Knitting Mondays: A Fabulous Fall Giveaway Contest and Jillian Starts a Sweater

It may or may not feel like fall where you are, here in Michigan it varies between 80 and 60 daily, but everyone has the itch for fall knits. I swear can hear knitting needles clicking everywhere I go.

Here at Knitty we want to help your jones for a new knit by having a super giveaway!

Darrin by Laura Chau

A yarn pack for the Darrin Cardigan by Laura Chau!

Thanks to the wonderful folks at The Fibre Company we have 1 Road to China Light [65% Baby Alpaca, 15% Silk, 10% Camel, 10% Cashmere] yarn pack to give to a lucky Knittyblog reader. Prize value $105-$195.

The usual rules apply. Leave a comment to this post before midnight, eastern time, on Friday, September 17, 2011. A comment will be chosen at random to answer a skill testing question. If s/he answers correctly  they will win our prize.

Good Luck!

It’s Jillian and I’ve started my new fall sweater. I think I’m pretending I’m going to Rhinebeck and diving into the new sweater for Rhinebeck fun.

I fell in love with Killybegs from the new book Contemporary Irish Knits by Carol Feller

Who’s surprised that I , tweed hoarder, have the exact yarn it calls for in my stash?

It’s Donegal Yarns Aran Tweed, I chose a red tweed, though I may or may not have it in a couple other colors.

I swatched for several days. I even blocked my swatches. I am serious about this sweater.

Killybegs swatch

This weekend I cast on. It’s knit in one piece to the armholes and begun with a I-cord cast on. I cast on 200 stitches more than once to get the tension right.

Killybegs cast on

I’ve officially begun. Wish me luck that I finish before next year!


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Jillian is the​ author of the best-selling spinning book Yarnitecture. She is the editor​ of Knittyspin and Developmental Editor for PLY and PLY Books. She kinda loves this spinning thing and wants everyone who spins to love it too, so she teaches and writes a lot. She knits, weaves, and stitches and tries to do as much of it as she can with handspun yarn. She's always cooking up all kinds of exciting and creative things combining fiber arts. She likes her mysteries British, her walks woodsy, and to spend as much time as she can laughing. Spy on her on her website

1,808 thoughts on “Knitting Mondays: A Fabulous Fall Giveaway Contest and Jillian Starts a Sweater

  1. Dana

    I’ve started my fall knits itch with a sweater dress, and I have a few other things in mind. The Darrin Cardigan and Killybegs both look fabulous!

  2. Amy

    This yarn is lovely. I picked up some similar yarn on vacation in FL. Not sure what I want to do with it. This pattern looks a bit difficult to me. I’m still a beginner. I do well with scarves and shawls, but if I have to get a piece to fit, I don’t do so well. Even with doing the gauges, I’m still not consistent in my tension.

    Good luck with the sweater. I can’t wait to see the finished product.


  3. Katie D.

    I’ve used the Road to China worsted weight before and *love* it! I’m also very intrigued by that Killybegs. I need to become a faster knitter, and carve out more time to knit.

  4. jenny

    I have heard this yarn is lovely, although I have never met it in person. I also love the style of the cardigan.
    I am so glad that sweater weather is back!

  5. Seanna Lea

    This would be super awesome! I am picking up button bands today and tomorrow for a sweater I started on August 15 (a Knitty pattern too), so I’d love to add this to my queue!

  6. Carolyn

    Wonderful Yarn and Wonderful giveaway….I am looking to start a new sweater and this would be a great way to start a new one!!


  7. Knitography

    You are so right; I haven’t gotten much knitting done over the summer, but the mojo is definitely back now that fall is peeking around the corner at me.

  8. Laurie

    Beautiful design – perfect for now. Unfortunately, if I start now, I may have it ready for next September. Ah well…

  9. Jeanne

    what a cute layering sweater for fall. and that yarn is to die for. I’m gearing up for my first Rhinebeck and have to get hopping on my Rhinebeck sweater.

