Obsession Thursday: Travel Knitting and a Giveaway

Everything a knitter needs for a long plane trip - a pillow and a new lace project.

I recently made a quick trip to the UK for a family birthday and reunion event. It’s a long, long plane ride from where I live…

The most stressful part of any travel, for me, is choosing my travel knitting. Figuring out what to take my brother as a birthday gift, and what to wear and how to pack lightly for changeable weather is easy…

The big decision is what to knit while I’m away. You need really engaging knitting for the boring parts of the trip – the long waits at the airport, the train rides, the time spent waiting for your brother to get finish his phone call before you can leave for lunch… And then you need auto-pilot knitting (pun intended) – knitting you can work on while you’re chatting, at the pub, and while you’re in the car without making yourself motion sick.

For engaging knitting, I like lace, as the yarn required doesn’t take up much room in your bag, and you get hours of fun from a single skein.

Don't get in a car without at least one sock project.

For auto-pilot knitting, I like a plain stocking stitch sock (or two)… I can tuck a sock in progress into my purse to carry around, and it’s easy to pick up for a few minutes’ knitting here and there.

I always have a sock or two on the go, so that decision was easy. The question was what to take for my engaging knitting. I added an extra level of complication to this decision: do I take a design-project-in-progress? I am currently working on a new lace design, but I wasn’t confident that all the details were worked out, and I was worried I would get stalled without my stitch libraries.

So I looked back at my project queue and and chose something I’ve been meaning to make for at least 5 years: the Super-Spiral Shawl from Meg Swansen’s fabulous A Gathering of Lace book. I slipped the patterninto a sheet protector, grabbed some extra graph paper just in case I decided to make tweaks on the fly, and wound up the yarn.

Well-prepared for even the longest flight delay.

But the hardest decision of all is the discretionary knitting… Extra knitting just in case I finish what I’m working on. In case I’m not enjoying the projects I’ve chosen. Extra knitting in case I get delayed coming back and need more to do. Emergency knitting, if you will. This can be tricky – you need to balance your need for engaging knitting with auto-pilot knitting. I chose to take along another sock project, but a cabled sock, so it could be both reasonably easy and reasonably engaging.

So yes, to recap: for four days away I had four socks and a lace project that requires 800m+ of yarn. Needless to say, I didn’t run out.

Whether you need a travel project, or are just looking for something to add to your fall wardrobe, we have a Lisa Souza sock yarn giveaway!

Gratitude by Brenda Patipa
Gratitude, a lighter version

The prize is a Gratitude sock kit: enough Lisa Souza yarn for both versions of this lovely sock design from our First Fall issue.

Dark version: Lisa Souza Knitwear and Dyeworks, Cashmere Silk Fingering; [55% Bombyx Silk, 45% Cashmere, 400 yards per 2 oz. skein]; Marionberry; 1 skein

Light version: Lisa Souza Knitwear and Dyeworks, Sock!; [75% Superwash Wool, 25% Nylon, 450 yards per 4 oz. skein]; Zazu; 1 skein

Prize value: $50

The usual rules apply. Leave a comment to this post before midnight, eastern time, on Monday, September 12, 2011. A comment will be chosen at random to answer a skill testing question. If s/he answers correctly  they will win our prize.

Thanks to Lisa Souza for the prize!

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1,330 thoughts on “Obsession Thursday: Travel Knitting and a Giveaway

  1. Natalie

    I know what you mean about needing emergency knitting – nothing worse than being stuck with something you’ve got bored of, or even nothing at all!

  2. Rora114

    I generally take along too much, too! I just can’t stand the idea of being without knitting. Heck, it’s why I started carrying a purse! (No, not to hold my wallet, but to hold a knitting project. It’s better for everyone that way.)

    And I’d love to win some sock yarn and the project! I’ve been craving a good sock project lately.

  3. Steph

    I’ve usually got socks or a shawl with a simple lace pattern in my purse. This weekend I’m going out of town and have yet to pick out which projects I’m taking…or clothes either.

  4. Desiree

    I always have to take into account how long I’ll be in the car, where I’ll be going, how much down time I’ll have, how long I’ll be there, and so on. It is quite complicated and I usually end up taking several projects, only to figure out something completely different to knit!

  5. Lise

    That’s the most difficult part of packing for me too. I really like your idea of contingency knitting – just in case. I would love to win this prize. Thanks.

  6. StaceyD

    Sometimes my knitting takes up more room than the work I take on business trips. I’ve also become a big fan of the train, since I can knit rather than drive. Love the socks… They’re in my queue for later this winter!

  7. Denise

    I usually take only no brainer knitting when I’m traveling as I have the attention span of a gnat & any distraction fouls me all up. Chemo caps are my favorite take alongs. Always one with me.

  8. Maureen

    I usually have a knitting bag with a project in it where ever I go. If i do not my husband asks me if I am feeling ok.

  9. Eleanor

    Better too much than too little! Now I’m learning to carry extra needles b/c last week while waiting in line to pick up my dd at school (showed up a little early just to knit!) I discovered one of my always-in-the-car sock needles was gone! Had to resort to iphone games.
    BTW, almost done my always-in-the-car socks – could use the Souza package!

  10. angela

    Before I was a knitter I dreaded long car trips, but now they represent hours of knitting opportunity! Hurrah for travel knitting!

  11. Angela

    I have the same anxiety when I plan for a trip too. For my last coast to coast trip I brought a lace project and it was perfect for me. I love how it doesn’t take up much space and I’m sure I won’t finish it before the trip it over.

  12. Ashley W

    Ooh, purple is my go-to color right now. I’ve been a knitting slacker… my (one cable) sock has been langushing for a month now. I’m at the cuff (toe up), so I just need to find half an hour to finish it and get the next one started.

  13. Mim

    I’ve been thinking about emergency knitting a lot lately. I really need to have something in my van for those times I get stuck waiting to pick up a boy from practice, etc. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  14. Avimatic

    I’m already trying to plan my travel knitting for a long weekend at the end of the month 🙂 Those socks are lovely!

  15. marci

    Airplane kniting is great! I flew from Heathrow to the US last summer, and my bag was selected for a random bag check on the way onto the plane. The screeners wouldn’t let me have my knitting. They were nice, and at least gave it to a flight attendant to hold until we landed in the US, but it was a LONG flight without it — and the headphone jack at my seat was broken so I couldn’t hear the audio for movies either.

  16. Riana

    I always take at least 3 projects on long trips. Easy, Medium and BRAIN KILLING level. Helps with the travel anxiety!

    A sock kit would help with travel anxiety too… heh heh

  17. Andrea

    I definitely like the lighter version of the sock better. The darker Marionberry color is gorgeous, but I’d like a slightly different stitch pattern for it.

  18. tara

    I love knitting on the go. and the planning for it. always dreaming I can do more than I really can 🙂 pattern looks like fun and yarn looks wonderful.

  19. Kathy

    I know what you mean about emergency knitting. I always take too much – and it’s usually socks. But that’s better than too little!

  20. James

    Just giving this another shot. Normal things I wouldn’t worry too much about a trivia/skills question, but I’m a pretty new knitter…lol But what the heck right?

  21. Siew

    Travelling is when I get some of my best, fastest knitting done! The biggest challenge is what to pack. Of course if you run out then its just an excuse to go find a yarn store, like you’d need an excuse for that!

  22. Jessica

    I agree, socks are best for travel, and you always need some back-up projects in case you finish one…

    Those purple socks are to die for! What a lovely shade! I also like the grey. Here’s hoping for a win:D

  23. Susan

    I’m going through this same thought process for a trip to Switzerland in a couple of weeks. It would be great to have a new sock to tuck into my travel bag!

  24. april

    I also stress out about travel knitting–it takes me longer to pack my knitting supplies than it does everything else, combined!

  25. Chris

    I love picking out travel knitting. When the thing is done it reminds me of that time every time I use it!
    I pack at least one project per day. Hey, you never know, right?

  26. Laura

    Oh, yes. Planning and prepping travel knitting starts well in advance of a trip. Whereas, everything else can wait until the last minute! Thanks for having the giveaway.

  27. Dr. SunWolf

    Delightful article. Reminded me that I’ve also made faculty meetings (or ANY meeting, for that matter) utterly tolerable by brining a knitting project. {And yes, as knitters know, I AM listening.} I’ve been favoring moebius projects for the plane, of late: soothing, mindless, with the surprising delight factor of what happens before our eyes.

  28. Katie K

    It’s the same issue with going to a knitting group. Sometimes if I take a difficult project I get distracted and have to frog what I did when I get home. This weekend I’ll be knitting Cauchy socks during a long car ride.

    Gratitude is a lovely pattern. Wow! Enough yarn for both versions!

  29. Whitney

    Non-knitters will never understand the problems we face when traveling! My kids and husband think it’s nuts that I can pack for a week in 30 minutes, but it takes me DAYS to decide what knitting projects to pack. Always a plain stockinette project, and usually a cabled project for times when I can follow a chart.

