Spinning Tuesdays: Southdown, a Break for Color and a Giveaway

Today’s Must Spin is a double. Southdown is on both Deb Robson’s list of animal fibers to spin and on her rare and endangered wools list.

Southdown dirty and clean fiber, yarn and knited swatchSouthdown was another springy down fiber. This fleece was dirty, but I learned my lesson from my last down type fiber and didn’t over wash. I was in a hurry to spin this one [soft! springy! must spin!] and I learned a different lesson this week. When prepping elastic fibers, they don’t like to be rushed.

Look at those nepps!

I carded the fiber on my drumcarder and I did it quickly. The result was a whole lot of nepps in my batt. I wish I had flicked instead of carding, or had more patience carding.

Soft and elastic yarn

Because of the nepps it spun lumpier than I thought it would. I spun it long draw without using a support hand and it needed a little more twist than I initially thought. It was a wonderfully compliant fiber, willing to hang out while I made  adjustments to my treadling with out falling apart or getting wiry.

This is the softest of the down and down types that I’ve spun yet. If I could get all of the vm out I would absolutely wear this yarn next my skin.

Two fun facts about Southdown from The Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook:

  1. There are records dating back to medieval time of sheep believed to be Southdown
  2. There is a Miniature Southdown that is less than 24 inches tall.


Give Me Color!

I took a break from spinning raw and natural colored fibers and spun 8oz of gorgeous Abstract Fibers in a weekend. I combined two colors and two types of fiber.

Abstract Fiber Mossy Rock BFL
Abstract Fiber Laurelhurst Merino/Tencel
Lots of beautiful yarn
Look at the matte and shiny together

I spun both fibers with a sliding long draw, a little thinner than I usually do. I came out with 408 yards of 12 WPI yarn. I chose the fibers because I love the contrast of shiny and matte. I chose the colors quickly, with little to no color agony. I made sure that there was one color similar in each bundle, grabbed the fiber and started spinning. I really like how it came out and boy did I need an infusion of color; it felt like scratching an itch.

Giveaway Time

I have a fantastic giveaway for you spinners out there! A prize package to keep your spinning brain and spinning hands busy!


Fabulous fiber book!

A  copy of Deb Robson’s new book, The Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook, retail $35. It will arrive on your doorstep in June. Thank you to Storey Publishing for the donation.

38 rare and endangered sheep

A copy of Deb Robson’s DVD set, Handspinning Rare Wools, retail $34.95. Thank you to Interweave Press for the donation.

Spinning Loft fiber sampler

And a raw fiber, Fleece and Fiber Soucebook sampler from The Spinning Loft, similar to the one I’m spinning over these 10 weeks. Big thanks to Beth for providing the sampler.

Retail $85

The usual rules apply. Leave a comment before midnight on Friday May 13,2011. A comment will be chosen at random to answer a skill testing question. If he or she answers correctly they will our prize package.

Hooray! Happy Spring Spinning!






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391 thoughts on “Spinning Tuesdays: Southdown, a Break for Color and a Giveaway

  1. Kristen

    How exciting! I love the shiny/matte combo. My fingers are itching to try that sometime. 🙂

  2. Impkitti

    I love the Southdown – it looks so soft I want to reach through the monitor and fondle it.

  3. Lisa

    What wonderful fiber to spin and read about, and a GREAT giveaway!
    I just picked up my first fleece at MDS&W. A beautiful Romney. I washed all 8+ pounds on Sunday and am now working between drumcarding, Viking combing and spinning from the lock to see which is best for this sheepy. 🙂
    Let us know how you wind up getting the VM out of those downy coats!

  4. Solarmama

    I may not be able to answer the question (I’m such a newbie) but I’d love to try!

  5. Ruth G.

    Oh..I’d love either one..I just started teaching myself to handspin 3 weeks ago and would love some good wool or reference book..This is a wonderful giveaway!!

  6. Nina

    Ooh, a lovely post filled with fibery goodness! I love springy wool; it’s my favorite.

    The giveaways are lovely. Thanks to Storey and Interweave for providing them. Please choose me.

  7. Ali

    I have some brown Babydoll Southdown to spin, and I have been wondering how to do it. It is so stretchy!

  8. Renee Anne

    Oh, oh…memememe. I like fiber and wool and books and movies.

    It’s been interesting to see the spinning as I’ve only recently started to spin and I don’t know squat about it, other than how to get it to remotely resemble yarn when I’m finished.

