National Holidays Knitting

July is a month full of National Holidays…
Our Canadian readers celebrate Canada Day July 1st.
Our friends in the US celebrate Independence Day July 4th.
Our friends in France and various French territories around the world mark Bastille Day, and celebrate the Fete de la Federation, July 14th.

Colombia celebrates July 20, Venezuela celebrates July 5th; Liberia and the Maldives will be partying July 26; Belarus July 3rd.

The British Virgin Islands and Burundi share their national holiday with Canada on July 1.

Peru celebrates July 28; Cape Verde, July 5. Bahamian Independence Day is July 10.

Many excuses for parties, fireworks and picnics – and a few good excuses for knitting, too!

Napkin rings for your party….

If your holiday is early in the month...

Striped socks in your flag colors are always a good idea…

Patriotic legs!

If you’re hosting a party, consider making yourself an apron in the appropriate colors…

Practical and fun!

Berroco offers a pattern for both an adult and a kid’s version of a US flag sweater.


The Purple Purl in Toronto offers the enimently Canadian Moose, Eh? sweater.

Canadian, Eh?

The full list of National Holidays can be found on Wikipedia, and naturally, a gallery of flags so you can check the colors.

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9 thoughts on “National Holidays Knitting

  1. Seanna Lea

    The Moose, Eh? sweater is hilarious. I love it. On the other hand, I’ve always felt a little weird about flag sweaters. I cannot explain it.

  2. Susan

    I work for a school, and we tend to dress for holidays, so I already knit a flag sweater. But I’m liking the striped socks!

  3. Pamela

    I have always wanted those striped socks; maybe if I start now they will be done for the colder weather!

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