  30. Diane

    You know those commercials “what would you do for a klondike bar”? Just make mine “what would you do for cashmere yarn?” At the very least I will enter a contest on Knitty for it.

    Nice shawl beginnings, by the way. I love spiral shawls.

  31. Dr. SunWolf

    Delightful article! Reminded me that I’ve also made faculty meetings (or any meeting, for that matter) utterly tolerable by bringing a knitting project. {And yes, as knitters know, I AM listening.} I’ve been favoring moebius projects for the plane, of late: soothing, mindless, with the surprising delight factor of what happens before our eyes.

  32. Fern

    It is amazing that we all think alike,a knitting project is the first thing I pack. The sock pattern is beautiful, but looks challenging.

  33. noirem

    I just finished my first pair of socks (for DH – Sunday Swing Socks) and am halfway through my second (for me – Monkeys) and I would _love_ to have the next couple of projects lined up.

  34. Barb T

    My feet would just love the chance to try the yarns and I love the pattern. Already have it downloaded.

  35. Heather Ricco

    I am totally with you on the sock knitting. My absolutely favorite type for car trips. Important motion sick tip though, it is imperative to do a ribbed or stocking stitch only sock. I tried doing lace on a long car trip, and predictably got rather green around the gills.

  36. Patrizia

    GRatitude is exactly what I’ll feel if I win…
    Thank you for the giveaway and for let us dreaming about yarn.
    (I travel with something light but intriguing, just one project, because I know I’m going shopping for yarn anyway…)

  37. Christine

    I do exactly the same thing when I travel! I always have way more knitting than I need. But I am also paranoid about taking a lace project on the plane and being forced to hand over the needle (for lace I usually use my Addi Lace circular, and I could not bear to lose it! So for the plane I tuck a bamboo crochet hook in my pencil case and pull out my yarn when I am seated.

    And that sock yarn is drop dead gorgeous! Great giveaway!

  38. Jenny P

    I’ll be travelling to Italy for two weeks next month and I’m the same way. I’m much more concerned about what knitting I should bring than what clothes to pack. And I’m also planning to bring a pair of socks for my auto-pilot knitting, but I’m still debating on what else to bring.

  39. Heather

    i love working on lace while on the plane or airport waiting for the plane. Right now my mindless knitting is the stripe study shawl.

  40. Lara

    On one hand if you run out of yarn while traveling it’s a great excuse to stop at yarn shops. On the other hand if there aren’t any where you are going it can lead to trying to knit with your hair from bordem.

  41. Carolyn

    Oooh, I love the purple socks! I’ll be really ready to cast on for some socks once my wedding (and the associated knitting) comes and goes in October!

  42. Sonja

    I often think I pack too much knitting for short trips……you’ve just validated my insanity! Thanks!

  43. Seanna Lea

    I definitely believe in socks as good travel knitting, though in my last trip I mostly operated on garter stitch. I had with me the Albers Shawl (still on the first square), and I could start and stop it at my leisure which was awesome.

  44. Jessica

    Hahaha my last vacation (two weeks ago) I took a baby blanket that needed to get finished and deposited before my flight home, and it was a close call, even with the long flight! I also took yarn to start another blanket for ANOTHER baby… ended up getting the stomach flu, and recovering enough to only SLEEP on my flight home. I mourned those lost 8 hours of knitting time when I was scrambling to finish my gift the next week.

  45. Liz

    I recently ran out of project on a road trip. Plus: Souvenir yarn! And it didn’t end up in the stash, I used it right away. (I have a feeling I would do the same thing with such beautiful Lisa Souza yarn). Thanks for everything, Knitty.

  46. Whitney

    Oh, I love those socks! I have been teaching my mother how to knit basic socks (she taught me basic knitting, but never attempted knitting with DPNs before), and it’s making me think I’d like to attempt some more complicated sock patterns.

    On another note, has anyone ever been told by a flight attendant to put their needles away during takeoff and landing? This happened to me the last time I flew, and as its the first time anyone’s said anything to me except for “what are you working on” in over a decade of knitting while flying, I wondered if it was a new policy or just an exceptionally picky attendant.

  47. Melissa Santiago

    Wow does that look fantastic. I love sock knitting. 🙂 My mom keeps on asking me why do I always get sock knitting books rather than other ones. Because the best sock patterns are in them. Free ones online are hardly the same.

    The socks are lovely! I hope this is the one I finally win. 🙂

  48. Grace

    I just spent my wad at the Lisa Souza booth at stitches midwest…I would love a chance to win some more of her gorgeous yarn!!!!

  49. MARY

    I agree on the difficult decision for travel knitting. It is more stressful than what clothes I’m taking!

  50. Laura

    I can relate to the travel knitting quandry. I use to travel a lot, and what knitting to bring with me was always harder to figure out than what clothes to pack.

  51. Nina

    I always bring many more projects for traveling than I have any hope of completing? Why is that? Many knitters I know do that. I love Lisa Souza yarn and the color purple. Maybe I will win this time.

  52. Shawn

    I wish I could go somewhere (and not have to drive/wrangle kids) and get some travel knitting in. Beautiful give-away!

  53. aprilshowers

    Oooh, I’ve been hearing about Lisa Souza’s yarn forever but never had the chance to try it. Thanks!

  54. Kristen

    I like to knit at work during lunch, so I hate it when a project gets too big to travel with (ex. sweater for the hubby). Hence the need for socks!

  55. Deana

    This is why I can never be a monogamous knitter. I need to have an easy on-the-go project that I never leave the house without (you never know when time for knitting may crop up!) and my more engaging projects that need concentration for at home. So with you on this!

  56. SCourt

    I haven’t knit w/Lisa Souza for years, so yes, I am happy to enter the contest 🙂

    I love reading you post and how you give “permission” to a somewhat isolated knitter in a non-knitting world that doesn’t always “get it.” My knitting bag, like my purse, is my own business. Don’t you worry your little head about how many projects I have in there for a 4 day weekend LOL!

  57. ChristineB

    I always bring much too much yarn with me on travels. But last spring when I got stuck for over a week in Prague because of the volcano I was so glad I brought all the balls of yarn for a whole jacket. I finished it there and blocked it on the hotel bed. Memories whenever I put it on!!

  58. Barbara

    I have the same problem picking projects for travel. Even short 4 day trips have to include at least 3 projects. I pick the same type of projects as you do – lace for long stretches of knitting that I can concentrate on and plain socks for spending time with people or short knitting opportunities.

  59. tracy van wormer

    I usually take shawls with me for travel—hitchhiker and tender heart ( both on Ravelry) are easy to remember, gauge doesn’t matter projects that work well with self striping yarn. You can knit and talk at the same time with either of these….and watch tv. Makes them perfect for travel. And they make nice presents. Thank you lisa for the prize. PICK ME!!

  60. Heather

    I do the same thing when it comes to packing travel knitting. Usually the result is a lot more wips then intended and a whole lot of extra yarn and needles in my suitcase.

  61. worldknits

    When I went to Guatemala for a month I packed an entire suitcase of yarn. Needless to say I came home with a ton of unknit yarn, but also completed a number of projects. I think knitters tend to over estimated their ability and underestimate the time it takes to complete something. But I’d rather overestimate than underestimate yarn on a vacation. There’s no way I would be left without something to knit while abroad.

  62. Carol

    Great posting. I, too, spend more time packing knitting than clothes. The thought of being able to knit (i.e., idle) without any knitting to do gives me the shakes.

  63. Renee

    The socks are beautiful and look like they’d be enjoyable to knit. And a cashmere blend? I’ve never knit with cashmere, but I think I’d love a go at it!

  64. Karina

    I love making socks! Those are lovely and would make great additions to my sock drawer or for Xmas presents!

  65. Heather Clift

    I did the same thing traveling to Europe this summer. I was at the point where I was putting yarn into my suitcase and then taking it out and then putting it right back in. I definitely took too much, especially as that suitcase got super heavy as I hauled it around!

  66. Barbara

    I like simple sock patterns for when I go to tech conferences so I have something to do with my hands during the sessions, but I love lace shawls for road trips and other boring travel.

  67. virginia

    I’m moving from Uk to Amsterdam on Saturday, movers will come tomorrow to get my stuff and I because I will have to wait about 3 wks to get my place, I have to choose NOW what to bring with me. I got the Inlay socks that I started long time ago and never managed to work long time, a scarf I want to get done before autumn begins and I’m debating whether or not to bring another WIP along…

  68. Retha

    That whole story was so familiar to me. It’s a recap of so many of my own trips. I always end up taking too many projects but I’d rather err on the safe side.

  69. Carrie Armbrecht

    Kate, I so agree with you. Picking out that emergency project is the hardest. For me this usually a larger project. Where I get into trouble though is thinking I have to bring all the yarn for the whole project, and not the one or two skeins I honestly have time for (if I even get to it).

