Spinning Tuesdays: Wrapping up 10 Weeks of Breed Spinning

This is my last week of spinning from Deb Robson’s Must Spin list. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with such  a wide variety of fibers and am glad I jumped out of my BFL spinning box.

If you haven’t yet picked up a copy of Deb’s book, The Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook, do it, no spinner who has the tiniest bit of curiosity about the variety of sheep breeds and other spinning fibers should spin without it.

My last spin is Wensleydale, a long curly sheep breed.

Wensleydale, the sheep breed most like my curly hair

My Wensleydale came from The Spinning Loft (brown) and Spirit Trail Fiberworks (white). The brown was unwashed and the white came to me clean. The brown Wensleydale was barely dirty and a quick wash in a little Power Scour left the locks happy and clean.

I combed the locks with a long slow motion. Any flicking of my wrist or trying to comb quickly would have encouraged the locks to fold back on themselves and eventually just pull off of the combs.

I’ve spun a commercial Wensleydale top and the difference between that and hand prepping is enormous. The commercial top I’ve spun felt prickly and wiry even before I spun it. This hand prepped Wensleydale is soft and silky. I spun it worsted, it doesn’t need much twist and I kept my hands farther apart than I would for my regular spin. The locks barely teased open would spin easily into a super textured art yarn.

I'm thinking about Wensleydale mittens for the winter

The yarn is softer than I thought it would be, with a wonderful weighty hand. I don’t think I could wear it on my neck, but I would happily wear mittens, a shawl, or a cardigan knit out of it.

Two fun facts about Wensleydale from The Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook:

  1. The Wensleydale breed can be traced to a single sheep.
  2. How long is this longwool? Staple length is 7-12 inches.


My version of popping a bottle of champagne to celebrate my breed spinning with all of you is a final giveaway!

Fabulous fiber book!

A  copy of Deb Robson’s new book, The Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook, retail $35.  Thank you to Storey Publishing for the donation.

38 rare and endangered sheep

A copy of Deb Robson’s DVD set, Handspinning Rare Wools, retail $34.95. Thank you to Interweave Press for the donation.

Spinning Loft fiber sampler

And a raw fiber, Fleece and Fiber Soucebook sampler from The Spinning Loft, similar to the one I’m spinning over these 10 weeks. Big thanks to Beth for providing the sampler.

Retail $85

The usual rules apply. Leave a comment before midnight on Friday July 1,2011. A comment will be chosen at random to answer a skill testing question. If he or she answers correctly they will win our prize package.

This summer I’m taking workshops with Jacey Boggs and Deb Menz. I am a lucky and excited spinner. What fun is everyone else getting up to over the summer?


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Jillian is the​ author of the best-selling spinning book Yarnitecture. She is the editor​ of Knittyspin and Developmental Editor for PLY and PLY Books. She kinda loves this spinning thing and wants everyone who spins to love it too, so she teaches and writes a lot. She knits, weaves, and stitches and tries to do as much of it as she can with handspun yarn. She's always cooking up all kinds of exciting and creative things combining fiber arts. She likes her mysteries British, her walks woodsy, and to spend as much time as she can laughing. Spy on her on her website jillianmoreno.com

366 thoughts on “Spinning Tuesdays: Wrapping up 10 Weeks of Breed Spinning

  1. Jennifer

    Awesome. Wensleydale is one of my favorite spins (but I’ve only spun dyed top, not fresh from the fleece)

  2. Nina

    What a wonderful journey. If my life settles down this fall, I would love to spend some with the fibers from Deb’s Must Spin list. It was lovely to live vicariously through your spinning.

  3. Seanna Lea

    This looks awesome. I was camping this weekend and myself and another woman there spent part of the weekend spinning. It was a wonderful experience, so please count me in!

  4. Jan Smiley

    I too was surprised by ‘raw’ Wensleydale. I’m planning to continue spinning new-to-me breeds as I can find them. Thanks for sharing your samples!

