Knitting Mondays: Gift Knitting and a Flügel Giveaway

It’s Jillian with a bit of knitting.

We got a new a roof for our house this fall so I am knitting quite a few gifts for winter birthdays and various holidays.

Here’s what I’ve done so far:

Briar Rose infinity scarf

I knit a long (80″) infinity scarf for a friend for her birthday. I used Briar Rose Charity, doubled.


Tweedy Hat

This hat and I have had many words. It’s an easy pattern, a cable rib, but it took me four tries to get it right. Now it’s going to be a hard gift to giveaway.

I’ve still got mittens, 3 scarves, a pair of socks and 4 more hats to knit. Go knitter go!

What are you knitting for gifts this winter?


Do you want to knit a sweater this winter? How about Flügel from our current issue?

The generous folks at Blue Sky Alpacas  have donated a Techno yarn pack for Flügel for a giveaway. If you’d like to see this sweater on your needles, this giveaway is for you. Prize Value $138 – $253. One lucky knitter will win this prize.


The usual rules apply for our giveaway: Leave a comment on this post before midnight, eastern time, on Sunday, November 27, 2011. A comment will be chosen at random to answer a skill testing question. If s/he answers correctly s/he will win our prize.


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Jillian is the​ author of the best-selling spinning book Yarnitecture. She is the editor​ of Knittyspin and Developmental Editor for PLY and PLY Books. She kinda loves this spinning thing and wants everyone who spins to love it too, so she teaches and writes a lot. She knits, weaves, and stitches and tries to do as much of it as she can with handspun yarn. She's always cooking up all kinds of exciting and creative things combining fiber arts. She likes her mysteries British, her walks woodsy, and to spend as much time as she can laughing. Spy on her on her website

787 thoughts on “Knitting Mondays: Gift Knitting and a Flügel Giveaway

  1. Anne Dixon-Mahatoo

    Christmas knitting is almost done. Just one more pair of socks and some felted slippers.

    Flügel would look just wonderful on my needles.

    Merry Christmas to all!

  2. Shay

    I’m working on a Hitchhiker scarf for my spouse. 🙂

    Mm, alpaca. I bet that would make a snuggly sweater!

  3. Carol

    My dad passed away just before last Christmas and my Mom is having a hard time. They had been married for almost 70 years! So, everyone in the family is knitting a 10 inch square, in whatever design (worsted weight, neutral colors) and I’m going to put it all together for a great big afghan to keep her wrapped up in the family every night! I’m trying to think of the best way to join the squares – they probably will not all be exactly 10 inches! Any ideas would be welcomed.

  4. Kristy

    Christmas knitting: a sweater for my sister (almost done!), a blanket for my grandma (almost done!) and…something…for each of my parents (not almost done!) all on top of being a college student. The next few weeks will be busy 🙂

    Flugel is beautiful…could definitely use a contest win for some me-knitting this January!

  5. Cecile

    The description of the Techno yarn is so intriguing! And Flugel looks like such a cosy cool but oh so warm knit. Another great giveaway!

  6. Jennifer

    I’m working on Pretty Things (i think thats the name of it ) for my MIL. Most of my knitting this year is for ME

  7. Carol H.

    count me in! This is my year for sweater knitting. I am half way done with my 10th one in the past 12 months. Would love to start next year with this one!

    I only plan to knit 3 pairs of kid mittens for this Christmas. Too busy knitting for myself. Oh yeah, I need to do a pair of mittens foe myself to match the hat I made in August!

  8. Michelle B

    Thanks for the give-away! I’m about to seam my very first sweater, so my needles are empty and in need.

  9. Duncks

    I am LOVING Flugel! It looks very much like a STST version of what I refer to as my “Perfect Sweater.” I’d love a PS in Techno. 🙂

  10. Birgit

    Ohhhh… how beautiful! What an amazing giveaway! My xmas knitting for others is done actually and already shipped overseas. I made two circular vests for a friend and my sister. Now I am knitting just for my greedy self! LOL

  11. Camilla

    I’d love to knit with techno- so far I haven’t seen it at the lys, and a sweater quantity is definitely out of my budget. That would be a great christmas gift to me!