    The gratitude sock is beautiful. I have wanted to try Lisa Souza’s yarn, but haven’t had the chance yet.

  70. Patricia

    I’ve discovered another niche for knitting. “I call it, stop me from hitting the keys knitting”. It’s like auto-pilot knitting, but done in front of the computer while waiting for the big file to download when your tempted to hit the keys, but know that will just slow it down.

    How’s that for justification for knitting at work!

  71. MzTallulah

    I always have a project in my handbag (currently: a sweater for my toddler in sock yarn), but unfortunately they don’t let you take needles on planes where I live, so I have to make do with magazines and books (but mostly keeping aforementioned child entertained) when I fly… Thank you for the giveaway!

  72. Harriet

    The socks look lovely. Would love to win this project.

    Figuring out what to take along on a trip is always the most difficult one.

  73. Tara K

    Now that I have a toddler I hardly get to knit while traveling anymore. He seems to take it personally that I’m having more fun that him and tries to punish us all.

    Back when I could knit while traveling I found the hardest part when I traveled to visit my dad in late September for his birthday. It’s right about the time that I need to start getting serious about Christmas knitting, and yet most of my family is there so I had to make sure not to let them spy anything meant as a surprise.

  74. Anne

    I share your travel knitting dilemma. Although my flight wasn’t nearly as long, just coast to coast in the US, I still need something to taske my mind off being trapped in my seat.
    This summer’s project was Romi Hill’s Taygete Shawl….PERFECT!
    Lots of auto-pilot garter stitch and a lace reward at the end!

  75. Arides

    I am continually packing projects to work on my bus commute, which is all of twenty minutes long. If faced with a ten-hour plane flight I’d probably vanish in a puff of indecision.

  76. Janet Martin

    I like your knitting choices big time–mostly a lace knitter myself, socks are still irresistible as I use short doublepoints, and the project can usually fit into a little bag in my purse–of course my lace projects don’t take much more volume, either–Lisa’s design is spectacular–can’t wait to put some new socks on my needles!

  77. Kim

    I would never be able to knit lace while traveling. The most I can handle is K2P2! Now that we’re moving into fall I plan on getting back to sock knitting. I’d love some new yarn.

  78. Sylvie

    I tend to seriously over-pack everything (including knitting), and then dump everything out and repack just a little less.

    “Gratitude” is exactly what I would be feeling if I won! I was introduced to Lisa’s yarns at Stitches Midwest, and they are stunning.

  79. Jenn

    Oh I’d love to win the lovely Lisa Souza yarn! I’ve been wanting to try this pattern, but haven’t found a yarn I like for it yet. Thanks!

  80. Sandy

    Glad to know I’m not the only one who agonizes over travel knitting and usually winds up with way too much. On my most recent trip, though (despite the threat of being stuck an extra day by Hurricane Irene) I managed to talk myself into just a single large lace project.

    I am the same way with reading material when I travel — thank goodness for my Nook and iPod Touch.

    And PS, would LOVE the sock kits!

  81. Amy

    Yes, please – I would love to be entered… even though the skills question scares me a bit since I have no clue what you’ll be asking… lol.

    I love your take-along reasonings for each project and I never thought of lace for a plane trip but I will next time!

  82. lynn

    I enjoyed your blog so much. my travel knitting is now all about knitting chemo caps, but after so many of these i think knitting a lovely pair of gratitude socks would be just wonderful.

  83. Dari Trout

    I thought I was the only person who obsessed more about what project to pack than what clothes to wear! Nice to know I am not alone. Would be really nice to have those socks as options for a trip!

  84. Susanne Scheurwater

    Wow, that sock is in my queque but what a nice surprise to win a kit to knit both colours!! pick me! pick me!!

  85. kat

    I never obsess about what project to pack, I just throw in a skein of yarn and a sock pattern. Being confined in one place is the best time to figure out a new or complicated pattern.

  86. Rycrafty

    I usually only take a stockingette or very simple sock. Although since I began knitting, I haven’t flown anywhere more than 2 hours away, so maybe if I had an 8-hour flight I’d change my mind!

  87. Donna

    Seems like about the right amount of travel knitting to me. I always take along way too much — just in case of a knitting emergency!

  88. Peggy

    Love it! I spend way more time deciding what knitting to take with me on a trip than I do on what clothes to pack. And socks are the ideal car project! That’s where the majority of mine are knit.

  89. Natalie

    I’ve got a decision to make for packing this weekend, but unfortunately I’m doing the driving. Plus now I bring spindle projects as well as knitting.

  90. Marieke

    Don’t think I would take those along while traveling. These socks look like something you need all your attention for (while sitting in your favorite chair, at home & at a moment no one will disturb you)! My favorite knitting moments…

  91. Carol

    Wow, great socks and fantastic yarn! And they’d be (for me) perfect travel knitting. What a great give-away.

  92. Liz

    I feel your pain, Kate. I went to Halifax for a week earlier this summer, and took the train – 28 hours each way of dedicated knitting time! (Never mind the sleeping, eating, watching the scenery, reading…)

    I took 5 (or maybe 6) sock projects, two lace projects, plus an extra back-up “What if I finish everything else?” ball of sock yarn + needles.

    I finished one project. Just one.

  93. Donna W

    Definitely lace for long concentrated travel knit times. I get stressed over the “extras.” How much of my tool stash do I want to carry? Charts, chart holders, crochet hook(s), a circular needle a couple sizes smaller in case I have to rip back (no, I don’t use life lines, why do you ask?), contrasting yarn in the right weight for stitch markers, etc. etc.

  94. Leigh

    Lace on a plane? No way. I’m garter stitch all the way so I can relax with a glass of wine and in-flight movie.

  95. Liz in Missouri

    I know exactly what you mean about travel knitting choices. I think it’s one of the main reasons there’s always more than one project on the needles.
    The socks are gorgeous. I would LOVE one of those kits!

  96. Erin

    And my husband laughed at me for taking just 2 projects on a long weekend to Nashville last month… 😉 My greatest fear is always that I’ll run out of things to do! Love that sock design and I’ve never worked with Lisa Souza yarn.

  97. Jennifer

    Holy smokes, that yarn is awesome!

    I agree it does take a lot of planning to have the perfect amount/types of knitting along when traveling!

  98. Solarmama

    Whee! I’d love to win this prize.

    I just returned from two weeks in Brazil, and found that I needed EXACTLY as much knitting as I brought. I was sewing up the final toe on the sock project as we touched down at my home airport. Then it quick through customs, get to the car, drive home, and fall into bed without taking off our clothes. Good thing there weren’t any long delays, or I’d have to try and find a yarn store in Miami airport!

  99. Kristin H

    I’ve never used lace as a travel project, I usually stick to a basic stockinette sock so I don’t have to juggle a pattern and knitting in a small space.

  100. Laura

    Oh socks. It’s always socks for the travel knitting, just because they’re so nice and small. Mittens, gloves, and hats work well too. My problem is usually overestimating how far I’ll get and bringing too much extra yarn.

  101. Caroline

    Lovely socks, in both colors!

    Good choices of travel knitting, BTW. Myself, I like to work on projects that don’t involve reading a pattern, else I get carsick. Scarves or shawls with easily memorized stitches are great – just one piece, no scissors needed.

  102. Kallie (KallieKY on Ravelry)

    Very nice prize! Yea!
    I always way overpack everything. Knitting, clothes and especially shoes.

  103. Diana

    I’m headed to the beach in a week and this very question has been on my mind. I’m covering a variety of crafts with my take-along projects: 1 pair of plain knit socks, a bit of English paper piecing, and some floss to make grown-up friendship bracelets!

  104. Debbi

    It never hurts to be overprepared with lots of knitting to keep you busy 🙂 Who knows, you could get stranded wherever you are traveling!

    The yarn is gorgeous too 🙂 🙂

  105. Jennifer

    Joan’s comment above made me giggle. When packing for trips I spend more time planning my take-along knitting projects than I do planning the clothes I need to pack. 🙂

  106. Leah

    hahaha I pretty much have a separate knitting bag packed when I travel. It’s absolutely preposterous. But hey, I stop freaking out about flying and all the other stressors when I know I’ve got my knitting bag, so I think it’s worth it.

  107. Barbara S.

    Hello my name is Barbara an I’m addicted to sock yarn.
    I freely admits this, and I see nothing wrong with it. My husband on the other hand…well that is a different story all together.

  108. Ellen

    Beautiful sock kit. It’s getting to that time of year when I can pull out the hand-knitted socks to wear and get another pair on the needles.

  109. Julianne Q

    I never have enough room for THAT many knitting projects while traveling! Regardless, thanks for a great giveaway!