  5. Knitography

    Thanks so much for sharing this journey with us! It’s been both interesting and motivational to hear your thoughts on the various breeds you tried. I’m looking forward to expanding my own spinning horizons!

  6. Mackenzie

    Oh wow, what an interesting challenge! I’ve only spun with three or four types of fiber myself… would love to try more, though.

  7. ohdessa

    I just spun some wensleydale for the first time last week and really liked it. I’d love a chance to try so many different fibers.

  8. Heather Kinne

    I had no idea that hand-combing wensleydale would make such a difference. Now maybe I’ll stop ignoring the wensleydale fleeces I find! Thanks for the post, the giveaway, and the inspiration.


  9. Karen

    I can’t believe how many breeds you worked through so quickly! Thanks for the inspiration.

  10. Theressa

    I’ve just purchased my first spinning wheel and I’ve signed up for a class. Can’t wait to start spinning! Those fibers look scrumptious. Thanks for the chance to win.

  11. Peggy

    Ooh, I was drooling over my friend’s copy of The Fleece & Fiber Sourcebook. What a fantastic giveaway to include the video and fiber to try it all out. I have really enjoyed your series on spinning the different fibers.

    And this summer I am spinning up both black and white fingering weight mohair for mittens and cap. To hot down here to work on bigger projects.

  12. lindaran

    I’m thinking about trying spinning and your adventures have definitely piqued my interest. Thanks for the chance to win some definitive source books!

  13. Ali

    I have loved the variety of breeds you’ve spun! Part of my Tour de Fleece challenge is to spin up some of the more unusual fibres I’e accumulated (Possum/merino, Babydoll southdown, some hand-prepped Polwarth).

  14. Erin Weber

    I am so impressed by your completion of her list. I would likely get distracted and have started to play with a fiber trying to tweak it to be perfect.

  15. Diane

    It’s been great fun to watch you spin all these fibers over the weeks. Would you consider bringing them along to Deb’s class in Michigan? I’ll be there as well and would love to see them all. It’d be such a treat!

  16. Teresa

    I learned to spin using wensleyday – it was wonderful for a beginner! I have some more and maybe, since today is Tuesday, it’s a good day to spin it!

  17. Joni

    Wow! Pretty fibers! I’ve just started spinning and I’d love to have these awesome resources!

  18. susanjd

    what a wonderful journey…a trail I hope to travel myself. Wensleydale is on my must-spin list. I know now that I have to prep it myself.
    I am participating in the ‘Tour de Fleece’ on Ravelry this summer and hope to take a few courses

  19. Irene T

    Thank you for the very informative sessions on spinning all the different kinds of fibre. A good reference to have.

  20. Patty C

    I am pretty new to spinning and have enjoyed this series. I’d love to try something beside Alpaca and merino.

  21. Sylvie

    Gorgeous! Wensleydale is one of my favorite cheeses, so it would be exciting to spin it too.

  22. Heather

    I have really enjoyed this Tuesday series. I can’t wait to see what comes next. Thanks for the great giveaways!

  23. Chris

    I’ve really appreciated your take on all these different breeds and how they spin up. I haven’t had time to do any serious testing myself, so I suspect I’ll be referring back to your notes when next I fiber hunt 😀

  24. Gina in the SF East Bay

    I’m just seriously starting down this path and there is so much to learn! One skill at a time, I guess, or it all becomes overwhelming!

  25. Angela

    Thanks so much for doing this series. It’s really inspired me to step out of my usual fiber choices and try something new.

  26. Steph

    I’ve spent the last week playing with llama and camel fiber and a friend’s drumcarder. I’ve learned a lot just from messing around with the fibers.

  27. Helen

    Thanks for opening my eyes to all the differences that both breeds and prep can make. I hope that I can find the time (and cash) to at least try some different breeds that you featured!

  28. Gynna B

    I am starting to be interested in spinning different fibers! The book looks amazing and the fibers would be so much fun to play with!

