Lanesplitter update

Such fun to knit!  Noro is my favouritest yarn in the whole world, and I’m a wearer of skirts, so Lanesplitter seems like a natural fit.  Lynne and Jillian convinced me.  (I’ll be honest, I’m also secretly hoping that if I knit a wool skirt, it will hurry the warm weather along.)

I’m making excellent progress – I cast on Thursday, and I’m nearly finished the straight section already.  The key questions is the fit – the pattern itself suggests between 0 and 6 inches of negative ease, depending on desired fit.  I’m at 7 inches of negative ease now, but it will stretch somewhat with blocking.  I think three more inches and I’ll start the decreases.

Good knitting requires both coffee and tea.

Using Kureyon color 242.


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16 thoughts on “Lanesplitter update

  1. Eklectika

    Lovely! I have some #262 Kureyon that I bought exactly four skeins of just for loving the color that I’m going to make one with… 🙂

  2. Eleanor

    Please keep us up to date on your progress! Your post last week about Lynn & Jillian also inspired me to queue up this project, but the wide range of negative ease has me nervous. Would love to hear more about ease/blocking/fit as you get there.

    1. Nancy

      Negative ease is very important, especially with wool since it’s so forgiving. I always knit my sweaters with negative ease, usually about four inches, and they generally stretch out to fit rather comfortably soon after. For a well fitting skirt, I reckon that much negative ease is spot on.

  3. Jerusha

    I love the colors you chose! Beautiful. Made one as a sample for my LYS, and am looking forward to making one for myself–I think you just gave me the final push to do it…

  4. Maggi

    I made this skirt in the fall and have really enjoyed it! I did not go for much negative ease and the shape has held well. I used two different colors of Kureyon from stash, so it goes with just about anything. Great pattern ~ enjoy!

  5. melissa

    I started this this weekend, and am quite fond of it so far. (mine is in a similar colorway!)

  6. etcgirl

    Sounds like there’s a Lanesplitter KAL going on. 🙂 Can’t wait to see you and Jillian modelling your versions.

  7. Annetta

    I admit I ordered some Kureyon & Cotton Classic yesterday because I can’t resist this pattern.

    Yours looks great, I hope you wear it in great health!

  8. flaky

    oooooh! I like how you have this styled with your beverages. Now you’ve got me thinking about making place mats using this pattern….

  9. misskittyinthecity

    I enjoy all sorts of products but there is something about Noro yarn that gets the old ticker beating everytime!! 🙂

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