  12. Jamie Wang

    I have finished a Moderne Log Cabin for my brother and his new wife plus a few yet to be assigned items (a feather and fan scarf in alpaca/silk, a cowl and matching mitts). I have a scarf in Ultra Alpaca Light planned for my nephew, but haven’t thought too far beyond that.

    The Flugel is lovely, by the way, and in such a great color!

  13. Cynthia C

    I haven’t gotten my hands on any Techno yet. No LYS in my area of the country carries Blue Sky Alpaca yarns. 🙁 This looks like a great giveaway.

  14. Carol

    I am intrigued by the Techno yarn – read 2 reviews so far. Would prefer a different colour than the Knitty knit pretty please!

  15. Sam

    I’ve made mittens for two of my nieces, an earwarmer for one of them. I’ll be working on the second one soon. I hat and booties for my youngest nephew (4 months!). A hat for the older nephew, and hats for my other two nieces. I also made a mobius cowl for my bf’s mom.

    That will probably be it…we’ll see!

  16. Bonnie

    Wow! What a great giveaway. I’d be honored. I thought I was finished with Christmas knitting, but more things keep getting added to the list…

  17. Sheila

    What a simple, wearable sweater! Can I ask for either the lounge purple or the atomic green colorway? Okay, all the colors of Techno are gorgeous, but those are the two I really want a sweater out of.

  18. Seanna Lea

    Flugel is a pretty awesome sweater for layering.

    I’m knitting a shawl (for my MIL) for Christmas, but I’m hoping to get it done early enough to start and finish a shawl for my SIL. I’m pretty sure that I’m not doing any other knitting, though I am making cookies for gifts for nearly everybody.

  19. Gina in the SF East Bay

    Ah, yes! New roof – empty wallet. We replaced our roof last fall, and many, many people got gifts made from yarn found deep in the stash. The stash could definitely use a boost after paying off that roof.

  20. Melody

    What a great sweater. Hannah Fettig is one of my favorite designers! I think half my que on Ravlery is made up of her designs or has been at one time or another. I love it!

  21. Jennifer Dais

    *sighs blissfully of the Flugel* The world is a much better place because someone thought of blowing alpaca into a silk tube….*sigh*

  22. Dana

    I am making felted slippers for my kids’ teachers and for three family members. I’ve also made two hats to give to a family my homeroom class is sponsoring, and I have three or four items in my gift bin that I could give to a worthy recipient.

  23. Sarah

    I have been knitting mittens for teachers, cowl for friends, and I hope to knock out a pair of socks for gifting before Christmas as well. It would be great to win the yarn for that sweater…a classic design. My fingers are crossed!

  24. tiffanie

    The tweedy hat and infinity scarf are lovely. So is Flugel. Thanks for sharing these ideas and for the giveaway.

  25. allison

    I’ve got a couple of small gifts done (hats, a baby sweater), but I am hoping to make some mittens out of silk hankies… we’ll see how that goes!
    What a beautiful sweater! Thanks for the contest!

  26. Merna

    Great sweater! When I started knitting years ago, a sweater was my first project. Now I’ve moved into scarves — a little backwards I guess, but sweaters are still satisfying projects.

  27. Nicki

    I’ve made three cowls and five pairs of socks so far for holiday gifts, and have a pair of socks and a sweater to finish (80% complete) to go.

    I’d Love to knit the Flugel for me! I’ve got my fingers crossed!

  28. Jennifer B

    This is the project that I first chose to queue from the recent edition but couldn’t find the yarn!!

  29. Whitney

    That looks comfy.

    I’m trying to knit a sweater for my mother but because it is a very elaborate cable pattern in a small gauge I’ve given up on finishing it by Christmas. I’m considering stopping in order to do a couple quick pairs of socks for my brother and sister-in-law, who are about to move to England.