  29. Candy

    This series provided quite an education into the different wools. I would love to try it first hand!

  30. Robin F.

    I’ve loved following your journey. I’m just starting with a drop spindle. Hope I can progress.

  31. Rebecca

    Oh man! I don’t really have any breed-specific box I’m slotted into (I spin whatever I can get my hands on and love figuring out what yarn is best for the fibre), but the sampler box looks like a great idea.

  32. Chris

    I loved my one experience with Wensleydale, and just bought another cloud. No big spinning plans for the summer – fiber prep class under my belt, TdF soon, and looking into the local weavers/spinners guild.

  33. Laura

    I have had my first spinning wheel for a week and have taken to it like a duck to water. I would love to win this “spinning adventure” giveaway!

  34. Stacie

    This has been an interesting series–that I’m sure I’ll look back at for more study. 🙂

  35. Calendula

    I try to start spinning this summer with a spindle. It would be very nice, if I had the giveaway for practicing…

  36. Vera

    Thank you Jillian for this wonderfull weeks full of fiber challanges.
    I’d love to be part of the drawing
    Hugs, Vera

  37. Becca

    You’ve nearly convinced me to try some of these fibers (the nearly has more to do with my budget than your persuasive powers).

  38. Maggie

    Sounds like I’ll have to try raw Wensleydale eventually. I once spun a little sample of dyed top… it was not a fun experience 😛 I was trying to do long draw tho, and I am not experienced.

  39. Mimi

    Great job on the series of posts. I would very much like to win this package and see if I can do as well as you did with your sampling.

  40. LaurieM

    LOVE these giveaways.

    I bought me some Judith McKenzie videos at Interweave’s hurt book sale. I’m planning on trying to spin one fiber six ways this summer. 🙂

  41. azterya

    I’m a spinning newbie and have been following these posts with much interest. I’d love to win this prize.

  42. Josiane

    I loved following along as you were doing your 10 weeks of breed spinning; it was really interesting. Thanks for a chance at winning the supplies that would enable me to give this a try at home!
    Your workshop plans for the summer sound great! I’m looking forward to reading about them once you’re back.

  43. Susan

    I’ve been spinning some hand-prepped Jacob — my first Jacob, but not the last. Soft, bouncy, light, a joy to spin (and to knit, I predict).

    Thank you for sharing your spinning sampler journey. It’s been really interesting and inspiring.

  44. tini

    Please add me to the list! I’d love to win all of the prices 🙂 I had a look at my friends copy of Debs book and it is great!

  45. Bekah

    I shall have to throw my name into this ever-expanding hat! What a great project you’ve completed. You totally deserve a nice pat on the back. Or some chocolate. Or a whole fleeceful of your favorite…

  46. holly

    mostly I am doing art printing this summer. As soon as I am done with this series, I will be using more of my non-work moments to hike, bike and run!

  47. Janet

    You *are* a lucky spinner. I know from experience that you can have fun and learn a lot with Jacey Boggs. Both Jacey and Deb Menz in one summer will be too-much-fun. Thanks for sharing your breed spinning experiences!

  48. whitnee

    I am not exactly an experienced spinner, but I have been spinning for a while. I would love to break out of my spinning shell

  49. Carolyn

    Thanks for this really inspiring series, it’s helped me squeeze out some extra spinning time!

  50. Nikki

    I have tried to convince myself to try out new breeds to spin with but I have not yet had the time. Thank you for sharing your spinning with us.

  51. Cynthia RD

    I am a knitter, but not a spinner… yet. Your Spinning Tuesday series, as well as the availability of a great local spinning class, just may get me started. Of course, winning this prize would be a great incentive to start sooner than later. BTW, thank you for your wonderful blog!

  52. Muchacha

    Reading these 10 weeks of spinning post gave me the courage to try something different…

  53. Katie

    I just ordered The Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook with my birthday cash, but would love to get my hands on the rest of the prizes!

