Spinning Tuesday: Wow, that’s a lot of fiber to spin

I gathered together most of the fibers I want to spin for my Deb Robson Top Fibers project and well

A whole lot of fiber and my two liferafts, Deb's book and DVD set

that’s a lot of fiber. I was feeling a bit panicky as I lay it all on the floor to shoot a picture, but as a started really touching the fibers, and yes smelling them, I got excited all over again. That’s a big pile of learning.

I got the raw fibers on both lists (just one selection where there were multiples) from The Spinning Loft and the prepped fibers from Spirit Trail Fiberworks. I feel it’s important to spin some of both, fiber that I prep myself always spins just a little smoother for me than commercially prepped fiber.

Thanks to the wonderfully generous folks at Interweave, Storey Publishing and The Spinning Loft we’ll have few prizes as I spin along. Not saying what just yet, but  I will say they are mmmmm,mmm, good.

If you missed the initial Deb Robson Top Fibers lists they are in this post.

I’m thinking about starting a Knittyspin Ravelry group, so we can have a spot to chat about this project and other spinny things. What do you think, would you stop by and chat?


One of Galia's lovely spindles

In our new issue of Knitty I reviewed a spindle by Galia. She dropped me a note yesterday to let me know she has a fresh batch of spindles in her shop, and a discount code on her Facebook page.

Next week you’ll see the first yarns from my Deb Robson Top Fibers project!

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13 thoughts on “Spinning Tuesday: Wow, that’s a lot of fiber to spin

  1. Heather

    A Rav Group would be awesome. I would love to hear about spinning there were times the last couple of spinning posts when I would have liked more info or pics on something.So please I would definitely join.

  2. Jen

    I have 16oz of purple merino that’s been hanging on my wheel for several weeks – I envy your spinning time!

  3. Deborah Robson

    “that’s a lot of fiber. I was feeling a bit panicky”

    Tip: One at a time! And enjoy each one as an individual. That’s how I made it through the samples for The Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook. And what a treat it was.

    You may need to, as I did, put all the fibers *not* currently being spun safely in a box, out of sight {grin}.

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