    I need to learn more…

  9. Gynna B

    I am learning a lot from you and love all the tips and tricks you are using with different fibers! Would love to win one of those great prizes!

  10. kate

    What a fantastic giveaway!! I’ve been waiting to see the source book, live and in-person…winning would be the ideal way to do that…(pick me!)

  11. LaurieM

    I just bought my first wheel. I’d love to win one of the giveaways!!

    I’m very much enjoying your spinning adventures.

  12. Seanna Lea

    These are all awesome. I have a spinning class at Squam in June. I’m hoping to improve upon my mediocre spindling skills with a lot more practice.

  13. Steph

    I love the matte and shiny combo too, lovely yarn!
    That is a great prize package and I’ve been eying both of those books. I’m relatively new to fiber processing and working my way through two fleeces now, a romney x and a border leicester.

  14. melissa p.

    oh, pick me, pick me! i haven’t touch my spinning in months and need some creative kick to get me going again! pick me!

  15. kerrie

    Oooo… I’ve been looking forward to this book (stalking Deb’s blog for sneak peeks the past year!) … As for South Down… those minis are SO.CUTE.

  16. Susan

    I adore the colored yarn you spun! I am a beginning spinner eager to learn more, so I would love the prize!!

  17. BeckyinVT

    I absolutely love the knitters book of wool and am fascinated by these spinning tuesday posts. Thanks to you and all the sponsors for this great giveaway!

  18. Holly H

    Ohh! I love the springiness of the southdown. I have some that I’ve not tried yet, but you’re inspiring me. Might have to drag it out sometime soon!

  19. Sally

    We’ve had the miniature sheep discussion at our house…if goats are allowed in the city… Lovely colors in your yarn.

  20. LauraSue

    Oh! Must leave comment! While I have the DVD, the am dying for the book and the fiber pack would be so lovely. Sigh.

  21. Malin

    Wow, what a great giveaway!
    It would be the perfect thing for me to start my spinning again… 🙂

  22. Melissa

    I love the the way the colors spun up, so pretty. The prizes are also pretty amazing.

  23. Laura

    Wow, what a bunch of fibery goodness! As a new spinner, I am eager to learn all I can about the different fibers available to spin. My birthday is on the 13th, and this would make a great birthday present!

  24. Hannah

    Ooh ooh! I’m very much an amateur spinner, but these would be great to start off my spinning in a more serious direction.

    And wowza, that color yarn = scrumptious!! Love it!

  25. knitography

    Oooh – my birthday is on Thursday and this would make such an awesome birthday bonus! Fingers crossed!

    PS: I love the colours in that yarn – I’m not brave enough to be so casual about mixing so it’s very inspirational.

  26. Kathleen

    This looks like a great way to spend my summer vacation! Where do you get all this great stuff? How can you bear to part with it?

  27. Erin

    Awesome blend. I don’t think I’d have the guts to mix like that. I may have to dig deep and get gutsy to see if I can do something like you!

  28. Laura

    How would you go about getting all the vm out, if that’s what remained even after carding? I have some pretty grimy and seedy alpaca, and though washing did a fair bit I was holding out hope that carding would get out the rest.

  29. Karrie

    Really! All of these in one giveaway. Would love to learn more. Am a novice spinner and have limited supplies of differing raw fiber. I have mostly alpaca at my fingertips…not bad, but would love to be given the opprotunity to try something different! AND with reading materials…extra BONUS!

  30. Becky

    I’m learning to spin on my wheel after years of drop spinning. I find Spinning Tuesday very inspirational, and yes I would adore the give away, as would we all. It is an amazing give away.

  31. Suzie

    I love the combined fiber and color combination. It inspires me to be braver in color combining, and fiber combining. It is just gorgeous.

    Plus, I would love to win any of these prizes. Pick me, please.

  32. Kelsey

    Ooooh! Drool! I love the Abstract Fiber colors spun together! It still amazes me how different the final yarns look from the pre-spun fiber.

    I’d *love* to try my hand at spinning some of the breeds you’ve been writing about. Since we have sheep (Friesian crosses), it’s hard to justify buying someone else’s fleeces to spin up…

  33. Aimee

    Your fiber combination is an inspiration – I tend to put waaaay to much thought into it! And the giveaway = a fiber addict’s bliss!! (pickmepickme!!)

  34. Anna

    I feel like jumping up and down with glee. Those prizes look so cool. I’ve been spinning for a couple of years now but haven’t ventured out into raw fibre yet.

  35. holly

    Ooh! I love learning about fiber characteristics! And a DVD about spinning rare wools? Very cool!