  54. Carrie

    Have loved the posts on spinning up the different fibers. They are so very inspiring. Can’t wait to spin some of these up myself. Thanks!

  55. Emme

    I love working with Wensleydale. It was the second fiber I ever spun with. I wish I came across it more.

  56. Anne

    This project has left me inspired to try to search out new breeds and pay attention to the differences between the fibers – Thanks!

  57. Sarah

    This spinning series has been really interesting to read. I’ll have to get my spindle spinning soon!

  58. Jill

    I have really enjoyed reading about all the different wools that you have used. You have inspired me to try a few new ones.

  59. Erica

    I’ve enjoyed watching you spin through some different breeds. Hopefully, I can try some of them out soon, too.

  60. Abby

    I’ve really enjoyed reading as you’ve spun your way through Deb Robson’s lists! I’m almost sad it’s ending – I’ve learned so much about different fleeces! Continuing the series at home might help make it better, though… 😉

  61. Tia

    The only Wensleydale I’ve spun was also very prickly; I must try as many raw fleeces as possible!

    I bought some raccoon fiber and possum fiber, both supremely short-stapled, soft, and warm. Not quite experienced enough for that type (or too scared to experiment, but I’ve been assured they’re well worth a try!

  62. Judy

    Your descriptions of your process are great! My summer fun has already come and gone–I got to attend TNNA and Knitters Connection (knitting classes in Columbus). Tons of fun. Now the rest of the summer stretches before me…

  63. Savannagal

    I don’t yet know how to spin, but I’m itching to give it a try. I’ve read a lot about spinning, and am eager to learn new things. Thanks for the contest.

  64. Heather V

    I’m not a spinner & I’m not ready to learn yet (maybe when the babies are bigger), so don’t enter me into the competition :). But I am a knitter, and I have enjoyed reading about the different fiber types and understanding more about the yarn that I use. Thanks!

  65. Emily

    This summer I hope to go from spindle to wheel! Thank you for doing this blog! It has really taught me a lot about different breeds and fibers and how differently they spin! It was really interesting to read how you approached each new fiber and the differences each made in your spinning technique.

  66. Maureen

    I love these giveaways! I’m hoping the sampler will get me back to my wheel–hard to do anything longer with my new puppeh around. 😉

  67. Renee Cook

    Just started reading your blog, and I’m really enjoying it! If you happen to draw my name, go easy on the question–I’m a newbie to spinning!! 🙂

  68. AnneK

    I’m getting ready for lots of spinning during the Tour de Fleece! It will be a fiber filled July 🙂

  69. Daisy

    I’ve loved reading this series. I’m still very much a beginning spinner, and seeing all these different fibers is really inspiring.

  70. Deb R (in San Diego)

    I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to enter for such lovely prizes. I agreee with Renee above, please be gentle on the questions, I’m a newbie, too. 😉

  71. Susan

    I would love to win a copy of the book! I think my favorite sheep breed du jour is the babydoll southdown. As a miniature breed with a freakin’ ADORABLE perpetual teddy bear smile, I’ve heard they make good pets! In fact, babydoll southdowns are leased to vineyards to eat weeds around the vines; the sheep are so short that they can’t reach the grapes! CUTE!

  72. Fara

    Thank you for sharing your great notes on all the different fibers! And of course for your wonderful giveaways too 🙂

  73. DakotaAJ

    I wish my birthday wasn’t last month! I know what I want NOW! Please count me in, and enjoy your workshop – I’m jealous.

  74. Deanne T

    Yay! Seeing what you have done has been great and being a new spinner, these books and samples would be lovely!!! Have fun at your workshops this summer!

  75. Ginger

    This has been great! I just bought my first drop spindle and I can’t wait to get started spinning!

  76. Jen

    I just started following this blog, now I have to go back and read all the breed spinning posts.

    Thank you!

