Spring & Summer 2011 Issue WIPS

We’ve found some great projects inspired by our Spring & Summer issue.

Pushkin3‘s No-Sew Baby Blankie

The cat clearly approves

Emygination‘s Cross-Eyed Flounder


Froschkoenigin‘s very sunny Rivercat socks

So cheerful!

Charlie52 has started a Verdant shawl in a wonderful autumnal colorway.

Can't wait to see this grow!

‘s lovely Make Up Your Mind tank

Elegant and feminine!

Tricotonrideu‘s cobalt blueAmiga

Just plain great.

Minyaliel‘s Omelet shawl in progress…

Great color choice

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5 thoughts on “Spring & Summer 2011 Issue WIPS

  1. michelle schwengala - HookTheReef

    Seeing that awesome flounder reminds me to invite knittyreaders to participate in Hook The Reef: the Hawai’i Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef project! Due date: 14 May for the June exhibit. Pieces may be knitted or crocheted, hyperbolic or not, made by anyone from anywhere, but definitely must be inspired by marine life from the Hawaiian Archipelago. Prospectus on the flickr and ravelry sites. Mahalo, Michelle

  2. Seanna Lea

    I really do love the Verdant shawl. It is on my great shawl lust of 2011 list (and given I probably won’t get to it in time, my list next year as well).

  3. Lizard

    Thanks for posting Charlie52’s Verdant shawl. I first dismissed it, but seeing it in those autumn colors just transformed it for me, and now I’m itching to get through enough WIPs to start it!

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