    Julianne Q

  110. SapphireBlue

    When I work a midnight shift I am like that. Will I have enough to do to keep from being sleepy. What if I get tired of this project? What if I run out of yarn. The actuality is that I won’t run out of yarn or run out of projects in 8 hours, but it’s better to be on the safe side :o)

  111. aliceq

    Purse knitting saved my bacon (or at least my sanity) when I had two auto breakdowns in the past year. I got a substantial portion of a scarf done while waiting for the first tow, and a good chunk of a sock waiting for a tow and a ride the second time. Knitting: don’t leave home without it!

  112. Meg

    Recently I was forced into travel by family illness. I didn’t know what to pack. When my son came to pick me up,(he was travelling with me,)found me packing and mindlessly filling up my suitcase with knitting projects,he had to laugh. He had to remind me,”Mom, maybe you should pack some clothes and underwear.”
    Ya think?

  113. Sheila

    What pretty colors the yarns are! Nice sock patterns too, but, oh, I want that Marionberry yarn (fitting, since I’m a big fan of the Marionberries you eat, too)

  114. Allison

    It’s better to have too many projects with you than to run out… 🙂

    Those yarns sounds fabulous, and they look great in that pattern! I will have to check them out in person at the store.

  115. Cynthia RD

    I love the way the ribbing at the top of the sock looks so seamless with the design. Would love to try out this sock pattern!

  116. Sharon

    I too always carry a sock around with me for those spare moments of knitting…and I invariably take toom much travel knitting with me, because the thought of running out? Enough to give me the shivers!

  117. Laura

    I’m glad to see that I’m not the only person who plans for travel knitting the same way!! (focused pattern, simple pattern, back up)

  118. Alessandra

    I wish I had the travel time to do travel knitting. I’m the only driver, so I spend all those hours driving and thinking about knitting, while my partner is the one with a book in hand.

  119. Sandi

    From a knitter who once ran out of knitting while away from home and ended up grabbing 2 balls of Peaches ‘n’Creme and knitting dishcloths on a pair of disposable chopsticks, I admire your foresight! Lovely socks and yarn!

  120. Zardra

    I always take a plain sock with me when I travel, something I don’t need a patten for so that I don’t have to worry about where I was if I suddenly have to shove it in my bag.

  121. Vicky

    This is the perfect post 🙂 I’m flying back to the UK next week and I was having trouble deciding what to take. Socks? Cardigan? Start a new shawl? Now I know… Take ALL OF THEM!!

  122. Cassie

    Sock knitting is perfect for travel! I like to print my pattern into several small pieces, and loop them on to a single binder ring for easy viewing.

  123. Erika

    I travel a lot for work and I love having a sock/lace project in my bag too! I’m definitely a knitter with ADD so I need multiple projects, and of course they have to be small for travel!

    Love those marionberry socks! And the pattern is gorge!

  124. Terry

    Love the article. I feel the same way! My biggest problem going anywhere is what knitting to take along!

    Thanks for the give away too!

  125. Barbara Seiver

    Oh, that would be perfect for me. I’m having bunion surgery in two weeks, and won’t be able to walk for 8 weeks…knitting time! Further, when I heel, my foot would look MARVELOUS in that sock!

  126. chari

    What a great name for a sock kit! Who wouldn’t be filled with gratitude receiving cashmere? It certainly looks like engaging knitting.
    I don’t travel much. I still give a great deal of thought to the knitting I always have with me, though. You never know when the grocery checker will suddenly stop mid-ring.
    My mother asked me a couple of weeks ago why I don’t just start one project and work on just that til it’s done. Muggles, what can you do?

  127. Jerre

    I never know what to take on a trip, especially on a plane – but I agree with your definitions. Sometimes though it has to be production knitting to make sure I have enough stock – that is usually autopilot and my process knitting is engaging knitting.

    Love the give away!

  128. Danielle Chretien

    OMG!!!!! Love the article, I always travel with a pair of socks I’m working on. Even if it’s just to my Aunt’s house.. And I’ve always loved purple! I want to jump and shout, “Pick me!!!” But I’ll just cross my fingers.

  129. april

    I liked your post, I could see myself in there. There is always the dilemma on what to bring for knitting on trips and I usually bring way too much, but at least I am prepared.

  130. Pam

    Your travel-knitting dilemmas amused me – I can so relate! Please put my name in the hat for the giveaway – the socks look like great fun. Thanks to Lisa Souza and Knitty for the opportunity to win!

  131. Carolyn (Coco)

    Great article. Sanity will be kept while tavelling as long as we have knitting. Lovely prizes too.. wishful thinking say my travelling brainwaves.

  132. Rebecca

    Me too, I stress about my travel knitting! Which needles to use and pack, enough yarn, extra projects “just in case.” I hear ya! Socks are a great choice. 🙂

  133. Kittenears

    Oh yes please! My ‘engaging’ knitting right now is an aeolian shawl. and my ‘easy’ knitting is a tiny little project bag with all the bits to work on hexipuffs! They are so addicting- but I can’t find my circs so I’ve stalled on starting a new pair of socks. This would be just the reason to dig through the scary bucket I call organizing my stash.

  134. Margaret Welch

    I need to figure out a way to have projects (mindless and mindful) ready to go at a moments (or week’s) notice. Not that I travel without plenty of lead time, but rather I procrastinate on the knitting organization until I end up taking whatever I can put my hands on and those projects rarely translate into what I really need for travel. Your article helps clarify for me how I should approach travel knitting. Cheers!

  135. Autumn

    I have a difficult time traveling with knitting because I usually take a car and I have very little room to knit! I love the dark purple yarn!

  136. Adrienne

    Lovely giveaway! Socks are a great “to go” project, one of my favs. Love the look on some people’s faces when they see you manipulating DPNs. Endlessly fascinating for the knitter and the observer.

  137. Dieuwke

    Sock yarn is always amazing!

    I can’t agree more regarding the travel projects. I also always have a hard time deciding, but usually I allow myself to cast on something new! Apart from the other 3 projects I’m bringing, I don’t want to get bored..

  138. Aimee

    The first question my husband asks me before heading to the car for any trip of more than about an hour is: Do you have your knitting? All of it?

    I, too, am one of those knitters who worry more about projects, patterns & yarn going into my travel bag than about the clothes or shoes going into my suitcase.

    I see nothing wrong with that!

  139. Nicole

    I met the designer of that pattern at the Sock Summit! Brenda was super nice and was one of the people who “adopted” me since I came alone.

  140. Nancy

    I also go through the crazy planning for knitting on a trip. I spend more time on that than the actual packing. Also, I can’t resist a good sock project, so I’ll try for your prize, too.

  141. Jen

    I just gave my mother similar suggestions for her upcoming trip! Enjoyed the article…and the Lisa Souza sock kit!

  142. Jen

    Such pretty socks!!

    Am going on weekend trip tomorrow and contemplating my travel knitting. Think I’m going to take a baby sweater to work on.

  143. Loretta

    I pack travel knitting, and my husband packs travel board/card games.

    Lovely socks! I’d love to make a pair (or two) – hopefully before I get consumed by holiday knitting.

  144. Crystl

    I love knitting socks and would love to win! I’ll definitely be adding this pattern to my Revelry queue, it’s so beautiful.

  145. Ellen

    Those yarns are absolutely gorgeous!! Purple is my favorite color and I would LOVE to win. I keep hearing about Lisa’s yarns and I can see why people love them. The pattern is fabulous too. Thank you for the chance to win!

  146. Erica

    I always pack way too much knitting and I am trying hard to figure out how to knit in the car without getting motion sick. The sock give away looks amazing!!

  147. deborah

    oh I’m glad I’m not the only one who brings along so much knitting. those socks are lovely in those colors

  148. Lynn

    I like to knit baby hats to donate while I am travelling! Small, fast knit and keeps my hands busy.

    I would love the sock kits – I could give one to my daughter to knit as well!

  149. laura

    Beautiful yarn! and in my favorite color..that deep purple is so rich looking!

    thank you lisa souza and knitty for this giveaway!

  150. Sally

    My travel knitting is usually something simple, easy to put down and know where I am. Lovely colors, and solids show off the pattern so nicely.

  151. MadTatter

    I love “A Gathering of Lace” – it was my very first lace book, a few months after I started knitting. I’ve knit four different shawls from it so far, including the super spiral. Easy, fun pattern; beautiful, versatile results. And the gratitude socks look delicious!

  152. Rebecca

    I love making socks, and I’ve heard good things about Lisa Souza’s yarn but never tried it. It owuld be great to win!

  153. MimiD

    Thanks for the giveaway. I would love the chance to try Lisa Souza yarn.
    I approach packing my knitting for travel in exactly the same way you did. It’s worse if I’m going somewhere that I’m not sure of yarn shop availability. More yarn than clothes? Entirely possible!

  154. Gina in the SF East Bay

    Both the yarn and the patterns are gorgeous! (Yes, I also pack too much yarn when traveling as if I’m entering a time warp where I can do a month’s worth of knitting on a long weekend just because I’m away from home.)