  77. Karen Frisa

    I’m hoping my summer will include a little more time with friends than I’ve been managing lately. Thanks for doing Spinning Tuesdays — I always look forward to seeing what you’re up to!

  78. Meg

    I’m feeling so fibre deprived right now, my spinning wheel is 8707.41 km away right now. I really want to try all these different fibres!

  79. Kristin

    I’ve only been spinning for about a year or so but I really like it! It’s quite relaxing. Trying all the different breeds is the sort of thing that I would love to try myself sometime!

  80. Lynn B

    Wow what a super generous giveaway! I’ve enjoyed the series. Which fiber do you most want to spin again? My summer involves a break from fiber to play with mud (Ceramics)

  81. stella

    this really makes me wish that I could figure out where in my tiny apartment I could fit a wheel instead of just having my drop spindle.

  82. Gale

    I’m a knitter wanting to learn to spin. Have loved your spinning Tuesdays. I keep looking at a beautiful spiner called ladybug, mybe santa will be be good to me this year.

  83. Heather W.

    These are such generous giveaways! Thanks very much for sharing your experiences with us. You inspired me to buy a copy of The Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook, and I haven’t been happier with a book purchase in a long time.

    This summer I have big “life” plans AND big spinning plans! I’m moving to a new apartment in August, and before that I’ll be busy packing and sorting and all that. Hopefully somewhere in there I’ll be knitting my first handspun sweater and working on learning some new spinning techniques.

  84. Carole

    i’m saving these posts to use as a reference for breed spinning once I get my stash spun up… thanks for the leg work. As usual you rock!

  85. Sarah

    I’m going to my boyfriend in Germany and retaking some exams. Could be I do my theoretic driving test. Other than that, the plan is to practice my spinning for as far as the budget allows and learning stranded colorwork in my knitting.

  86. Dragonfire

    Such would probably be wasted on a novice spinner, but it’d be a good education for me, I s’pose. :3

  87. Bethany

    Whenever I hear “Wensleydale,” it’s in Wallace’s voice from Wallace and Gromit! (But he’s talking about cheese, not wool.)

    I’d love to read that book! I’m a very beginner spinner, so I’m sucking up information wherever I can.

  88. Word Lily

    Color me jealous of those workshops! Wow, fun. I’m planning a trip this September, though, which will hopefully involve touring a couple mills and sheep farms …

  89. Pam

    I’ve tamed Wensleydale by spinning from the fold, but will be sure to try combing next time to see if I like that method.

  90. Karalee

    It’s been fun following along with your spinning experiments – I’d love to win so I could do some experimenting of my own!

  91. Jess

    This series has been such a inspiration! I had only spun my own hand prepped wools until now, but this series got me ot in the world to try commercially prepped BFL, Pollswarth, and Swalesdale! Thank you so much for making spinning so accessible!

  92. Barbara

    I’m going to miss your spinning Tuesday’s and seeing the different fibers you spin up. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. I’m hoping to try a fiber sampler someday and widen the types of fibers I’ve spun.

  93. Linda S.

    Thank you for sharing the results of your breed spinning “experiment!” It was so interesting.

  94. gail

    I’ve really enjoyed following your spinning these different wools. I’m new to spinning and soaking up as much knowledge as I can find on the internet. Love your good pics as well. The Fleece & Fiber Sourcebook looks like a must have for my spinning library. Thank you for all the info!

  95. Aimee

    I have enjoyed these last 10 weeks so much! You’ve helped me “seal the deal” on buying a wheel (I’ve always used a spindle) & encouraged me to try different breeds of fiber.

    This gift package would be a dream come true for any fiber lover!

    Thanks for sharing!!

  96. Linda

    I just got some raw wool from a friend and have been washing it (gently). The prize might take me to the next step.

  97. Nadine

    I just bought my spinning wheel this last weekend. I am very new to the craft and would love to have a variety of fibers to try.