  36. Janet

    What a generous gift package! I’ve been enjoying reading your spinning notes on fibers, especially those I haven’t (yet) spun.

  37. Erin

    Oh, I’m totally drooling over those prize packs. I’m green with envy over the yarn you spun! I’m forever locked in colour agony.

  38. Sarah

    I don’t spin (at least very well) but my MIL does and I sure would love to give her this prize!

  39. Angela

    Your series has inspired me to get my wheel out again and not just wait for July when Tour de Fleece comes up. Thanks!

  40. Heather W.

    Wow. What a generous giveaway! I’ve been learning a ton from this series of posts, and the chance to do it myself fills me with glee!

  41. Crystal

    It has been too long since I did any spinning. Really need to pull out my spindle for fiber time.

  42. Amy

    What a fabulous giveaway package! This series of posts makes me want to be a better spinner so I can play with fibers too and feel confident enough in my spinning to recognize how the different fibers react

  43. Caralyn

    I’m enjoying Spinning Tuesdays very much, although I think I had better start taking notes so I don’t forget which breeds I am now tempted to try! Thanks for offering another great giveaway.

  44. PixelMonster

    Beautiful spinning, your posts are very educational.

    I hope I win a prize. 🙂

  45. Maureen

    I would never have thought to put those two Abstract Fiber rovings together–they look really good!

  46. Sally at Rivendale Farms

    I’ve just started spinning, so what a great prize!! Fingers crossed!

  47. Kately

    What beautiful things and I so want to use my Ashford spinning wheel… pretty yarn you are making!

  48. Ginny

    Wow and double wow!!! Wonderful give away and your spinning is very inspiring. I tend to make plain vanilla yarn but I love spice food and beautiful yarn and textiles. Need to spice up my spinning.

  49. Emily Heine

    Oooh, I just picked up some roving today feeling that I must pull out my drop spindle again now that finals are over. 🙂 Love the inspiration available here

  50. Emily

    Oh, Wow! I’ve just started spinning and I love it!!! This would be a great way to try out new fibers!!!

  51. Mel

    Oo I hope you pick me! I would love the fiber sampler box; I already have Deb’s wonderful DVD & pre-ordered the book.

    True words about rushing the Southdown carding… I tried that with a fine Merino lamb fleece and BAM – neps. Sigh. Flick-carding was much more successful!

  52. Abby

    I love Spinning Tuesdays! And I would love the opportunity to spin aling retroactively…

  53. Mary

    I would love to try this. If I win, I would have no excuses not to try handspinning.

  54. Anne Marie

    What a wonderful give away! I’ve been making an effort to try a new fiber when ever I have the option. Just finished spinning a Finn cross and got some Cormo top at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival. So far my favorite is CVM.

  55. lindaran

    Wow! Great prize. I really want to learn to spin; this would give me a kick-start!

  56. Julie Witt

    I’m not a spinner so I’m not entering the giveaway but I had to tell you how absolutely beautiful your spun yarn is!! Now if that was the prize, I would definitely have entered! LOL
    Gorgeous work 🙂

  57. Cyndi

    as a beginning spinner, I would love any of those prizes. I have really enjoyed your posts on the different fibers – most informative! thank you for sharing

  58. Karen

    These posts have really inspired me to want to try different kinds of sheep wool for spinning. YAY

  59. Cecile

    I absolutely love the sample pack idea and seeing the sample photos and remarks. Spinning Tuesdays rock!
    And the prizes are all astounding, as always!

  60. Bekah

    I have been thoroughly enjoying your spinning reports on Tuesday! I’ve even gone searching for online sources of fiber, thinking how fun it would be to try some of these for myself. But my hubby would be happier if I just entered the contest 🙂

  61. Mairi

    Oh, that’s a *very* enticing giveaway. I’ve been following your spinning experiments with interest – would love to try some of those fibres myself.

  62. Erin

    Oh to have all my fiber dreams come true! A sampler would be amazing. You all are so great 🙂

  63. Jess

    This is awesome!! I just saw someone mention that fleece & fiber book today on Ravelry and I really want one!!!

  64. Pam

    lovely prizes, just bought a bump of babydoll southdown, and this is making me want to start spinning now!

  65. Anna Hj

    Did anyone win the needle set? I love spinning! Definitely more than i love knitting. Well, a little at least. It’s hard to tell sometimes. =)

  66. Karalee

    What a great prize package! I’ve really been enjoying this spinning series – inspires me to do a lot more sampling, it looks like such fun!