  10. Whitney

    Wish it was that cool in Texas! 100 again today! Surely I’ll need a sweater by December, and this one is fabulous!

  11. Katy L

    Sounds like a lot of fun! I’m just on the downhill coast of my Beatnik sweater, and unceremoniously told my husband that I’ll “need” a new project to start soon. 😉

  12. Marcia

    If you meant the deadline was Friday, that should be Sept. 16 (not 17). I probably wouldn’t have noticed, but the 17th is my birthday, and I know that’s Saturday 🙂

  13. Teresa

    I love that red tweed and I love Kellybegs. In fact, I love a lot of the projects in Contemporary Irish Knits so now I’m going to have to have a copy of it . . . Must Stop Reading Blogs!

  14. Emma

    Oh man sign me up for the giveaway! And the swatch looks lovely, making me want to knit some nice tweedy cables…

  15. Emmie

    Such a lovely fiber combination. I can see it now … Send to me and I’ll get started, temperature outside not withstanding!

  16. Kathleen

    I’ve already started my fall knitting, though here in Seattle we just had our hottest day of the summer! I’m searching for the next project and this would be perfect!

  17. Kathy

    Love the red tweed! That book is on my wish list. And I’ve been dying to try Fibre Company yarn – what a fantastic giveaway!

  18. Zoe

    I have got the Fall (Autumn) knitting BUG! Although I need to knit fast to get anything on my back before next Spring.

  19. Donna

    I live in TN but am from MI and I’m feeling the fall itch to knit even though its still 90 here, lol. Where in MI is Knitty located?

  20. Dawn

    I have just finished Vines by Lori Versace in Road to China Light, it is a beautiful yarn, just hoping I may be able to use it again very soon for a cable cardigan…??!!

  21. vi herron

    i am in the midst of the first sweater for my new ‘large economy’ sized body (all my other sweaters were for my teeny tiny everything fits body)

    i think i can get into fitting this new large body!
    it’s a challenge

  22. Jen

    I am in LOVE with this design! It looks like a great multi season sweater, which for me is important if I am going to put in the time to make it 🙂

  23. Debbie

    I rarely swatch, for some reason, though I must admitt I do, do a lot of frogging. That’s going to be a lovely cardigan!

  24. Heather Davidsmeyer

    I love tweeds too! I’d love SO much to win the yarn, I think the Darrin sweater would be perfect for me to throw on over anything… 🙂

  25. Sandy H

    Here is western Washington, they are are already predicting a heavier than usual snowfall. It got me into the autumn mood of think. Love this sweater. Nice and cosy for the winter transition.

  26. Heather W.

    Oooo. Your sweater is going to be lovely, Jillian! And what a great giveaway! That yarn sounds luscious and the Darrin looks perfect for it. A great way to wrap up in the yarn and snuggle it as much as possible.

  27. Barbara S.

    I have been wanting to make something with Road To China, maybe this will be my chance.

    Good luck on the Killybegs sweater!

  28. LadyBugsyJane

    Oh, if I only looked like the model wearing the sweater! I’d love to knit this up to give away. That is my favorite thing about knitting is I can decide to keep OR gift!

  29. Alicia Gillis

    This is a gorgeous pattern! I haven’t had enough money to get enough nice yarn to do a sweater, this would be amazing.

  30. Ellen Porcari

    I’ll give it a shot. I think I’d prefer sleeves a tiny bit longer, but I like the look of this vest/tunic. Nice.

  31. Jan

    Nice choice of colors. I’m looking at patterns for my fall/winter project. I would dearly love to win the yarn pack. I’m allergic to wool and it’s either the good stuff – silk, cashmere, alpaca, cotton or the artificial stuff – acrylic. Loving the knitty designs.

  32. Erin

    Oh wow. I have been eyeing that pattern for a bit and would LOVE the chance to make it with Road to China. Please!!

  33. Libby Casarez

    Quite lovely, since my car was stolen with a big project I was working on in there and it never came back maybe I will be the lucky one and this can help replace what is gone.