  155. Sophie B

    I guess I need to start knitting socks just so I have a project I don’t have to think too hard about when I travel! I usually have something fairly easy for movie nights, but they always take up too much room. =(

  156. Verity

    I’m glad you found you were able to knit on the plane. Last time I flew (from Blackpool in the UK in August) the airline didn’t permit knitting needles in the cabin. Manchester Airport also doesn’t allow knitting needles in hand luggage. It’s so frustrating! Airports and planes are boring and make me tense – both problems that would be perfectly solved by knitting.

  157. Jane

    The socks and yarn are beautiful! And choosing my knitting projects is one of my most stressful parts of packing too!

  158. Jennifer Davis

    I never go anywhere without a project, or two or three, on a trip no matter how short. It’s how I get as much knitting done as I do. You wouldn’t believe how much knitting you can get done in even in the shortest time. One of my favorite projects to take is a pair of socks as well.

  159. stace W

    What gorgeous socks! Lovely to have a chance to win.

    I also always take far too much knitting away with me. I think better safe than sorry – unless there’s a nearby yarn shop!

  160. Heather

    Wow, that spiral pattern is gorgeous! I have to make that into a throw – since I want to use it and don’t wear shawls.

  161. Joanna

    I would be full of “Gratitude” if I won this sock kit – and it would be my first venture into knitting socks!

  162. Amy

    Those socks are gorgeous! I’d love to win.

    I haven’t had to do any real travel with knitting yet, but I have started planning what knits to bring with me long before I think about packing now, even for short trips.

  163. lizinthelibrary


    And yes I over yarn myself for travel. I used to (before I was such a dedicated knitter) over-book myself. I solved that by switching to knitting and audiobooks and by buying an ereader. So I usually have downloaded extra ebooks and audiobooks, bought an emergency magazine or paperback, and plenty of knitting. Sometimes I bring clothing.

  164. Knittingdancer (Teresa)

    Purple sock yarn, great my favorite color. I like to take my knitting with me whenever I go someplace that I know I may be waiting for a while..

  165. Ciorstaidh

    Um, what are the usual rules? I’ve lost track beyond a randomly generated number being the winner. Based in the UK, if that discounts me…

  166. Geraldine

    Cardinal rule: NEVER go anywhere without at least one sock knitting project! You can never have too many and I would love to add one more kit to my queue!

  167. Elizabeth

    What a great giveaway! I’d love to enter.

    I was wondering, has anyone ever had problems with airport security and knitting needles? I’d love to bring my knitting with me when I visit my family, but I am not sure how the TSA will react to the metal needles.

  168. Leesa Gentry

    Would love to win this sock pattern and yarn. Plan to make a least a weeks worth of socks for the winter and this would be a great addition.

  169. Jennifer

    Ohhhhhh, I have so fallen in love with sock knitting and exactly for the reason mentioned–so portable.
    Thanks for the contest!

  170. Becca

    Oooh, lesson I’ve learned – never travel with mohair.

    In other news, I hope I win the prize – I just got over my sock phobia!

  171. Jenny

    Isn’t that so true? I tend to take about a month’s worth of knitting for a trip that’s only a few days, but there’s always that panic moment in packing where you think “that’s not enough yarn! there aren’t enough projects in this suitcase!” As long as I don’t pack a month’s worth of clothes, I’m usually good with some extra yarn 😉

  172. Sarah

    Ah, I miss travel knitting. I’ve been told that eventually children are able to entertain themselves on long flights, but I haven’t experienced that in the last 21 months of my daughter’s existence.

  173. Ruth

    Love your planning. I always take a “preventative measures” project. This one is to avoid delays, car accidents, etc. So it needs to be fairly involved 🙂

  174. Karen

    Ooh, yes please! Although I do extremely little air travel, I do manage to amaze my husband with how many and what kind of projects I can cram into my one “vacation knit” bag for on the road/train 😉

  175. Purplepenguin

    Travel knitting is the best! I am going on a cruise over Thanksgiving, and plan on taking a variety of knitting (and spinning) projects. Last year, we went on a cruise and I taught 3 little girls how to knit! They were very happy, and worked on washcloths for Christmas presents. Enjoy your trip!

  176. Rachel

    Your yarn packing story made me smile in recognition – I’m so glad it’s not just me that packs at least three projects for every trip!

  177. Amanda

    I usually pack dishcloths or socks for my mindless knitting – I like watching the ground go by or listening to music too much to really focus on what’s in my hands.

  178. Karyn

    Love the sock pattern. Love the colors . . .Purple! My favorite! 🙂 I always have the most trouble packing my knitting for trips too. And I never run out of projects either.

  179. Debra Emanon

    Very nice to know that I’m not the only one who carries a project on trips. On my honeymoon, my new hubby decided to stop at a yarn store because I was apparently talking too much. Once the yarn, needles and pattern were on board, evidently he got a little peace and quiet. Now years later, he’ll ask – “Do you have a project?” before each trip.

  180. Kathy

    I try to bring enough knitting for 6 weeks when traveling by car for a week, then you will not have to make too many extra stops at yarn shops, just the usual stops.

  181. NonnaSue

    Just returned from 6 days in N. Yorkshire and struggled with the same knitting issues. . . what to take, what to take! I loved hearing my voice in your writing! Looks like you managed to come out with enough! 🙂

  182. Linda S

    I usually take just one knitting project, but go through the same thought process w/books: one mindless, one challenging, and one just in case . . .

  183. Vanessa

    I prefer plain-old stockinette for those times when concentration is needed for other things, like traveling!

  184. Louise Boutot

    I love making socks! In fact I make them for everyone but me. If I win they will be my 1st handknit socks I own!

  185. Lauren

    Beautiful yarn and socks! Whenever I’m packing for a trip, I’m asked, ‘are you really going to have time to knit all that?’…but that’s not really the point…

  186. Katharine

    OOOOH. That’s all I have to say.

    Also, yes, travel knitting is always a difficult decision. I always agonize and always bring too much.

  187. Michelle

    You got me… purple…. I love PURPLE… and for some unknown reason I don’t have purple socks.. need’n me some purpley yarn for sox.

  188. Diana K

    I never go anywhere without my knitting! I knit at the doctor’s office, baseball games, you name it!

    I’d love to win this beautiful sock kit, because you can never have to many socks, or projects on the go!

  189. Michelle A.

    Wow, what a great giveaway!! Plain st st socks are my go-to on the go project, too! I usually have a pair in my bag for my toddler. Quick and easy, and I can use up the scraps from my socks. :0)

  190. Tracy

    I often have this same problem! I always seem to over pack “emergency” knitting and then never have enough room for souvenirs!

    These socks look really great and would definitely make a great travel project!

  191. Karen7

    Gorgeous yarn & pattern. The travel dilemma strikes a deep note for me, just combine knitting, jewelry-making, and chain maile. Makes for interesting luggage. 😉

  192. Anna Chiara

    …sooner or later I *have* to try knitting socks… even though I’m not sure I’d wear them outside of my house. May this be the right occasion? 😛

  193. Denice

    OMG… I LOVE sock yarn! Not just for sock knitting either. 🙂 Although I absolutely adore the pattern shown in the photos you posted above! Winning this would rock!!!

  194. Ze

    wow, you are so ambitious for that travel project!! i usually prefer something simple in case i get interrupted…

    anyhow it’s been awhile since i did socks so would love to win the kit – love the colors!

  195. Birgitta Carlson

    Lovely socks and gorgeous yarn! Which reminds me I have some socks on needles around here somewhere…

  196. AlisoninOZ

    Oh, pretty pretty socks! and perfect for knitting during the downunder summer that’s about to start!

  197. Diane U

    Ohhhhhh. Bombyx Silk, 45% Cashmere sock yarn!!! I have never worked with sock yarn quite that luscious. Certainly on my wish list.

  198. Leah Houtman

    Stunning! I need a new sock project (though I don’t think I’m travelling anywhere other than campus in the near future…!)

  199. Deanna C

    Socks have always been a desire of mine to make, have only been brave enough twice! This yarn and pattern would inspire me again.

  200. Caroline

    I’ve never made socks (aside from one lone sock I made a million years ago) so I would like to win this prize!

  201. Sue

    Always have a pair of “mindless” socks with me, and if I’m going to be gone for more than a day a pair of not-so-mindless socks (something I don’t have the pattern memorized for), and at least a few spare balls of sock yarn.

    I NEED theseK

  202. Janel

    I never leave the house without at least one sock to work on. If I travel I always have 2 or 3 sock projects and a lace shawl (just in case I am more productive than I’ve ever been before! 🙂

    Love the lace socks! I’m a sucker for purple but the light color shows off the stitch pattern even better!

  203. Kacie H

    these look yummy. I would love to make them, keeping my toes crossed that I get picked (my fingers are busy knitting!)