  67. Tia

    Must add Southdown to the growing list…

    Oh my gosh, please! These are three highly covetable pieces of spinnery-goodness education.

  68. Sharon M2

    I’m enjoying your spinning adventures; I’m fired up to try my hand at spinning all those fibers!

  69. Susan

    Such yummy fibers — you tempt me to break out the drop spindle! My husband spins but he’s slacked off; if he doesn’t pick up the pace I’ll need to spin some yarn myself!

  70. Carolyn P.

    Ooooohhhhhh…. how lovely! I’m just learning to spin, and I am having so much fun!

  71. Sharon P

    What a fantastic prize. I’ve been intrigued by the various fibre types over the last few weeks but with no way of trying them out.

  72. Sylvie

    That colorful yarn is gorgeous. The prizes are lovely too, especially the sampler.

  73. Loretta

    I’m a new spinner, and would love to try new fibers, but a little unsure of what to try. I’d love to get this sampler!

  74. Carla Boustead-Willingham

    Just starting with a drop spindle and would LOVE to have all this fiber goodness!!! Maybe someday I can make wonderful, awsome yarn like you just did!!!!
    😀 Carla

  75. Patty C

    what a fabulous package! I am new to spinning, about 6 mo , and am trying to branch out and spin different fibers. Such fun.

  76. Kelly

    What a wonderful set of giveaways. School is almost over, so it’s nearly time for my burst of spinning energy–any one of these great items would be, well, great. 🙂

  77. Amanda

    What an amazing giveaway. So awesome of you to round up and share such wonderful items. Hoping to have my skills tested!

  78. DakotaAJ

    Oh My! Please count me in – I’m on a spinning roll, and need more fiber to try out!

  79. Jenny

    I just spent the weekend spinning some natural undyed brown domestic wool. I didn’t even have to pre-draft or fluff it–it literally jumped out of my hand wanting to be spun! It’s the easiest thing I’ve ever spun so far and it’s surprisingly soft. I’m starting to become a fan of natural wool and would love to try some more!

  80. Lauren B

    That’d be so awesome to win! I’ve been learning how to spin and it’d be great to get more stuff to further my skills!

  81. Susan

    Eight months ago, I ordered a drop spindle and some alpaca fiber since I felt destined to spin…got bumfuzzled with trying to figure it out via the internet, and oh, woudn’t I love to win any of the above! (Need to learn, because I’ve been outed….searching the web for a spinning wheel…)

  82. Audi

    An awesome giveaway! I’m always looking for more fibers and I have been jealous of you being able to spin so many types already.

  83. Jennifer

    What an amazing giveaway! As usual, I’m coveting it… Off to follow the links. 🙂

  84. Carol Y

    Holy cow, er, sheep! What a generous giveaway. Whoever wins this will be one happy spinner!

  85. Leah

    Wow! What a fabulous giveaway! And I was just sitting here pondering how I could acquire that book… definitely leaving a comment today!

  86. Katherine

    !!! Would love this chance to hone my spinning abilities… Thanks for the great giveaway opportunities.

  87. Angele

    What a great giveaway!! It would be nice to be able to try spinning and understanding different breeds!

  88. Deborah

    Wow what a nice give away. I love that your documenting working with all these different types of fiber. It is inspiring to see all the stages going on to get to the end result of some fantastic yarns.

  89. ikisti

    Spinning is something that i’ve really come to enjoy. I just got a wee little bunny so that we can become spinning partners.

    I’ve really enjoyed reading about your wool trials here too. So much information to take away.

  90. monbouton

    It’s so funny because I just heard about Deb Robson’s new book on Stitch It podcast! Meghan said the classe she took with here was amazing and that she learned a lot. I would be very interested in having a look at the book or the DVD

  91. Pam F

    Wow…what a thrill it would be to win any of these (even if i do have the book on order….I can give it to my sister!) Please keep on with all this great breed info.Very inspirational and makes me want try spinning all of the breeds!

  92. Knittaroo

    I started spinning a few months ago and am trying different fibres. I’d love to learn more about (or get my hands on) rare breeds and their fibres!

  93. Heather

    What a fantastic giveaway! I’d love the opportunity to win and learn more about spinning and fibers — thank you. x

  94. Helen

    I love the colours in the yarn there! Maybe an excuse to try some new colours with fibre? 🙂

  95. CaroKnox

    Great notes on the Southdown. I’ll have to give this a try, I know Beth has a bunch now… 😉

  96. Teresa

    Oh, pick me, pick me! I really need to take my spinning to the next level and maybe that book will help!