  34. Melodie smith

    I want to pet that yarn! Once I’ve gotten my fix, it will be time to cast on. Love the style and drape of this sweater. It will be great for that chilly classroom.

  35. Ashli

    That sweater is going to be gorgeous! I love the tweed. Road to China Light has some seriously pretty colors too. Now I can’t wait to finish the shawl, socks, and blanket to start knitting some fall things — even though Louisiana usually has summer, slightly less summer, and definitely not summer. 🙂

  36. Irene

    Oh tweed! oh tweed! you make me weak in the knees! =)

    I hope I get to try the cardigan and Road to China yarn. It certainly feels like the beginnings of fall here!

  37. Lori

    Such a great cardigan for many body types. It’s definitely something I’d wear often! Love the Killybegs sweater too, that’s going to be gorgeous when complete.

  38. KathyB

    My goodness what a beautiful wrap sweater, and the yarn sounds absolutely yummy! I’m keeping my fingers crossed…

  39. Denise

    Working on a fall skirt instead of a sweater. “Lanesplitter” from a previous Knitty. Looking forward to wearing it!

  40. Lisa in TX

    Alpaca and silk *and* camel AND cashmere?!? Good gravy, that’s got to be the more luscious yarn on the planet!

  41. Jeannine Napp

    For some reason, I’m really into vests lately. I just made a short one, but this long one looks like a fun knit too. I’d love to win this yarn package!

  42. Rachel

    This would be an awesome pattern/yarn combination for my mom! She’d love to see this as a “Just because I love you” present.

  43. Loretta

    I’m excited that the forecast is calling for cooler weather around here soon – I’m looking forward to wearing sweaters again!

  44. Raine

    Wow such a great giveaway! It would be awesome to win such a fabulous prize. I am currently doing socks so it would be fun to make something else.

  45. MzTallulah

    Killybegs looks lovely (despite my allergy to i-cord anything), and the Darrin looks both light and cozy – just what I like! Thank you for the giveaway!

  46. Marsha S.

    Mmmmmmmmm That yarn sounds sumptuous! I bet it feels very soft. We have a family up the road from us who have alpacas and they shear them. I have yet to buy a fleece though. I’ve been tempted but just haven’t dove into the whole processing the fleece from beginning to end yet.

  47. Aurelia

    I have begun my dad’s long awaited sweater finally. It has to be absolutely perfect for a number of reasons and, until I can sit down to figure out some of the stitch necessities for the gauge (mine if slightly tighter than the pattern), I won’t be finishing, though it is a fairly easy one. It is top down, bulky/roving, in a charcoal black from natural Italian wool. Ok, enough for now, hope all goes well!

  48. Sarah

    Good luck on your sweater! Sorry you aren’t going to Rhinebeck. It’s the first time back for me in 11 years.

  49. Debbie Levey

    There was a young girl from the city
    Who wanted to knit something pretty
    She had plenty of cash
    And bought a large stash
    And chose a great pattern from Knitty

  50. margaret

    Would love to try knitting a sweater and red just happens to be my favorite color especially during the fall.

  51. Betsy

    Beautiful sweater! It’s inspiring me to get some knitting time in today, even though my to do list is way too long!

  52. Sile

    Jillian: your sweater is going to be beautiful 🙂 Enjoy knitting and wearing it 🙂
    It hasn’t decided if it’s fall here yet but I’ve got my fall sweater OTN 🙂 Happy Knitting everyone 🙂

  53. Colleen

    The sweater looks super snuggle-worthy, a nice transition from fall to winter. I would love to get a feel of the yarn–it sounds luscious. I may have to seek it out in my LYS for a little cheek-rub(which then leads to a buy since a I can’t walk away from something that soft).

  54. Susan Havens

    Beautiful sweater! Something I have never tried to knit for myself before. I guess it is about time to try!

  55. southparknitter

    I’m loving Jillian’s pattern choice and will go right over to and add this book to my wish list. I love to knit cardigans. Put my name in the contest drawing.

