WWW: Spin-Off Retreat, Breaking a record, A Knitted Garden

Spinner’s alert: the 29th annual SOAR Spin-Off Autumn Retreat takes place Oct 2-8, in Manchester, New Hampshire. Info and sign-up details here.

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Excellent bike-rack yarn-bomb at the Berkley, CA public library. A great post on the installation is on the yarnbombers’ blog.

US-based artist Sarah Gonzalez is making her directorial debut with a film about yarnbombing, its origins, and its practitioners. Gonzalez’s film will investigate the philosophy of guerilla knitting as well as its history, why it is dominated by women, and how the evolution of the art affects the knitters – for example the act of “selling out” and creating commissioned work.

The project is in development – you can track it here.

Organizer Pauline Stanley, with a small portion of the garden.

The public library in Bournemouth, UK, is temporary home to a knitted garden. The project, created by over 1500 knitters from the ages of three to 99, includes a vegetable patch, a knitted barbecue, a washing line, a gnome or two, and all the usual flora and fauna, including slugs and snails.

A great story with video from a community knitting event recently held in Cowra, New South Wales, Australia. 20 knitters gathered to make skullcaps for Australian Defence Force personnel stationed in Afghanistan. One of the knitters tells a story about the work she did making camouflage netting during World War Two.

1,147, actually.

Many groups have tried, and one has finally succeeded… the Guinness World record for most knitters in a public place, previously set at 937 at the 2009 Sock Summit, has been smashed… 1,147 knitters gathered to knit together in public for 15 minutes at the recent Roscommon Lamb Festival, in Ireland.

A nice story in which a new knitter talks about her learning process, on the Grand Junction Colorado Sentinel newspaper website.


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  1. Marisa

    Yarn bomb movie sounds very interesting. I have often wondered about how one finds the time to pay around in this art form, but it certainly is cool.

  2. Seanna Lea

    The new knitter story is awesome. It is a good reminder to people why we need to support LYS. There are things you just cannnot get from the Internet.

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