  98. Cindy

    I’ve enjoyed reading about your spinning explorations of different fibers. Fabulous final giveaway prize – I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  99. Michelle

    I’m getting ready for the Tour de Fleece! I will spin on my Jenkins Turkish spindles and my Hansen miniSpinner and have lots of fun (and yarn!) when I’m done.

    Would love to win the prize – more future yarn!

  100. Anne

    Those Wensleydale curls are gorgeous. I have GOT to get some of those! 🙂 (oh, and “pick me, pick me, pick meeeeee!!!” 😛

  101. Rachel B

    What a great way to end the series! (Though I kinda wish this wasn’t the end – any thoughts on another series with other fibers?)

  102. Nigel Pottle

    I’m always up for a contest – and I’ve now taken two spindle classes and have yet to really learn to spin – I am going to keep working on it, so if I win one of the prizes, the more incentive I have.

  103. Sarah

    Congrats on completing this journey. I’m sure it has opened up many others for you.

    What a great giveaway to help add to the excitement of the beginning of the TdF this weekend. I would love to win!

  104. Cindy Holben

    As a new spinner I’ve enjoyed these posts. They have been informative. I have my eye on the Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook. It will be in my library one day.

  105. Pam F

    Ooh La La! Such lovely locks….thanks again for ‘spinning Tuesdays’..I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every single one. Sorry it’s over. Great prize package, too!

  106. Jackie C.

    Loved this series. Hope you continue with other breeds. This summer I’ll be spinning the whole fleece of a Suffolk/Southdown cross sheep that lives on a nearby farm. Down-type fleece is new to me (Cormo, Shetland and BFL have been my favorites), but I am loving the springiness and bounce of the yarn I am making.

  107. Karen

    A yet to get started, would-be spinner has a lot to learn, but this definitely encouraged me to get my spindle out and give it a twirl!

  108. Hannah

    Wow! I’m only just starting out with a spindle and I’m already hooked. I’ve enjoyed this series.


    wow what a great learning experience ive had just reading your blog! i love that you took pictures and talked about your experience washing and preping the fiber. i have always purchased ready to spin roving. you have inspired me to experiment.thank you for such wonderful blog content. im looking forward to your next project!

  110. Kat

    Another fabulous give away! I am taking a SOAR class with Deb and you have really whetted my appetite!

  111. Annika

    🙂 You inspire me to try out some other spins as well. (Or more actually, get spinning *anything* again! My wheel is feeling neglected.)

  112. Holly

    I have some beautiful Wensleydale in my stash that is about 12″ long. I just have no idea what I would do with it!

  113. Cathy W

    I’m suddenly sad about how long it’s been since I spun anything. I do have some Wensleydale in my fiber stash, though!

  114. Carolyn

    I would love to win this prize. I’ve just bought my first wheel and am experimenting with it and really want to try all sorts of different fibres.

    Fingers crossed!

  115. moiraeknittoo

    It’s been a pleasure to read these entries over the past little while. Thank you for sharing!

  116. Priscilla

    Loved your series! I am just beginning spinner and it was very interesting hearing about and seeing the wool from all the different breeds. Would love a chance to win any of these awesome prizes.

  117. Jade

    This has been really interesting, especially since my ‘must spin’ list is different to this one.

    Now, naturally, my own ‘must spin’ is dramatically expanded! Thanks!

  118. Mary

    I have really enjoyed this series of post thankyou. I too am attending one of Jacey’s workshops, however tis winter over here 🙂

  119. Lindsay T

    I’ve enjoyed reading this series of posts, and I’d love a chance to add more knowledge to my spinning library!

  120. Colette W.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this series. Hoping to be lucky enough to win the package. Thanks for making it possible.

  121. jill

    several years ago our local guild did a rare breed show & tell & swap. I spun my sample bits and then knitted the itty bitty bears from an old Interweave Knits, because even an ounce or so of fleece is enough for a bitty bear. That was fun. My kids still have several of the “pocket bears” from rare breeds, others I gave away. I’d like to do more rare breed spinning with some direction rather than muddling along on my own. Fun for this summer is knitting and spinning at all, after the winter it’s been!