  56. Leanan

    The colour of your Donegal Yarn is delicious! Stumbled across the book yesterday when ordering another knitting book, it’s on my wishlist already 🙂

  57. Helen

    Good luck – I usually find it’ll be autumn next year before I wear anything that I’ve started this year 🙂

  58. Kately

    So pretty and love making sweaters! Hope it goes well and would love enough yarn to make such a pretty item 🙂

  59. Teresa

    I’m going to Rhinebeck, I’m working on my first lace shawl and hope to have it done in time, it’s a burnt orange leaf lace shawl so it’d fit right in. 🙂 The killybegs is such a beautiful sweater, good luck!

  60. Knittingdancer (Teresa)

    It is beginning to feel a little like fall in the mornings here. The highs are suppose to be in the mid 70’s later this week. That’s alot better than the highs in the upper 90’s and low 100’s we had for over 2 months this summer. I am glad for the cooler weather except the ragweed pollen is extremely high this week.

  61. EvilSquirrel

    i love that sweater

    i currently have the fireside on the needles knitting it in tanis green label

    i hope to be done before its cold enough out there to wear it and i can not wait to be able to wear it

    there are many different type of knitters out there and i am a sweater knitter!

  62. Kerrie

    I too am in want/need of a new knitted sweater, for which I am determined to use stashed yarn…. Although, I wouldn’t mind adding to my stash to knit said sweater 😉

    (love the tweed!)

  63. Danielle

    Two very nice cardis and a contest! Enter me please — I wear a sweater year round in my office and am always looking for good layering cardis 🙂

  64. Mary Beth

    I just checked out Laura Chau’s patterns! They are all beautiful!
    Might have to cast on for the Crossfield Shawl soon.

  65. Shannon McCabe

    Yay for fall cardigans and pullovers! I’ve been waiting through a loooooong, abnormally hot summer for fall weather.

  66. Sonia Schmeltzer

    I love the fall. I am always ready to start a new project when the leave start to change to their beautiful fall colors.

  67. Retha

    I love Laura Chau’s designs and have heard many great things about The Fibre Company yarns. Here’s hoping!!

  68. Fleur

    Sure autumn already set in here in Holland, I guess it was the July 21 😉 Even though we had a few lovely days since then, it wasn’t much. But of course there are far more important things than talking about the weather. Especially when you can talk about knitting!

    Did I tell you that I am a sucker for cardigans?

    Have a nice day, all! Ciao, Fleur

    BTW – I love your red tweed!

  69. melissa

    This would be a fabulous fall project to start on. My office is chilly even in the warmest of temps, so I could wear it year-round. And I can attest to the fact that NW Indiana temps are currently doing the same thing as those in Michigan. Sweatery mornings and knitty nights are upon us!

  70. Betty-Anne

    The color you choose made me go look at the color options …. which to pick [?], as they are all so gorgeous!

  71. Jeanette

    A giveaway yarn that doesn’t include wool in it’s fiber content?! How utterly delightful, for me and all the other unfortunate knitters who break out in hives when trying to make something warm that’s still kind of affordable!

  72. Rebecca W

    The Darrin Cardigan looks like the perfect everyday cardi… It looks so versatile. Good luck with Killybegs! That’s on my list, too. 🙂

  73. Angie

    Beautiful. I just started a new sweater too. I’m working on the Glad pattern from Rowan #39. It’s a cardigan wrap in Kid Silk Haze. Now I need something to queue up next and this would be perfect.

  74. Lael

    Oh, I’ve been waiting!! Lovely sweater and yarn- thank you knitty for being such a great magazine, knitting resource, pattern and idea repository!

  75. Rebecca

    Here in Minnesota we’re supposed to get a long and lovely fall- perfect weather for a long and lovely cardigan!

  76. Pam

    Love the looks and flow of this cardigan! This looks like a perfect seasonal transition sweater. My fingers are itching to touch this yarn!

  77. Christine

    That yarn seems like it would be stuff knitter dreams are made of!!! the mix of fibers….I can only imagine…

  78. Nancy DeVries

    I live in the South and don’t often have to wear anything too warm. Some sweaters are too heavy, some are too light, but this one looks “just right!”

