Hot Summer Knitting

It’s getting pretty warm in some parts of the world – a much needed summer after a long winter.

When the mercury rises, it’s pretty hard to contemplate working on a big wooly project…. and in the Knitty Library, there’s lots of cool and summery knitting that will fit nicely into the corner of your beach bag!

There’s Jane of the Jungle, the most fabulous bathing suit a baby (and her mama) could wish for…


… and an option for the grown-ups, too.

You weren't actually planning to go in the water, were you??

Consider a parasol, a very sensible summer accessory…

Ladylike and very sensible.

Perhaps a knitted choker or cuff to liven up your tshirt-centric wardrobe….?

Very cool, in both senses of the word.
Very chic.

Toys are great summer projects, as the pieces are small, providing quick and interesting knitting.

The Deadliest Crab!

Excellent for playing with, not so good for cakes.

A bird mobile – ready in time to fly south in the fall?

Flying north for the summer...

And a game to play on rainy days at the lake house…

Entertains bored grown-ups and kids, in that order.

And if you are looking for a garment, Knitty also has lots of patterns for excellent tank tops and shells for those warm summer days – see the full collection on the new-format archive page – with pictures!

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8 thoughts on “Hot Summer Knitting

  1. Liz

    I really like the new format archive page — really makes it easy to look through the patterns!

  2. Elizabeth

    It’s so great to see the thumbnail pictures on the archives page and remember all the great patterns I’ve seen in Knitty… now if only I had time to knit them all…

  3. Egrace

    Love the new format as well as some good ideas for summer knitting projects.
    Thanks so much!

  4. Paula Merrill

    I love the summer knitting ideas! Small projects are so perfect to leave in the car so I always have something to work on.

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