  122. Ginny

    I am so sorry to see this series end. It has been fun and I would love to try spinning different wools.

  123. Ellen

    I need to win! I already bought several pounds of roving because it was so beautiful, but haven’t figured out how to spin yet! I’m in the practicing on the spindle phase.

  124. MmmYarn

    Thank you for sharing your experiences working with these different fibers. I am inspired to take better notes every time I try out a new fiber. I have spun Wensleydale but have not processed locks of any kind, always buy everything prepared.

  125. Melissa

    Great job. I loved seeing your samples and reading your comments. Very informative and inspiring.

  126. Geraldine

    I have really enjoyed seeing all the different fibers spun up. I am much more of a beginner than I ever before realized! Thank you for the experience, even vicariously!!

  127. Nicole

    My summer plans revolve entirely around attending Sock Summit 2011!! I didn’t feel confident enough in my spinning skills to take any spinning classes this time around, but I’m looking forward to filling my schedule with spinning-related classes at the next Sock Summit!

  128. blogless grace

    What an amazing group of samples! I admit to spinning what is around me in my part of the country because I like to feel before I purchase and support local wool growers. But your posts have me itching to go further afield. Thanks

  129. Knitpim

    I’ll participate in Tour de Fleece for the first time, this summer, in Team Nordic Spinners. I really need some more fibers for that!

  130. suzie

    Trying to find the fortitude to put sleeves on the sweater I’m going to want when it’s winter. But it’s hot now (whine).

  131. Novia

    Thanks for offering this series and this giveaway. I think I will splurge on a sampler. I have enjoyed spinning fibers out of my comfort zone lately and it really does re-ignite your passion for spinning.

  132. Sada

    It’s be fun and educational to read this series 🙂 thanks for sharing your spinning adventure.

    *fingers crossed* 🙂

  133. Michele

    I have very much enjoyed your series and your blog. I feel fortunate to be taking two of the Jacey Boggs classes at the Spinning Loft next month too!

  134. Caryn

    I’m sad to see this come to an end, I love seeing how you spun up each sample and what they looked like knitted up!

  135. Knitmomma

    What an awesome giveaway! Thanks for sharing your spinning experience.

    Knitmomma on rav

  136. Gwyneth

    The book and DVD look really interesting — I’m going to have to add them to my (ever-growing) wishlist.

    This has been such a cool series, I’ve really enjoyed reading it!

  137. Cecile

    I absolutely loved the 10-week ‘must spin’ series. It’s been very inspiring!
    And thanks so much for all the spinning give aways you always offer, too, so many great prizes.

  138. Jen

    I was just looking at a copy of this book a friend has just bought! It’s an excellent book! (and would look lovely on my shelf!)

  139. Bettina

    I really enjoyed reading about your fibre sampling adventures! Also the odd facts about each fibre… I will be going to Knit Nation in London soon, can’t wait…
    Bettina (Wales)

  140. Krista Smith-Moroziuk

    What a great give away. I have learned how to spin on a drop spindle, and I dream of having a spinning wheel.

  141. Wendy

    I’m a relatively new knitter and keen to learn drop spinning so it’s fascinating to read (and see) about the different types of fiber.

  142. Rebecca

    I love trying new breeds to spin. My newest to try is Shetland. I’d love to win the prize package 🙂

  143. Maddie

    I love trying new breeds… I’ve been picking up new-to-me ones when I buy fleeces. It’s one way to do it, but a small box would be so much easier!

  144. Zardra

    I love that there are so many different resources now for breeds other than merino; makes spinning exciting. 🙂

  145. Cyndi

    Thanks so much for all the information on all the different types of fibers and how they spin/knit up. 🙂

  146. Liz

    Oh, wow! Those are amazing prizes! I’ve been drooling over the Sourcebook every time I’m in the store for a while now, and I’d love to try the different breeds!

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