  79. stace W

    Gorgeous jumper! Really feeling the autumn today in windy England so could do with a project – to knit for myself and not other people! 🙂

  80. Holly

    Love the red tweed! I will finish my first fall sweater tonight and begin the next one. Wish Knitty would come to Stitches East!

  81. melissa p.

    oh this would be so great! it looks like a good cardi option for a preggo belly! and i’m itching to knit!! so bring it on!

  82. Amy H.

    I have been wanting to make a first garment for myself. This looks wonderful and not very difficult! Plus I love longer sweaters.

  83. Jill Worth

    I made a hat with this yarn and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!! I really need to get started on a Christmas gift for my daughter who is undergoing chemo and radiation, this would be PERFECT!!!

  84. Jeniffer

    I’m breaking out the tweed too. I beautiful pinky/purple for a sweater for my Mom. This yark pack is gorgeous!

  85. Veronica

    I love fall sweater season. I’m starting a couple new things and trying to finish old ones in time to beat the chill. Whoever wins the Fibre Co. yarn is going to be very lucky indeed!

  86. Kallie (KallieKY on Ravelry)

    OH! That would get my needles clicking. Here in northern IN the evenings are getting chilly!

  87. Lisa

    I’d love to try a cardigan! I like that it isn’t a button, but a sash. Buttoned shirts, sweaters, etc. are problematic over certain…*ahem* figures.

    Sash all the way.

  88. Ellen

    Beautiful sweater and yarn. I’ve got a little hat on the needles now, would love to win the sweater kit for a more substantial project.

  89. Karen

    I love your tweed sweater and would love to win the giveaway for the cardi. Fall temps are coming to MN tomorrow. I’ll need that sweater very soon!

  90. Elizabeth S

    What a great pattern to get into the autumn spirit. I think I would even pick the Autumn Jasper color to go with it.

  91. ChristineB

    I definitely feel the typical fall air itching in my fingers. I’m constantly clicking to follow links to fall sweaters and cardigans.
    This one looks like a winner!

  92. Sheila

    That is a beautiful yarn. I really like the stitch pattern shown on the swatch. It’s going to work up lovely!

  93. Ali

    I adore that cardigan, will have to buy some of that yarn one way or another just for something that sounds so scrumptious to work with. But I would love to win some as well 🙂

  94. Pamela

    I finished a sweater for my husband last fall but I have never made one for myself. I would love to work on this one as it looks elegantly simple.

  95. shyclown

    One can never have enough yarn or enough active projects! Please share how to make that beautiful cast-on. 🙂

  96. Candyce Loescher

    What gorgeous yarn! And I’ve never seen the I-cord caste on either (an I’ve been knitting a long time). Thanks.

  97. Sabrina

    I’ve been dying to try the Road to China Light yarn!! And to make a whole sweater out of it would be amazing! Hope I win!!

  98. Ryssa

    I really should start looking into a sweater for me. Though much as I hate the idea of seaming it may have to be done in sections, the idea of a sweaters worth of knitting on my lap in the Texas heat is a bit daunting.

  99. Josiane

    The yarn you’ve chosen for your sweater produces a lovely fabric. It’ll make for a gorgeous Fall sweater.
    Yarn to make Laura’s beautiful cardigan? Oh, that would be fabulous! Thanks for offering us a chance at winning it.

  100. Martha

    I started drooling reading the yarn description! It looks positively scrumptious. Please oh please pick me, pick me!!

  101. Jessica

    That cardigan is awesome! I really like the short sleeve cardigan over a longer sleeve shirt. I’ve seen a lot of that this season, and I really like that it means I can wear it throughout the year!

  102. Drea

    Im so excited to get knitting this fall. I’ve been limiting myself to small projects through the summer, but with a new baby this year, I have dozens of things I want to make for her. I just have to remember not to try to knit them all at once!

  103. Stacy Mitchell

    The cardigan looks great, and I hope to win! The ribbed neckline and short-sleeves would make a perfect next project!

