am really enjoying the sampling and swatching. I have never felt it was that big a deal but I agree with everyone else I often like a particular skein but hate it swatched. I have to say it is really encouraging me in my spinning.

  5. Knittingdancer (Teresa)

    It is amazing how much different the yarns knits up than it looks like in the skein.

  6. Nancy

    This series has inspired me to learn how to spin. I have since ordered a Jenkins Turkish spindle and I can’t wait for it to arrive. Now I want to start dyeing my own fibre to make some yummy marled yarn!

  7. mtdish

    Another positive reaction to this series of posts! Although I don’t spin, it’s a great education on how different some skeins are to the fabric they create. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Seanna Lea

    Ooh, I’m definitely looking forward to your texture marling, and not just because the colors you are going to work with are gorgeous!

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