WWW: Rhinebeck; Men Who Knit & The Dinosaurs They Knit For

We’re pleased to announce the winners of our Stitch Light contest:
Christina in New York, Paulette in Saskatchewan, Rachel in Texas, Michelle in Oregon and Carol in Connecticut. Thank you to Elizabeth at Stitch Light for the prizes!

Say hello to our sheepy friends!

Knitters around the north-east of North America are getting excited about the Dutchess County Sheep and Wool Festival this weekend, otherwise known as Rhinebeck. A major highlight of the knitters’ and spinners’ calendar, this annual festival is a feast of animals, fiber, yarn, knitting goodies – and food! The weather promises to be lovely this year, and the leaves are wearing their fabulous fall colors.

Full of tech editor-y wisdom...

Knitty tech editor Kate will be at Rhinebeck , in the Cooperative Press booth, talking about her upcoming book, “Beyond Knit and Purl“!

The book is designed to help knitters grow from being confident with their needles to being confident wioth patterns. In it, key questions are answered, e.g.: “What’s ease”, “What does it mean when it says to decrease evenly across?”, “What skills do I need to knit socks?”, and “what’s the big deal about not twisting the round?” Visit the Cooperative Press website for more info and to pre-order.

If you’re there, stop by to say hello!

Local celebrities are joining the effort

A group of knitters in Indianapolis, led by the owner of Broad Ripple Knits, is knitting a giant scarf  for a local dinosaur to wear during the February Superbowl festivities.  The scarf is being knitted with 3/8” braided blue and white rope and using broomsticks as needles.

Yvonne the dinosaur is a statue at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum, and she’ll proudly wear the scarf throughout the Superbowl festivities. Knitters are also creating scarves to be given to volunteers who are helping out with all the celebrations in the city that week.

The Independent in the UK reports some shocking! news: men knit. And they find it relaxing!

And a male staff writer at the New York Daily News reports the same news: knitting is fun and relaxing. Welcome to the fold!

Police in Launceston, UK, reports that they have “no plans to hunt down the culprit” responsible for a recent yarn-bombing incident.

A radio show in Brisbane, Australia, reports on an initiative to knit “pockets” for baby possums.

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4 thoughts on “WWW: Rhinebeck; Men Who Knit & The Dinosaurs They Knit For

  1. Pilaar

    Congrats to the light winners, and thanks to Knitty and all the great companies who “gift” via Knitty!

  2. Michelle

    Surely everyone heard my “SQUEEE” when I got the email telling me that I’d won one of these wonderful lights! I drooled over them at Sock Summit, so I am THRILLED!!!

  3. Di

    Small correction to the Dino story. Hoosier knitters have knit over the 8000 scarves requested, not 800. I know it wasn’t your story, but 8000 handmade knitted or crocheted scarves is AWESOME! I am proud to be one of them!

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