It’s not secret that I like a cup of coffee (or twelve). And I’m pleased to report that Portland, Oregon, seems to be my kind of town. The residents of Portland, seemingly, love coffee as much as I do.

There are excellent coffee shops on every block.

I had terrific cups of coffee wherever I went:

at Grand Central Bakery

A simple cup of their dark roast.

at the legendary Stumptown Coffee

A double americano, extra short.

heck, I even had good coffee at the convention center.

Venti Bold

Yes, there is a Starbucks at the Oregon Convention Center, although apparently they ran out of coffee on the first day. I will only take partial responsibility for that – there was also an Open Source convention on at the same time. Seriously, guys, knitters and techies in the same room – you are going to need more coffee than usual.

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11 thoughts on “Coffee

  1. Sarah

    Mmmmm…want tasty coffee right now. I can totally justify it at this hour because I have a laceknitting deadline, right?

  2. Anna

    Oh, I miss Grand Central Bakery. They have amazing baked goods. I used to love their hand-pies. Last time I was down for a visit, I didn’t manage to get over there.

  3. Cindy A

    Seriously, simultaneous knitting and Open Source conventions? OMG! My head would explode!

  4. ana petrova

    I too love coffee and just past the Starbucks in the Convention Center was the “geeks” convention. How could I not wonder in there?

    I loved the swag from the OSCON Conference. The “geeks” have the weirdest stuff. I personally enjoyed the devil horns that light up.

  5. Becca

    Try Seattle some time. There’s a coffee shop every half-block or so in most neighborhoods.

  6. Helen

    There used to be 4 gas station corners, but in Portland there are 4 coffee shop corners. Seriously. And much of the best coffee in town doesn’t have green in the logo.

  7. Elizabeth Howard

    I’m commenting at this post because I couldn’t leave a comment on the sock measurement post. 🙁 What about measurements for knee-high socks? As long as we’re all taking measurements, why not go up to the knee?

  8. Tina

    In case anyone is ever in Napanee, Ontario I strongly recommend a small coffee shop just off Dundas St. (aka Hwy 2) called Coffee Cravings. Excellent atmosphere and simply delicious coffee and alternatives like my fave Chai Lattee.

  9. Karen

    If you have experienced a dark, rainy PDX winter, you will understand WHY there are so many coffee shops. And why Starbucks started in Seattle. I think they need the caffeine to replace the lack of sunlight.

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