  97. Kristi ~ Artsea

    Wow! I’ve been shown how to spin a number of times before, and I’ve been thinking (seriously) of picking it up! This give away looks delightful, and just the thing to get me going!!!

  98. Deana

    Ahh, my wheel has ben languishing while I remodel my kitchen. What a great way to get my groove on again!

  99. Carol

    I have been eyeing the sampler packs for a while. I am slowly collecting samples of all the kinds of fibery goodness I can find. Very nice give-away!

  100. LauraBeth

    This time last year, I thought spinning was ridiculous and over-the-top; why waste valuable knitting time when you can just buy yarn? Then I bought some top just because it was pretty, and decided to take a spinning class because it’s silly to have fiber you’re not doing anything with. One thing lead to another and I suddenly owned a wheel and a wealth of hand-dyed fiber. Now it’s my new goal to spin as many kinds of wool as possible. This would be awesome.

  101. Diane

    Oh my goodness, what wonderful goodies! I’d love to win. As an aside, I’m working my way through a babydoll southdown fleece in a luscious gray that I bought last summer. It really is a dream to spin, but flicking those tiny little locks (my staple length is about 2.5 inches) is hell on my fingers!

  102. Cynthia Landers

    Wow! I’ drooling already! I’ve been waiting anxiously for the book to come out!

  103. Kaye Myers

    These posts are always so educational (meant in the very, very best way) and inspiring! I covet that DVD!

  104. Muchacha

    This would be a dream win for me as I aspire to push the limits of my spinning knowledge!

  105. Theresa

    I bought some Finn and CVM fiber last weekend at MDSW and your blog posts have me itching to spin them up. I’ve got to get something off the wheel first, though.

    I love the way you combined the fiber in the colorful skein!

  106. MzTallulah

    I’m just a beginner at spinning but would love to experiment more and to share with my spinning friends!

  107. Siún

    Oh random number generator, have I ever told you what a pretty random number generator you are?

  108. Kristin

    I have been anxious to get my hands on this book ever since I heard about it. Whoever wins this giveaway is one very lucky person.

  109. Denise Katz

    What are nepps? I have 8 oz of abstract fiber and now i am super inspired to get something done with it. I would love to win any of the 3 prizes please please!

    I really love this series you are doing – it is full of GREAT information.

  110. Steph N

    I’m a newbie spinner and would LOVE the chance to try all the different fibers/breeds. Count me in, please!

  111. Tami

    Thank you for a wonderful giveaway — this would be a valuable resource for a new spinner!

  112. Daien

    The information you’re providing is so helpful. How interesting that I used a drum carder for the first time yesterday, and also ended up with what I now know are nepps. Now I’m off to search out ‘How to flick wool.’ Thank you!

  113. Diane

    Thanks for all the interesting information.There is always something to inspire me as a beginning spinner.

  114. shilanxi

    I love your texture choices — it never occurred to me to mix fibers that way!

    I submit this because I know I’ll never be chosen for the giveaway, let alone asked a skill based question. I’m a real beginner at spinning, but would love to learn more — if the fates should call upon me to respond, please make my question an easy one:)

  115. Amy

    The DVDs and fiber (yum!) would be greatly appreciated. I’ve been spinning for about a year and am ready to learn much more. BTW, your colored spinning is beautiful – my jaw literally dropped!

  116. gail

    I’m loving these spinning posts and seeing the lovely results. I’m a new spinner and am quite fascinated with the outcome of mixing colored fibers and learning new techniques. Thank you!

  117. Kanjun

    I love seeing your posts about fleece – I’ve been processing some fleece myself lately, and it’s always great to hear about your discoveries!

  118. Tracy

    Ask me a question and let’s see how much I’ve learned about spinning in the last year.

  119. Irene T

    I borrowed a spindle and was given some roving so I could try spindling. So far, not too successful, but worth a try. Must keep at it, and this would be an awesome present.

  120. rachelb

    I have thought of spinning different breeds but since I only spindle spin I am not sure how to try the different draws to see the characteristics of the fibers.

  121. Loony Nuna

    WOW! Love your new color yarn! And I’m enjoying your reports of spinning with various fibers. I’ve very much a newbie re: spinning, but your entries inspire me.

  122. Teresa

    That colored yarn looks amazing! That Sampler box would be so much fun to play with!

  123. Lauria

    I’m dying to learn how to spin, and these posts have been really great! The giveaway would definitely get me on my way to spinning like a champ!