  104. Amanda

    I love it! I might actually finish something with minimal seaming. I have a cardigan in seven pieces sitting for two years because I just can’t bring myself to seam….

  105. Eleanor

    Love both of the sweaters, and would LOVE to win the cardigan pack. Can’t wait for fall to officially get here (had a teaser last week!)

  106. Judy Philllips

    Just the right time to start a new sweater–temps here in Indiana dipping into the lower 50s already! That is really a lovey cast-on. I must learn!

  107. Michelle A.

    What an amazing sweater! Here in Ohio, fall is certainly upon us, also. This sweater would be awesome! 🙂

  108. Amanda

    What a lovely sweater! Sweater weather will certainly be here soon (I thought it already was, but today’s high of 80 degrees in Ohio tells me otherwise).

  109. Kamigaeru

    It’s already sweater weather here in Oregon. I don’t think it will get above the low 60s today. LOVELY, lovely gray sweater…

  110. Lisa

    Oh beautiful! And the Road to China yarn is just glorious. You’ve got me daydreaming about fall projects for sure…

  111. Sherrey

    Love Mondays at Knitty! And I love the China Road yarn — thank you, Fibre Company. Jillian, your new sweater is going to be awesome. Love your color choice, and am happy to hear others cast on multiple times to get the gauge just right!

  112. etcgirl

    Ahh, Road to China, with two of my favourite words: “cash” and “mere”. 🙂

    I am busy *finishing* sweaters so that I may start a fall sweater in good conscience. Uh huh. Finishing. Really.

  113. Lisa

    Have fondled RTC lite many times but have never had the chance to knit with it. That would be one scrumptious cardi!

  114. Tracy

    Just got rid of a bunch of sweaters that are too big for me, would love to knit something new that fits correctly!

  115. Schelli

    I have been knitting non stop the last 3 days..fall is definitely in the air! Would love a chance to win the sweater pack, thanks for posting it!

  116. Lisa

    I find myself back in New England after 25 years in Southern California. It may not be full-on Fall yet, but until I re-adjust, it’s plenty autumnal to break out the wool projects and not just the summer sock knitting…

  117. Wilma Jenkins

    It’s beautiful. I just cast on my very first sweater and now think I could manage this one. They all seemed too daunting before. What a difference a day makes!

  118. Gwen

    I’m totally getting the fall knitting bug, but I’ll probably wait a day or two to cast on, as it’s supposed to be 90 in MN today! Thanks for the sweater pack giveaway!

  119. Susan aka paintermom

    The sweater looks great! I just took Amy Herzog’s Fit to Flatter workshop at Fiber College and I am raring to go start a new sweater. Thanks for the giveaway!

  120. Missus Vonkysmeed

    What an awesome prize! I am feeling like knitting something for fall after the rainstorm we had over the weekend, bring on the cool weather knits!

  121. Rosie

    What a beautuful cardigan and the yarn sounds so luxurious! I have never knit a sweater, but would love to try. What is an i-cord cast on? Sounds very interesting.

  122. Ayrica

    Despite Portland, Oregon’s weather just now getting into the 90’s, the fall knitting bug has bit. What an adorable sweater for fall!

  123. Sandy

    Just finished a vest for fall and have another OTN. Definitely feeling like fall will be here in a few days. Would live to win the lovely RTC yarn!

  124. Cathy

    Add me to the chorus of having this pattern on my list, but lacking some fiber to start it. HINT HINT. Pick me!

  125. SueBE

    What beautiful yarn! I’ve been knitting with cotton since the temps here are still pushing 90 at least twice a week, but I am so looking forward to fall and working with wool.

  126. Chris J.

    You seem to have even more responses than usual to this giveaway. I wonder why that could be? 🙂

    Count me in!

  127. Alessandra

    This sweater is great for layering up as it gets colder and so simple in a neutral colour, means it would go with any outfit!