  30. Jennifer

    I am almost done my gift knitting. Just have hubby’s things left, and must knit them out of his view so it’s been tricky. I have plenty of time to knit flugel 🙂

  31. Mel

    I’ve made 3 pairs of mitts, one incognito with another on the way, and I might be ambitious enough to make myself a sweater by the new year. Maybe.

  32. Lisa

    I’d been eyeing Flugel! I’ve been doing more knitting for the baby on the way than for gifts this year, but my husband’s Fuzzy Feet have been worn almost to nothing, so he’ll be getting a new pair…

  33. Chelsea

    Oh many, holiday knitting: shawl, felted mittens, 2 pairs leg warmers, 2 plain jane hats, one color work & double knit hat (my dad is specific!), socks for size 11.5 feet. I think that’s about all.

    A friend of mine saw Flugel and adored it. It would be a great surprise to be able to knit it for her 🙂

  34. Cathy Bayliss

    Never-ending small things for family! I’ve had enough. That Flugel sweater would be a nice after Christmas antidote.

  35. Sarah

    Good luck with the Christmas knitting all. I am knitting and weaving scarves for the Special Olympics Canada Winter Games in February, and want to have 4 or 5 done by January, and I have a couple of secret projects on the go for my husband. The scarf is complete, one sock is complete, but I have yet to start the latest vintage ice hockey sweater he’s asked for (1909 Montreal Wanderers). Would love to make a sweater for myself after that’s all done!

  36. Kara

    I would *love* to win this. All my ‘fun money’ from now until the first of the year is being devoted to buying gifts so that leaves no room for yarn buying. I would love to have a warm, soft alpaca sweater.

  37. Elizabeth

    Lovely! I’m trying to finish a friend’s sweater this week because I want to make her a hat for Christmas too…it’s so hard to knit for people who aren’t me, I wonder if I’m the only one with this problem.

  38. Sue James

    I’ve knit 2 pairs of socks and working on 14 washcloths (they’ll go with a fancy soap) and a hat & scarf set…….plus 2 Rudolph hats for some friends grandsons……so not too much this year. Jillian, you better knit knit knit! you’ve got a long list there!

  39. Abby

    What a great pattern! And I’ve been itching to try out Techno. It’ll be nice to knit something big for myself after I finish the holiday hats I’m working on for gifts :).

  40. Lisa Barrett

    I would love to try BSA’s Techno. It seems I’m reading glowing reviews about it everywhere! Thank you for the generous giveaway.

  41. StaceyD

    Ooh… So cool. I’d love to try Techno and Flugel is exactly my style. I’m making a silk scarf for my MIL for Christmas. She’s a fabulous knitter so there’s some motivation to wow her.

  42. KateMc

    Would like to challenge myself with this project. It looks easy and the yarn has some beautiful colors!

  43. Anna

    I’ve got a scarf with reversible cables on the needles for a gift this Christmas. There’s a pair of socks that needs to be re-cast on because the first pattern wasn’t working. Gift knitting’s always an interesting thing to do for me…sometimes I feel more or less motivated to do it because there are almost always other things I’d rather be making.

  44. Mel

    Oo! I bought a skein just to try it out – it’s really squishy! I’d love a sweaters’ worth, please!

  45. BeckyJ

    That is a lovely sweater and the yarn is wonderful. Great giveaway! 🙂

    I have a sock monkey, three hats and a scarf to finish up. Not to bad, but it’s still going to be close.

  46. Bonnie

    I am caking some yarn for two projects – a pair of Fetching fingerless mitts for my sis and a short, manly scarf for her husband.

    I would love to make a flugel. Looks like a great wear-a-lot sweater.

  47. Lisha Collins

    Just my kind of sweater. I have never made a sweater and have it on my list. I think I should be the winner!!!! Pick me please.

  48. Mary

    I can really relate to your feelings about the hat. After struggling through a few patterns I always want to hold on to the finished project. Maybe even tack it to the wall as a trophy.

  49. Loretta

    I’ve heard good things about Techno yarn – I’d love to try it! My knitted gift list has 2 baby sweaters and a baby hat, a Christmas stocking, an infinity scarf, and washcloths – and all I’ve started so far are the washcloths.

