First Fall 2011: WIPs & FOs

We love seeing all the great projects underway!

Loobles‘ crimson version of the Pretty Twisted Cuff

Perfect button & yarn combo.

Meyham08‘s totally different and equally wonderful version. The designer is right – this is a great way to showcase a cool button.

Extra coolness points for the button.

AppleBlossomSF‘s chic and flattering Leaflet Cardi – finished in record time, too!

Great color choice, and fits so very well.

DeceptiveCookie‘s excellent Creekbed in progress. Great choice of colors – entirely different than the sample, and just as effective.

Can't wait to see this grow.

RaintownKnitter cast on immediately for her Double Heelix socks, and reports she’s already started a second pair…


Jesst70 picked a terrific blue for her Commuter Mitts.

Beautiful work!

Vanauta’s wonderful start at the Rhodion shawl.

Just beautiful.

And Tammina‘s very promising Undercurrent cardigan. It’s worked in the colorway that was used for the sample, and as is the way with Noro, it looks very different.

Noro stripes = happy.

And very exciting, Yarndancer‘s start at the Lingerie socks.

Wonderful knitting!

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6 thoughts on “First Fall 2011: WIPs & FOs

  1. Seanna Lea

    These are all awesome. I have so many projects going on right now, but these are so wonderful that I’m trying to shoehorn in another one!

  2. jennifer t

    Such great inspiration! Thanks for sharing. I have already downloaded the Twisted Cuffs to add in my travel knitting bag; quick and pretty 🙂

  3. Priscilla Owens

    I love these cuffs. Lovely for a quick gift or for a special designer button and glamour yarn. I better get started!

  4. michelle and tori

    That Rhodion shawl is absolutely gorgeous!!!my dayghter and I think it is the prettiest one we’ve seen. That cable twist in the lace knitting, I’ve never seen before. Great job. Thanks for sharing.

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