  128. Verity

    Go Jillian, what pretty tweedy yarn! Would love to win the yarn prize so I could be just as swatchingly conscientious as you 🙂

  129. Beth

    I have been looking at this project ever since I saw it a couple months ago. I would absolutely die if I won the yarn!!

  130. Adrianne

    September is “Liberated the Needles” month for me – which included finishing up everything I casted on this time last year – just in time to wear for fall! I’ve almost freed up most of my needles, so I’m looking for something new to cast on!

  131. Emily

    Please pick me! Would love to knit that sweater. Just cast on my first sweater a few days ago and it’s much simpler than I thought it would be. This one looks gorgeous and I think I could do it!

  132. Melanie

    I have been knitting hats and mittens on the beach. People have been looking at me like I am crazy. I love this sweater and think it would be the perfect layering piece for fall!

  133. Sophie B

    Wow that fiber sounds fabulous! At the rate I knit though, I’d probably finish the cardigan in time for the cool spring weather!

  134. Shelle

    the road to China light sounds soft and lovely. and the red tweed is gorgeous!! can’t wait to see the finished sweater!!

  135. Judy

    You’re not kidding about the fluctuating temps–chilly in the morning, yet in the 80s in the afternoon. I’m ready for fall for real!

  136. Debi VonBrutt

    I would love to knit up the Darrin by Laura Chau. It is already starting to cool down and a new sweater sounds great.

  137. Ruby Cruse

    This is an astonishing great prize for a lucky person. I am excited to have the opportunity. Cardigan, i-cord cast on, armholes, these are all things I am so ready to do.

    Thanks for the great opportunity.

    Rav: MzCruse

  138. Linda Morris

    I love the styling of this sweater – so versatile and relaxed. I am looking forward to winning this giveaway!

  139. Anneliese Taylor

    This would be the perfect project for me to knit for my fabulous sister. She deserves somehing this luscious!

  140. Hendy

    I finally cast on a lace cardigan I’ve had in my stash for 2 years. Knit in one piece from the top down, raglan shaping. I like knitting that keeps me going, and lace is a great choice for that… “gotta finish this repeat”.

    Of course, this means there’s room in my stash storage for another cardigan… 🙂

  141. tara

    what a lovely contest. I too have been eyeing killybegs. looks like such an awesome sweater. hope you tell us about the journey 🙂

  142. Kelly

    What a wonderful prize to jumpstart (or put a spark) into knitting a Fall sweater! I need to surround myself in all that yummy yarn for motivation!

  143. Venka

    I was actually able to fondle this yarn over the weekend. It is wonderful! Love Laura’s patterns. I have several of them in my Ravelry favorite’s, including Darrin.

  144. deb j

    Being fairly new to knitting, I am worried about the skill question….is it a multiple choice, I pray? lol 😉 I think the Darrin may be the perfect choice for my first garment!

  145. Nona

    The sweater is lovely! I’m so excited for fall. I have several baby sweaters on my “to knit” list for our baby due in March, and a few sweaters for my post-pregnancy body that I’d love to knit too. 🙂

  146. Erin

    You know its Fall in Austin when the weather dips below 100 degrees and you can ride your bike to work without melting. Nevertheless we are prepared to knit a sweater as we dream of cooler weather.

  147. Heather

    Amazing sweater!! It will look FABULOUS on any human this fall!! I would love to get my hands the pattern and yarn and the skills to make something this FABULOUS!!

  148. Cynthia

    Another great giveaway! I think this one may produce a record number of comments by Friday. 🙂 Good luck to everyone.

  149. Kim

    I would love to knit this sweater! It looks perfect for fall days, and the pattern I was going to work on next is unavailable at the moment, so I need a plan B!

  150. LindaR.

    This sweater would be perfect for our Arizona winter, if it ever arrives 😉 Thanks for this wonderful giveaway!

  151. Jenifer

    That sweater looks lovely! Not sure how I will fair on a skillz question, but I love yarn and free is fabulous!

  152. Anne Ormsby

    OMG!! I think I have a chance like a snowball on a hot stove, but….I love the sweater(vest?) and would love to make it.