  50. turtle

    oooh! pretty! 🙂 I still have some knitting for the holiday to do but am kind of stuck with getting things ready for a craft fair 12-3, but i am getting some little things done for gifts too! 🙂 Would love to treat myself to the above sweater!

  51. Savannagal

    I’d love to knit that sweater for a friend of mine. Thanks for the giveaway. Happy Thanksgiving!

  52. Erin

    I’ve been hearing a lot about Techno lately, would love to give it a try, especially in such as cozy looking sweater! 🙂

  53. Chandra

    I want that techno yarn sooo bad. And I have got to get that Briar Rose pattern. I’m not usually a scarf knitter but that looks too pretty to pass up. 🙂

  54. Rebecca M

    I have to knit for a craft fair, then knit for gifts (though I really have no idea what people are getting yet) and then I cannot wait to knit a sweater for ME in fluffy warm alapaca!

  55. flossie

    ack! flugel is the first project I want to make from that knitty issue! I’ve been so busy with gift knitting, I hven’t had time to make a thing for myself.

  56. Cyndi

    I have knit a hat for a BIL but that is as far as I have gotten. Would love to win & make a sweater for myself!

  57. april

    Your knitted gifts look nice. I am doing the same thing , knitting things to give away….sometimes its so hard to part with some pretty that i just finished.

  58. Sandy

    I am just finishing up a Barn Raising Quilt for my husband’s granddaughter’s 4th birthday at the beginning of December. I may knit my mother-in-law some socks for her birthday. No plans for Christmas knitting, though.

  59. Cindy

    I’ve been thinking of tackling a sweater project this winter (after all my holiday knitting is finished, of course). This looks like something easy for a first sweater, and I love Blue Sky Alpacas yarn.

  60. Irene T

    Awesome giveaway. As for pressies, I’ve knitted a cowl, and 2 pairs of socks. I’m thinking a pair of Fair Isle mittens next, and another pair of socks.

  61. Judy

    I’ve admired this sweater since you started teasing us with the contest!
    Lovely…and I think I could do it!

  62. Megan

    I could always use a little encouragement to start a bigger project like a sweater, and what a lovely sweater it is! I’d love to have it on my needles.

  63. Carolyn

    I was just thinking that I’d like to do a simple, basic sweater, and Flugel is perfect! Thanks for another great giveaway.

  64. alison

    I’m not knitting lots of gifts but I have two pairs of bedsocks already made to give out. I think that will be my lot this year. It’s too stressful knitting christmas gifts for everyone imo.

    Good luck finishing your gifts 🙂

  65. Elizabeth

    I am skipping knitted gifts this year, although, I’ll probably change my mind and get started on a bunch of things at the last minute like a crazy person because I can’t bear a year to go by without knitted gifts!

  66. Tisha

    I love alpaca, but I haven’t had the pleasure of knitting with Blue Sky yet. Nor have I knit a sweater yet…a good combination for a first sweater, I think!

  67. Christine

    Now that’s a sweater! It would be a toss up if I would knit that for myself or as a gift for a special friend.

  68. leann

    I’ve already made that sweater a favorite on Ravelry. And if I don’t have to buy the yarn- then I won’t be breaking my vow to knit from stash. That would be very very convenient….

  69. Cynthia K-R in Canada

    I love this sweater, and a wonderful giveaway too! Would be so great to win, since I just finished my very first sweater.

  70. Kathy

    Heavens I am kind of afraid to comment because I do not know if I could answer a skill question but since I rarely win anything, why not?

    Good luck with your Chistmas knitting. My Christmas knitting will be a pair of heavy socks for my husband.

  71. jtlhmmwabodf

    ooh, i’ve been trying to find a sweater i like enough to put the time into knitting it. this one looks great 🙂

  72. Linda S

    I’d love to knit w/Blue Sky yarn–for the holidays I’m making a couple of scarfs & a beaded knit necklace. Maybe more if there’s time . . .

