Obsession: Knitting & Television

All prepped for a long (and early) morning of TV viewing.

Many serious knitters are inveterate television watchers; I certainly am.

Knitting makes me feel less guilty about sitting on the couch watching TV; watching TV help pass the time when you’re knitting.

What I watch is very much affected by what I’m knitting, and what I’m knitting is very much affected by what I’m watching.

If I’m knitting something challenging – something that requires focus and attention – I’ll watch something that I’m either not very interested in, or that doesn’t require much attention. I know a lot of knitters who wholeheartedly embrace their partners’ sports addictions for this reason; if you’re not that into hockey, you can get a lot of good knitting done during the season. Me, I watch a lot of procedural mystery shows – they have a comfortably predictable structure, and if you miss a few minutes, chances are you’ll be able to figure out what’s going on. In addition, I find that I can usually get by just listening to the dialog, and therefore can look at my knitting instead of the screen.

But if I really want to look at – and enjoy – what’s going on on the screen, I need knitting that doesn’t require any attention at all.

A plain and simple stocking stitch sock works brilliantly for me for these situations. And that’s precisely what I’ll be knitting in front of the TV tomorrow morning.

After all, I believe there’s something good on…


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23 thoughts on “Obsession: Knitting & Television

  1. Abby

    I don’t watch much TV, but when I do, I usually knit. I don’t knit while watching movies, especially foreign films – can’t read and knit at the same time. However, my favorite knitting side activity is listening to audio books. Which reminds me, I need some ear buds for my Nook….

  2. Susan Moskwa

    So true, so true. I just watched all 11 (!) seasons of Law & Order SVU on Netflix, mostly while knitting, and am kind of devastated that I’ve run out. What shows do you recommend? I love procedurals for knitting, too–Law & Order, Bones, Cold Case, Daybreak…

    1. Emily

      I can’t believe you posted this! I finished the same show, all 11 seasons, watching the last one today!! Small world!

  3. Sarah

    I find Top Gear a very knitting-promoting show. It’s interesting to watch, but you can still check the knitting when you get tired of watching the same car powerslide over the tarmac for the seventh time.

  4. Rachael

    I watch procedural shows too – like Bones or Law and Order – but if they’re about people being killed I have to limit it to a few episodes or I freak myself out!

  5. Ruthie

    So many people “claim” to not watch much TV. (I think they fib 🙂 ) I myself love the TV on, either to watch a show or simply as background noise 🙂

    Cup of tea, piece of chocolate, TV and knitting….life just doesn’t get any better!

  6. Whitney

    I’m a sports fan so I do a lot of knitting while watching games on TV — it helps keep me calm when one of “my” teams is playing and makes me feel productive when I’ve spent an entire Sunday watching the NFL. Though I did have to stop knitting once when my Cardinals were playing a clinching World Series game — I was working on a sweater sleeve and messed up the same decrease three times.

    But I really had to comment because I think you have the twin sofa to the one I had to give up last summer when I moved into a teeny Manhattan apartment. I spent many happy hours knitting on that sofa, and I still kind of miss it.

  7. Emily

    I do the exact same thing! I have Netflix on my game console so I just pick a tv series and can go through episode after episode with no commercials!

  8. Seanna Lea

    I watch Jeopardy (rarely, if I have finished making dinner by then) and two other shows during the week. It was so much higher when we had cable.

    I knit to whatever sports my husband watches (yeah hockey!) or his video games. I will request certain video games based on how much I want to pay attention to my knitting. Right now my two big projects are a ton of garter stitch, so there is plenty of attention to spare!

  9. Nora Knits

    I, too, am a netflix knitter. I echo the above comments re: Law and Order SVU. I’ve also gone through Dr. Who, Top Gear, Dexter, MI5 (AKA Spooks in the UK), Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Twin Peaks. I’ll have to try some sports knitting!

    The only show I could never knit through was Lost, since they have so many clever visual allusions.

    At any rate, glad I’m not the only one!

  10. Courteney

    The only problem with watching hockey during knitting occurs when you happen to actually like watching, and care about the game.

    I was knitting a sock for my husband during the Canucks/Blackhawks game 7 a couple of nights ago. There maaaaay be a few rounds in it that were done a bit too tightly.

  11. Stephanie V

    Oh, TV and knitting were made for each other! Love all those procedural shows created for my knitting pleasure. It’s true that when I need to pay attention to the pattern, I agree that listening is perfectly OK. I’ve even watched a couple of hockey games – that’s a big deal! The Vancouver/Chocago game was a nal biter. I don’t think I knit at all during OT!

  12. Brandi

    I usually knit or spin while watching/listening to national geographic or history channel. I have listened to podcasts off my ipod as well.

  13. Dana

    My husband asked me the other day how I can stand to watch shows that show gross stuff (dead bodies, etc…). (I love “Castle” and “Bones,” especially.) My answer: I don’t watch the gross parts, I look down at my knitting! I just listen to the dialogue, too…and go around and around on my latest project. 🙂

  14. Leesa Gentry

    I love to watch Netflix or Hulu on my laptpo while I knit. Not a big fan of the History Channel, Cops or wrestling but my husband is and it works for both of us. No comments on my favorite shows that are not his cup of tea.

  15. Ginger

    I love knitting and watching TV. I’d love it if I was good enough to read at the same time. Maybe I should try audiobooks.

  16. Erika

    I’m very relieved to find out I’m not alone in what I thought was a very bad habit (watching TV as an excuse for knitting) and loving the procedural shows. Complex knitting is saved for listening to the radio; simple knitting for TV.

  17. Melinda

    I have spent many a day, especially snowy winter days “watching” my son and husband battling it out in video games. I get to catch the replays of the “awesome” kills and laugh as they joyously harass each other about the others inadequate sniper skill levels …. Family time and everyone is happy and no one is bored!

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