  204. Reb

    I want to knit those socks!

    And I have a handy travel knitting tip. I keep a roll of scotch tape in my travel knitting bag so I can just tape my pattern to the back of the airplane seat in front of me. It makes lace patterns so much easier to do on the road.

  205. Anna

    My last travel knitting was a sweater that strained my hands, so I switched to a sock. Socks are great travelling projects.

  206. Ashley T

    The Marionberry is gorgeous! It would be the perfect project to take to visit my parents at Christmas. I’m teaching my mom to knit and I bet she’d love to watch me knit those up (and keep them when I’m done).

  207. juliana

    What a beautiful pattern. I was recently traveling and brought a shawl and a sweater WIP, just in case I got annoyed with one of them!

  208. Heather

    Just love those socks! What a gorgeous stitch pattern! I also love to take sock knitting with me when I’m out & about or traveling. You just never know.

  209. Carol

    I love knitting socks. 5 pairs on the go now and starting a plain pair for a man who doesn’t like patterns. I need more!

  210. Rachel

    Sock yarn doesn’t count as stash, right? 😉

    My current “travel” project, er, commute project, is a Multnomah. The garter stitch is perfect right now!

  211. Laura L

    Oh, those are pretty! I never try enough socks– too afraid I will get frustrated, but those look like a good excuse to try again 🙂

  212. David

    I always have trouble figuring out my travel knitting. I usually end up working on a small shawl. Knitting in the airport and on the plane always catches other people’s attentions and I inevitably have someone talking to me. So, I end up spending part of my transit time talking to someone about my knitting experience.

  213. madmoon

    I agree. The hardest part of packing is deciding on what knitting to take. I’ll be making that decision in about a month. Oh and I LOVE purple so pick me 🙂

  214. Courtney

    I am travelling right now, too! I also had a tough time deciding which WIP to bring with me. I ended up taking Brooklyn Tweed’s Juneberry, a lacy shawl. It’s in no way a “TV knitting” project so I keep having to unknit now and then. It was a lovely way to pass the 8-hour layOver in Paris.

  215. Lark

    Oh, gosh, those are beautiful socks! I almost always have a pair of socks on the needles these days. (Right now it’s a pair of mitts… in sock yarn.) They’re the perfect project to tuck into my purse.

  216. Adrianne

    Wonderful yarn! I always over pack in knitting and books. I’d hate to be bored when there’s free knitting time!

  217. Brandon Thomas

    Travel knitting is always a mystery to pick. Like everything else, I always overpack projects! I’m a pretty monogamous knitter myself, with usually just one or two projects on the needles, buut I always leave room to be swept up by something I find in a yarn shop when away.

  218. Mel

    On long trips I really wish I didn’t get motion sick… 🙁 Unless it’s plain stockinette, I can’t manage it. (Even on the ferry. The rocking! Ack.)

  219. Rose M

    I have never knit socks, nor ever won a contest. Maybe this contest will change both! Thanks for offering such wonderful prizes!

  220. Zoe

    This would’ve come in handy for my trip in August! Now I’ll know where to turn to before my next long trip. Thanks!

  221. Opal

    That’s a lot of knitting for a short trip! I generally just bring one project; usually a sweater or simple lace shawl. Something that I know I (probably) won’t finish before the end of the trip, but not so big that it takes up too much space in my luggage. (And if I do finish it, well…that’s just another excuse to find a local LYS, isn’t it?)
    I don’t generally like to bring anything complicated because even while I’m waiting in between legs of the journey I find I’m so exhausted by the whole thing (I can’t sleep on planes or trains or buses) that I can’t concentrate on anything too complicated.

  222. Sara D.

    I almost never leave the house without a sock in progress in my bag. Knitting has saved my sanity more than once when I’m waiting at the auto shop for repairs or when the family travels to meet my parents.

  223. Sara Longley

    always with the overpacking of knitting projects — I need at least one extra bag to hold them!

  224. Jackie

    I really love knitting socks and always have a pair going. I have never tried making anything fancy and would love to try making these. I love the colors, too. Please pick me. I am not all that experienced though. So, I hope your question isn’t too difficult.

  225. caroline

    I’m just so glad I’m not alone. My sig other laughs at my need to prep knitting projects for travel and vacation (yes, even to Mexico, though I wasn’t aloud to pack the needles on the plane ride home). But it really is the only way to keep me sane… And thanks so much for the opportunity to win more projects!!

  226. Laura M

    Oh lovely. I have to try socks again as the first and only pair I tried are still sitting almost finished.

  227. Anne

    I always keep a sock in my purse, even when I’m just going to work, because you never know when you might get a few minutes to work on it. I cam back from a meeting one day and the office was closed because of a fire alarm. I managed to get in a good 20minutes of knitting in my car while waiting for them to clear the building!

  228. Lisa Harrigan

    I love making scarves while traveling. And since I am a Science Fiction fan, they tend to be Doctor Who Scarfs. Bulky, but fun. And not a lot of thinking for “Knit, Change Colour”. And they are conversation starters. 😉
    My friends all love knitting socks though, so I suppose I need to learn. 😀

  229. iloveafarmer

    I love everything about this giveaway! The yarn, the pattern, and the story. Thanks for the opportunity!

  230. Kathy

    Love the travel idea. Going away for about a week soon. Thinking ahead myself about what I’m going to take for 4-5 days of driving. Socks! she says. Can’t have enough! And they pack so well. Too back I can’t win and have the yarn en point (so to speak) before I leave. Good luck to all! And thanks for a great site.

  231. BeadedLaceHoar

    Hmmm… I’ve been trying to decide what to take on the trip to P3. Socks? Lace? The Lisa Souza sock kit? That’d be cool. :^D

  232. Heather

    Sounds very much like the tough decisions my mom and I go through when we travel. LOL. Just recently got into socks, made a darling pair for my 4 yr old daughter who could hardly wait for me to finish them so she could wear ’em.

  233. Teresa

    I couldn’t agree more about travel knitting – that always takes longer to think about and pack than anything else! And if you make a mistake, it is the one thing that will cause the most grief. Those are fabulous socks!

  234. Nichole

    Hmm, I pretty much always carry socks around, sometimes several, depending on the complexity of the pattern. And I have a basic hat on the sticks at the moment which is good to keep in the car for those moments spent waiting at the bus stop or at school.

  235. Maureen

    I am heading on a two week cruise with my mother and am in need of much travel knitting I think. Suggestions?

  236. Laura

    So what do you do if you don’t want to work on one of the projects you brought? Are there emergency yarn stores available in the area? You must be completely prepared when you travel. 🙂

  237. Lesley

    I’ve got my own roughly 13-hour-a-direction flight coming up in about a month that I’m already planning my knitting for!

  238. Virginia

    These socks are great! Sometimes I dread going away for a weekend because I never know what I’ll feel like knitting and I usually have 6 projects on the go so it’s really hard to choose what to bring, but I do love knitting at the cabin. So socks or an ami are usually the best choices for me. You can NEVER hand enough socks or knitted aim’s on the go 😀

  239. Alanna Jane

    I totally feel your travel-knit decision pain!! I find that the mode of transportation also affects my decision … short dble-pointed knits when you will be squished in so that you don’t bash your neighbour’s arm every stitch, and nice long needles when you know that you will have more room!

    PS. I would love to win this prize on my birthday!!!!

  240. Kat

    I always have at least 3 projects going “for just such an emergency”. 🙂 What I call “commuter knitting” (something I can’t screw up in the dark on a bumpy bus ride), a longer term project that I can easily pick up after a hiatus or for TV knitting, and something small and portable but complex enough to keep me interested (usually socks or lace).

  241. Dee B

    Well, since purple is my favorite color, and just about everything I knit is purple, I’ve got to put my name in the hat for this drawing! BEAUTIFUL yarn!!!

  242. CaitlinW

    Actually ran out of projects when I was facing a travel stint from New Mexico to Amsterdam. Poor planning on my part, but a quick trip to a local yarn shop, and some downloaded glove patterns and I was set to go!

  243. Shoshana

    Ooooh those socks are gorgeous!!

    I can empathize with the travel knitting conundrums, I usually end up taking way too much yarn with me while I travel and almost always end up picking up more along the trip too.

  244. MarthaH

    Lisa is my all time fave indie dyer so I would love to win the kit. I love planning travel projects. Of course, I only ever complete a small percentage of what I pack.

  245. Jody

    I never thought about bringing more than one knitting project! I usually just bring one project and a few books to read.

  246. Samantha

    Oh my gosh, I really thought I was the only one that struggled with travel knitting! Great sock pattern and yarn!

  247. Candy

    I find that lace knitting it too much for me to do while traveling. But I’m pretty new at knitting lace. I have a short row scarf project I take with me for appointments because it’s garter or stockinette for 24 stitches. I can finish up a row pretty quickly and easily.