  153. April

    I am totally feeling the fall weather itch to cast on a new sweater. This looks like it would be a great one to make!

  154. Karen Bond

    I too have just started my first Autumn (thats English for Fall lol) project – and coincidentally its also in a Donegal tweed aran. Its some I have had lurking in my stash for AGES – bought on the cone from Ebay – Rowan I think, Its a deep fuchsia pink and the tweed nubs are orange and teal – lush. I am making Teva Durham’s Mercer cardigan – I am starting a University course next week (at the ripe old age of 51 haha) and need layers as apparently the lecture halls on campus can vary massively in temperature….
    Happy knitting everyone 🙂

  155. Caroline

    I’ve been loking for a pattern like the Darrin Cardigan– I’m so tired of knitting pullovers that don’t fit properly. And the yarn sounds heavenly.

  156. Leslie

    What a cute versatile sweater! You can wear it with long sleeves, 3/4 sleeves, or short sleeves… the fashion possibilities are endless! Pick me please. 🙂

  157. d

    The Road to China skeins look delicious… so much that even I, one-and-a-half-sock-girl that I am, could finish a sweater with them!

  158. Abby

    This comes in time for me…I’m planning out what to knit for me to wear this winter. It’s a nice looking pattern!

  159. Brenda B.

    I love the Darrin Cardigan and would love the chance to win yarn to make it! But I also want to say I love the sweater you’re working on too. The texture is pretty cool and your yarn choice is gorgeous! Always a bonus when you already have the yarn you need in your stash.

  160. Debi3735

    OH I so need yarn, because my husband forces me to watch football, what else is a girl to do but KNIT!!!

  161. James

    Throwing in my chances again. 🙂 Great website that you run and really look forward to the progress updates on the red tweed. 🙂

  162. Theresa

    I love it. Being an ample bosomed girl that style evens me out and covers some of the extra lumps and bumps. Of course the luxurious yarn also helps to make anything look and feel nice 🙂

  163. Terri

    I’ve had my eyes on a pattern in the book Custom Knits that would look superb in this yarn – Riverstone and Citrine would be my color choices. Hope I get a change to answer the question and get it right!!

  164. Leah Angel

    I think it will be Autumn here in a week or so! Goodbye Summer, hello more knitting! I love Road to China, what pretty colors and lux fiber!

  165. Melissa

    This sweater is right up my alley. It’s open and short-sleeved. That makes it perfect for multi-seasonal wear.

  166. Leesa Gentry

    Love this sweater however would have to add long sleeves to it but isn’t that a major part of knitting making it your own.

  167. Ayla

    Oohhh, that’s a great cardigan. I love short sleeved sweaters, they’re perfect for fall when it’s still too warm out to wear something too heavy but you need something to stave off that bit of chill. I’d love to win this yarn pack!

  168. Melinda Rucinski

    I’ve been knitting so many scarves for gifts, it would be great to make something for myself for a change!

  169. Opal

    Mmmm, I’m with you, I looooovvvvee tweeds! And what a gorgeous sweater. I think I may have to go out and buy that book asap.

  170. Ellen penney

    I’m on with a shawl for autumn and my sock yarn is getting woolier as the months pass! Love the dark nights snuggled on the sofa in front to a roaring fire! Yummy!

  171. Coral Bentley

    Oh, the yarn looks so wonderful! I’m thinking of knitting vests and tunics for my wee daughter to keep her warm this winter, and something as soft as this yarn sounds perfect! Good luck to everyone who has entered the contest. 🙂

  172. Robyn

    Definitely feels like fall is just around the corner! Would love the opportunity to try a yarn usually out of my price range!

  173. Susan

    The days are getting short, the nights are cool, and I’m looking for great fall projects. This yarn would fit the bill perfectly!

  174. Katie C

    Oh man, I’ve been on such a sweater kick lately. I never thought I could do one, they honestly terrified me, and then I finished the Spring I-weave cover sweater, and now I can’t stop making them. That one is just lovely, too!