Sock Summit 2011

The highlight of the sock knitting year!

Here at Knitty we’re thrilled to announce that two of our team, Amy and Kate, are teaching at Sock Summit this year.

More information on Amy’s classes here, on Kate’s classes here.

Registration starts this Wednesday, May 4th, at 12 noon PST/1pm Mountain Time/2pm Central/3pm EST/8pm BST/9pm European Time – info here.

When we looked at the teachers list, we noticed something rather wonderful:
a remarkable number of the Sock Summit teachers have been published on Knitty (often on the subject of socks).

• Cookie A – Yes, THAT Cookie A. Some of her great contributions to Knitty here.
• Star Athena – designer of the most excellent Frankensocks.
• Kate Atherley – our own Tech Editor for Socks, and author of Socks 101 & Socks 102 and designer of The Vampire Boyfriend.
• Deb Barnhill of the must-have classic Back to Basics toe-up sock with gusset pattern.
• Judy Becker of the world-changingly terrific “Judy’s Magic Cast on for toe-up socks“.
• Cat Bordhi, all-around sock goddess.
• Donna Druchunas joins Knitty with a brand-new column, coming in our First Fall issue.
• Chrissy Gardiner – designer of the wonderful colorwork Naniboujou socks.
• Franklin Habit, our “Stitches in Time” columnist.
• Anne Hanson – designer of the Lighthouse gansey socks.
• Sivia Harding, mistress of the beading, and designer of the wonderful, and naturally beaded, Reptilian Lace sock.
• Lana Holden – of the mind-bendingly clever Skew sock.
• Denny McMillan – spinner extraordinaire, spinner of the Sheep Wrap.
• Syne Mitchell – who does a lot of fabulous thinking about color.
• Clara Parkes, who wishes not to be disturbed.
• Stephanie Pearl-McPhee – designer of the very lovely “Tiptoe through the tulips” sock.
• Amy Singer – our editor-in-chief and proponent of all things Sheepless.
• Jeny Staiman – inventor of the amazing Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off – ideal for the tops of toe-up socks, and designer of the truly adorable Duck Socks.
• Gladys We – another amazing color expert.

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3 thoughts on “Sock Summit 2011

  1. etcgirl

    Oh, too wander among the Sock Luminati … (note to self: buy another lottery ticket.)

    How wonderfully good at finding knitting talent Knitty has and continues to be – thanks!

  2. Nytate

    I am close enough, that I could drive…. if my husband didn’t protest… having the children for a weekend by himself…

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