  124. Kat

    This is a fabulous opportunity. I am looking for to the SOAR workshop with Deb that I am taking. Your entries about rare wool spinning and personal account of your experience are great teasers!

  125. Geraldine

    LOVE all things fiber! Being a winner would just make it all that much sweeter! 8^)

  126. Lisa Barrett

    I’ve been wanting to learn to spindle spin and this sure seems like a great way to begin! Thank you for the generous giveaway.

  127. Caryn

    I love the handspun! What a great idea of combining the 2 different braids. I love seeing your journey through the sampler kit.

  128. Knitmomma

    Oh my what amazing prizes! I’ve been working on stretching my spinning comfort zone…just tried processing and spinning Tunis, which is an adventure in progress. Any of those 3 things would be amazing on this stage of my spinning adventure.

  129. Diane

    I just realized… I need to get back into spinning. I have 4oz of fiber that’s been waiting for at least a year to be spun. Rather, probably 1oz is still waiting, the rest is already sitting pretty in little skeins. Obviously what I need is more fiber to motivate myself!

  130. Ann Marie

    Wow, spinning books and raw fiber! What a give away. It would be a fantastic way to get into spinning.

  131. oonagh

    i love trying different things!! and having a sourcebook for info would be a wonderful thing…….

    that said, your series trying different wools is great; lots of info and practical tips.

  132. Rebecca Marsh

    This is just the incentive I need to get back to spinning – once I move the pram, the toys and get everyone asleep!

  133. Caroline

    I’ve been working my way through a churro fleece and am really enjoying this blog. Thanks for another great giveaway.

  134. Amy C

    Very generous prizes, someone will be extremely grateful, Thank you! It’s amazing how one goes from knitting to techniques, from project to process, buying to hand dyeing, and then, to spinning those fibers….I’m a newbie spinner, but love how it makes me feel and love what I made….hand made, by me! Love the blog and the spinning samples …Thanks for the good reads!

  135. Jen

    Wow! I am drooling over these items. It’s wonderful to see rare breeds promoted. There is always something interesting on Knitty .

  136. Carrie Armbrecht

    Thank you so much for sharing your spinning journey with us. I am just getting into drop spinning, and your descriptions are making me want to try every fiber out there (especially the Clun Forest and Tunis)!

  137. Carolyn

    I really love the spinning bits – such inspiration and great tips. Keep it coming! (and please pick me!)

  138. Karen e

    I got to try my hand at spinning for the first time at a fiber festival last year. It’s something that’s always fascinated me. How awesome it would be to completely handmake an item, start to finish!

  139. Pandorasslave

    1) Absolutely great prize package! I have been eagerly awaiting Deb’s new book since I first heard about it in January…

    2) Do you keep a notebook about all your experiences with the raw fleeces? Or do you simply blog about it? I’ve been trying to do both, but it’s a little hard to remember it all when spinning.

  140. Deborah

    Mmm, I love the matt and shiny combo. I assume you read the thread in the KBOW group on Ravelry when Southdown was the Woolalong fiber?

  141. Nancy

    Oooh! I’d love to win this one; I started as a spinner because I wanted to learn more about different sheep breeds.

  142. Daisy

    I’m glad I caught up reading – much longer and I would have been too late to enter!

  143. Liz

    This spinning column has inspired my spinning and helped me bring it back to life. Thanks!

  144. Linda

    I got my autographed copy of the Fleece and fiber sourcebook at the MDSW last weekend. I think it will be referred to very frequently, and it has beautiful photographs besides. ; )

  145. Lela

    I crave that yarn. More, I crave the ability to make that yarn. So pretty…
    I do love reading about your spinning odyssey!

  146. Rachel

    I love the Spinning Tuesdays posts!

    I just came home from Colonial Williamsburg with some Leichester Longwool to spin. It’s amazing stuff, even as a beginner I can tell! I love seeing the rarer wools!

  147. Nancy P

    Can’t resist the chance for these prizes.
    Your spinning exploration has been great reading – and great inspiration.

  148. linda a roller

    This is one Give A Way so generous.I have wanted to spin & weave most of my life.I have found a great maker of spindles.A spinner know told me to try this first before I buy a spinning wheel.I need the books first!

  149. Laurel

    Oooh, just made the cut-off! This is an amazing giveaway. Although, now you’ve made me want a Miniature Southdown for my backyard!

  150. G. K. Green

    Here’s my comment (and it’s 11:26 pm here in Arizona, so I hope that counts)! What a great giveaway … Thanks!

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