  248. Lorna

    Recently became addicted to sock knitting, travel was definitely part of the cause. And that yarn looks beautiful!

  249. Joan

    I love portable projects and socks are my favorite. I’m making baby socks right now for two Moms who are expecting. They are quick and VERY portable.

  250. Jen

    I’m leaving for a trip in a few days and have been thinking about car knitting for a week. It is so hard to choose! More so because we are hitting a fiber festival at the end of our trip. Must be able to justify it all to my hubby …

  251. JeanB

    Yes! Sock knitting is the perfect all purpose project for on the go knitting! The, as long as I have my headlamp I can knit at the movies too. I always pack too much, this summer it was the Emma socks…knee highs for my daughter.

  252. Kristin

    I always overplan too. So this summer I tried something different – instead of schlepping multiple projects back & forth to the cabin, I brought my current wip with me, & stashed a skein of sock yarn & pattern in a drawer up there.

    The Gratitude pattern is already in my Ravelry queue, & I’m looking forward to knitting it!

  253. Heidi

    I just traveled to Portugal and back from the Pacific Northwest – many many hours of flight/airport time. I brought lots of travel knitting too. Somehow didn’t finish any of it! That yarn and pattern is lovely!

  254. Joni

    I always end up packing way too much knitting for travel. I’m going to Haiti on a mission trip next week I knew I wouldn’t be able to take much so I planned a self-striping knee high socks project. I figured that would be enough knitting without worrying about running out.

  255. Luci

    Though the idea of answering a skill test question is a bit daunting for this novice knitter, I would dearly love to win the yarn and pattern. I don’t know how many times I’ll have to frog my start to get the pattern right, but it looks to be a worthy cause!

  256. Nicole Kent

    I ALWAYS take along way too many projects. You never know when you’ll have one of those days when nothing holds your attention.

  257. Caryl

    I have exactly the same problem even if I’m only going to my guy’s place for the weekend – which project do I work on this time…

  258. Debbie

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who needs several knitting projects when traveling. Not to mention a couple potential projects…and an emergency project…and…you understand!

  259. Kris

    it’s good to know that I’m not the only one who frets/plans/overcompensates/packs enough yarn/projects for ANY situation while traveling! 🙂

  260. lisa batton

    i stress over the knitting to be taken on a trip more than i do the shoes!!! Three projects for sure AND all the addresses and directions for the yarn stores in the area. some of the best knitting happens on the plane. take a book on tape for the long trips. that helps greatly.

  261. Maryanne

    I always pack way too many knitting projects, too! On recent trips, I’ve even visited a few LYSs, just in case…

  262. Megs

    Ha! I want my husband to read this so he realizes I’m not the only one that brings along so much knitting!

  263. amy lounsberry

    I love to decide what knitting to pack – I usually look for something with a lot of stockinette – something easy.

    amyknit40 on ravelry

  264. BarbaraR

    I always figure out my knitting projects before I even figure out what clothes I’m taking. And after being left sitting in a few airports for l-o-n-g delays, I’ve never regretted packing more than one project in my carry-on.

    And socks are the BEST for travel knitting, lots of knitting on thin yarn and they don’t take up much room!

  265. nikkapotamus

    I have the same dilemma! Only with me, it’s more like the thought of possibly running out of yarn at any moment when I am miles and miles from any possible source of fiber. So I always over-pack. And I very rarely ever need the emergency sock I stuck in at the last minute next to the tea bags and the underwear. But if I did have an emergency involving not enough sock yarn, I would so totally hope for some of that pretty purple Lisa Souza awaiting me next to my toothbrush. Which I forgot to pack.

  266. Karen

    I usually overpack knitting and books, but on a recent trip, I didn’t and ran out. It turned an ok trip into an awful one. Knitting keeps me sane!

  267. Stephanie

    I always pack several different projects to take with me and even keep an emergency knit kit (dish cloth pattern and yarn)in my car.

  268. gail

    I always end up packing way too many projects but always end up forgetting a huge piece of the project like the pattern or a single double point needle.

  269. Susan

    You prioritize your travel decisions in exactly the right way.
    I was once teased about bringing my knitting bag everywhere – he said it was my “security blanket.”
    Some people will never understand.
    But we all do.!

  270. Heather Tollander

    Socks, gloves and hats make for wonderful travel knitting for me, and not just for international travel. I like to take my knitting on the MAX light rail in Portland. It’s a great way to find other knitters!

  271. Jean Jambas

    I always take knitting with me but camping this summer, I had a knitting emergency. I reached into my bag and it was not the yarn I sought. Was hoping for the hand dyed from a friend so I could show her the project. It was alpaca and I didn’t have needles. A few frantic calls to knitting friends and a mad dash to the yarn store and I was all set.

  272. Marianna Brough

    I’ve been knitting baby socks; and, I received a copy of Melissa Morgan-Oakes’ Toe-Up Two-at-a-Time Socks. Now I’ve done it! sock knitting is my new obscession.

  273. Tina Melvin

    Socks are great on-the-go projects! Need to start another pair soon for a road trip coming up. Thanks for the reminder!

  274. Emily Radulescu

    Kinda wish I would have had this yarn and pattern the time I got stuck in the Frankfurt airport for 14 hours…

  275. ElizabethR

    I’m a little ashamed now… I just got back from a two week backpacking trip in Scotland and England and had no knitting with me. I was really low on space and was worried that my pretty bamboo needles would somehow get snapped. I stopped in every little yarn shop though and thought about what I could make and brag about how it was made with yarn from Scottish sheep, and I really missed my sweater that I was knitting. It would have been too bulky to bring though.

  276. Pat

    I completely understand. Usually I get so excited about the knitting and then at the last minute I panic, or I’ve waited too late. One silly person at the LYS said that there was no such thing as a knitting emergency. Silly woman. I also try to find a yarn shop where I am travelling just in case. Why aren’t there yarn shops at airports?

  277. Mary Lytle

    I felted a couple of 4×5(ish) bags that are just perfect to tuck a small project into and then throw those into my backpack. My yarn and needles stay perfectly protected from all the other random stuff I have jammed in there! Those Lisa Souza socks would look great in my felted bags!

  278. Kathy M

    At least three travel projects, even for relatively short car trips (one might get in a traffic jam!) and socks are ALWAYS one of the three… And totally agree with the many that determine the projects before any wardrobe considerations!

  279. Celestine

    I always pack too many projects whenever I travel. Even if it is a day trip I have at least 3 projects….;0)

  280. Shelley

    I totally agree with what you say about travel knitting! After running out of yarn while visiting my sister, I vowed never to let that happen again! : P

  281. Becca

    I always end up with three travel projects. One I can sink my teeth into, one pair of socks and an extra one in case I finish one of the first two. At least I know I’m not crazy! LOL

  282. Rebecca W.

    I have to have a project while traveling, as well, but I tend to stick with the mindless ones. I’ll pick a sweater that’s mostly stockinette but will still fit in my bag. It keeps my lap nice and warm on those freezing planes, too.

    The socks look beautiful. Thanks for the contest!

  283. Lisa in TX

    I wish I could get the base for the dark yarn dyed the lighter color. Just think of how that would shimmer…

  284. Miss Bunt

    My DH always asks “did you pack some yarn? You should bring a project” That is why 21 years later I wouldn’t trade him in for another model!

  285. Sara Lennertz

    I can relate to the difficulty of selecting travel projects. It appears that we have similar approaches to the process. Now, if I win the sock kits I’ll have to plan a trip on which to take them! 🙂

  286. Gwyn

    Oh my, those colorways… I swoon.

    Travel knitting is very important! I know the sock/shawl combination is one that many people swear by.

  287. Emme

    I always have at least 2 projects in my bag with me when I leave the house. Sometimes it’s one knit project and one crochet project, in case I get bored of knitting, or the other way around.

    I’ve had that particular shawl pattern on my queue for almost a year now, but I haven’t committed completely to knitting it. I think I’ll watch your progress to make up my mind.

  288. Brenna MacDonald

    I also hate picking out my knitting projects for trips, it takes so much more time than packing anything else! I recently discovered that for road trips, a simple fingering weight cardigan, like “tempest” from knitty, is peeeerfect for the car. And i work on lace shawls also when i need something more engaging.

  289. Oraxia

    Timely post, as I’ll be traveling in a month or so and am wondering what I could be knitting on the looooooong plane ride and potentially long train rides (on which I may be standing)!

    Lovely sock pattern, and I’m smitten with that deep shade of purple <3

  290. Katalin

    Pretty socks, not sure I could make them, might be a little challenging, but sure look like fun to try.

  291. Heidi

    Travel knitting is important but I make sure to pack a bit less than I will need so I “have” to check out a LYS. Travel yarn shopping is great, too!

  292. Amanda

    Socks rock for travelling. I usually plan on taking 2 balls of sock yarn with me depending on the length of trip. This year I made socks from yarn from a trip to memphis to wear on my trip to yellowstone and I started on more socks in yellowstone from yarn I got at yarn barn. i love travelling with sock projects you can usually fit one ball and needles into your purse

  293. Pam C

    Great prize. What an interesting cable pattern on the socks and such lovely yarn.
    I usually choose socks for travel knitting. Easy to pack and carry around.

  294. Abby

    I can relate! I’m packing for a trip right now and trying to balance each element that you describe- I always get in a panic about not bringing enough to do and end up with way too much!

  295. Beatrice

    I’m getting ready to fly from Kentucky to California in a couple of weeks for the wake of a dear friend who passed away last weekend. I’m already thinking about what knitting project to take with me! I’ve made a couple of pairs of socks so far, but none for myself!

  296. Caitlin

    Choosing projects for trips is always a dilemma, but socks are a perfect match every time. Love the pattern for the kit!

  297. Valorie

    Yes, socks are great travel projects, especially since I learned to do them on 2 circs. Loosing a dpn in the car is NOT fun!!

  298. Ninnawe

    Are we sisters separated at birth?
    I went through exactly the same thought processes while preparing for the long motorhome trip I am now on, tho I name my categories “mindless” and “must pay attention” knitting.

    What I did not count on, however, was the extraordinary Local Yarn Shops that I have visited on this journey. Suffice to say that I now have with me enough yarn for a 6-months worth of knitting.

  299. Eva wadoski

    Currently on the road in Vietnam- I have enough yarn packed for 3 pairs of socks. Hope it’s enough!!!!

  300. Rebecca

    Plain socks, dishcloths, hats and scarves are my favorite travel projects for shorter trips. If I have a few hours I like to do something a little harder such as patterned socks or a shawl.

  301. Cari

    Choosing travel knitting is always my first concern when I plan a trip. I have never underpacked knitting, but once I forgot to pack undies!

  302. Wilma Jenkins

    I can’t believe it. I’m 2 patterns past vanilla socks and was eyeing this pattern up when the latest issue came out. I hesitated as I have so much else in the go. I love the name the best tho because I am a Stage IV cancer survivor and I can use the reminder to be grateful. Every time I plant my feet above ground!

  303. Julia

    I always pack too much yarn for a trip; even a trip to the LYS for knit night!! Lisa’s generous prize is beautiful!

  304. Karen Lauterwasser

    Hi! Loved reading what you had to say about travel knitting. I need to pick out my travel project(s) for the 2,000 mile car trip to Chicago and back. It is always very hard to decide.

    Love the socks – purple being my favorite color and all. Just sayin…

  305. Julie

    Just gotten into sock knitting after years of sock yarn obsession–took 3 pairs in progress for a 4 day trip. Needless to say, I didn’t run out, but I am now sold that socks are the best travel knitting!

  306. Laura

    In the absence of a long-term shawl project, I’ve been zipping through sock projects (well, relatively…) this summer. Too bad a number of them are slated for gifts!

  307. Lisa

    Great post! Vanilla socks are my mindless knitting, too. Add cables and my mind is “engaged”. Love the prizes, count me in.

  308. Rachel

    Wow, what a timely post for me – I’m leaving day after tomorrow for a trip that will include a 12 hour (one way) car ride – I’m glad I’m not the only one thinking four projects sounds about right!

  309. Tia

    Socks are definitely the way to go when you can’t make up your mind. They go fast enough that you’re pleased to have them as your side project, and with a million possibilities for pattern exploration. Just started working on my first handspun socks.

    Love the light Souza socks!

  310. Mel

    Wow, I am so glad to know I’m not the only person with that problem when it comes to going somewhere! The last trip I took was a business trips dn I took two pairs of socks (one simple, one moderate complexity) and a sweater…and I don’t think I touched any knitting other than for a bit when our flight was delayed. However, the thought of not taking anything just freaked me out, and if I’d had room, all of my WIPS would’ve went with me! Oh, the anxiety of possibly needing something and not having it! Makes me crazed just thinking about it! Lol

  311. Carol

    Your vacay packing sounds so familiar! Sometimes even a long car ride needs as much contemplation of projects. And, as Cari posted above, sometimes underwear is forgotten, but not adequate knitting. 🙂

  312. Beth Rudo

    I love this sock pattern! The lovely yarn is just the icing on the cake. Looks like travel and/or gift knitting to me.

  313. lee schery

    The travel knitting project tsunami are a great idea! I usually take only one. And those socks and yarn are beautiful!
    Thank for all of the great ideas!

  314. Kelly

    I live in Australia and visit my family in the US, so I have A LOT of time to fill and I always agonize over what knitting to take when traveling. I, too, like to take a lace project as it helps me lose track of the time I’m sitting cramped into an airline seat.

  315. Teri

    I’m getting my projects ready for a weekend camping trip. We leave tomorrow – 1 1/2 hour drive and back on Sunday. Bringing a sweater project (auto pilot) and lace wrap (engaging project). You should see what I bring for a two week trip!

  316. Dale Storms

    Glad to know that I am not the only one who stresses over what knitting to pack. It is always the primary packing concern! Socks and lace are high on my list! 🙂

  317. susanna eve

    I carry travel knitting around all the time to do while my daughter is at dance class. Those are lovely looking socks. I also have a birthday coming up soon:)

  318. Maria Kiser

    I am a beginner and have grown to truly enjoyed knitting! It was very frustrating at times learning the techniques, but I think I have the basics down. I would love to win and be able to do these!

  319. Tracy

    I always take too many projects, but I’d rather take too many than run out. On a recent four-day trip I took my 8-pairs-of-socks-at-a-time project, a lace shawl, a sock yarn blanket and another shawl pattern and yarn to cast on. I also had a beading project and two novels.

  320. CAMB

    I usually take cotton yarn and make dishcloths or during the holiday season white or silver heavy thread and make snowflakes. I tend to give these away wherever I’m traveling to; as thank you gifts, etc. I keep my hands busy and people are really impressed with my little bits of knitting/crocheting.

  321. Erin

    I love the idea of lace as travel knitting: space conservation + hours of engaging knitting = perfect for travel. Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

  322. K.Bossmann

    I would be soooo grateful to be able to try one of these yarns! I love the pattern and it was in my queue to knit after the socks I am now knitting!

  323. Spinfoolish

    I only like to take circular projects when I travel. They are easy to pack, and take less fiddling, so it’s ussually lots of socks. I can’t imagine doing lace- I usually need a lot of quiet for that, and a big sofa!!!

  324. Andrea

    I can totally relate to the plan to pack knitting before anything else. My last road trip involving 18 hours of car time saw 4 travel knitting projects packed 3 days in advance and my underwear thrown into a suitcase the morning we left!! Your sock yarn is lovely!

  325. Lisa from w mass

    Wonderful socks, especially in purple! I can relate to packing travel knitting … and knitting for a work meeting (engaging enough to keep me going but straightforward enough so I can pay attention to the meeting!). With that in mind, I left the most current WIP at home, as it’s about to require some decision making, and started a very basic sweater … thus adding to the WIP list.

  326. Janet

    I love Meg Swansen’s lace shawls, I hope you post the finished piece. I would love to win the sock yarn kit this time.

  327. Ruth

    I took socks on vacation this year, with my Red Scarf Project scarf as backup. I used to over pack (too many projects), but finally learned that if I run out I can buy more.

  328. AriesKnitWit

    For my 2 week summer vacation, I always take yarn for several pairs of socks, a lace project and one or two other projects. Usually it’s too much, but last summer, my husband was hospitalized suddenly for a week at the end of our vacation. I finished 4 pairs of socks and did a good bit of knitting on my shawl. You can never have too much!

  329. Kat

    Those colors make me want to try that pattern. I’m just on my second sock pattern, though, so it may be a while.

  330. RichelleCK

    I get to be a guest coach at this weekend’s Duck football game (Lisa will understand!) and I’m even fussing about what knitting to bring as I stand along the sidelines, watching my favorite team play my favorite sport. Obsess much, eh?

  331. Faith

    I just got done explaining to a professor in one of my classes that I actually concentrate better while knitting. I worked on a simple ribbed sock while learning about how to counsel teenager drug addicts!~

  332. Rita Goshorn

    when i traveled, i knit sox, 3-4 pr. sox are always my favorites, but now, a new interest: shawls!
    that’s gorgeous yarn and a good looking pattern, and yes! i’d like to win!

  333. Ann

    I always have at least one pair of socks. Lately I’ve also had a shawl of some kind – I keep proclaiming that I don’t do lace, but somehow that’s not working out for me anymore…

  334. Laura

    Ooooo, purty! I love socks, but I tend to like more interesting patterns (like Gratitude), and I sometimes have trouble knitting on smaller needles in the car, so my auto-pilot projects are usually hats or sweater sleeves. I love looking down and realizing that I was so engrossed in the conversation that I’m almost done with a project!

  335. Michelle