  73. Amanda

    I’m making mostly hats, gloves, and scarves for the holidays, but I’m also churning out dishcloths for pairing with some soap for “surprise” gifts.

  74. Ashley W

    Ooh, I would love to make this sweater. I’m finishing up one for my husband right now, so it’s my turn!

  75. Robin F.

    My middle DD would love for me to knit that sweater for her. She fav’d it when I was browing the new issue.

  76. Jasmine

    Lovely wool – I had a look at all the gorgeoous colours, it would be difficult to pick one. Maybe I could make it Fair Isle…(keeping fingers crossed I get picked!).
    Thank you for the opportunity, Jasmine in Oz

  77. mary

    yesssss, techno!! OMG, i might have to do this thing up in garish stripes, if i win! the cropped style kinda calls for it, already.

  78. Pilaar

    I would love to be able to knit that sweater up for my daughter, it’s beautiful! And since you asked, I have just finished up the Clasica coat from Interweave’s Fall 09 for me, lol, and have 2 Irish hiking caps, 2 striped toques, 2 scarves and a pillow cover done for gifts. Just want to knock of a pair of 2 colour gauntlets for my daughter and then “cast” about for something else to work on 🙂

  79. susan

    This sweater is on my ‘knit-for-me-after-Christmas’ list and it would be just sooooo awesome to win the yarn for it! Thanks for the chance!

  80. Kate

    How about instead of knitting it for someone else for xmas, it can be my after-xmas gift to myself?? pretty please?

  81. kathy b

    Im knitting cowls for giflts…..yesterday someone who I gave a gorgeous pair of fingerless mitts to last year, told me she THINKS she gave them to her daughter…ugh. No more gifts for people who may not appreciate the labor intensive love that goes into them… I’d love to win the prize

  82. Nikki (vegimama)

    Beautiful sweater!! =)
    I am only knitting one pair of chunky socks for a gift this year – my family is not the best receivers of knitwear, especially since most of them live in the desert!

  83. Shanna P

    I would love to have that yarn on my needles and I’ve already marked the pattern as one that would look great in my wardrobe.

  84. Josiane

    I would love to have the yarn to knit Flügel! That sweater looks so cosy – exactly what I need as it’s getting chillier and chillier around here…

  85. stella

    I am a total sucker for random technology and knitable tech is the best. I’m super curious about techno and a bulky sweater that doesn’t totally weight itself down.

  86. Veronica

    Gift knitting! Yikes! Yeah, I signed myself up for a pair of socks or two… and some other stuff… after I swore up and down “never again!” But it’s still fun and I try not to make myself too crazy with deadlines.

    Techno is scrumptious stuff. Whoever wins will really enjoy it!

  87. Brandi

    Great scarf I do love that pattern. I’ve had projects like your hat that I either couldn’t wait to get rid of or couldn’t bear to get rid of. There is no rhyme or reason to it.

  88. Rose Kelly

    What a great looking yarn for this sweater! Won’t be done in time but if I win I promise to start right away!!!

  89. Sara L

    I’m knitting half-finger gloves with mitten flaps that pull over the fingers for my photographer relations. I’d love to knit this sweater as a late gift for myself!

  90. Beth

    I’m about three-fourths of the way through an afghan for a Christmas gift for my son, but would rather be knitting this sweater for me.

  91. Polly

    Yum! I’m knitting socks and a scarf for Xmas presents, already having finished a cowl and fingerless gloves!

  92. Tina Melvin

    I want to knit this just so I can turn “Flugel” into a verb/adj. “oh, you totally flugeled that!” or “I gotta get the flugel outta here!”

  93. Terri

    Wowsers! I remember when that yarn came out… the description looked absolutely fabulous. Then I saw the price… sigh. Would love to win some!

  94. Amanda

    Lovely! Fugel would make a great Christmas gift for my sister… but I have to admit I probably couldn’t get it knit that fast. I’d like the chance to try, though!

  95. Katie

    WhenI read about the yarn in the knitty description it sounded so intriguing! I’d LOVE to give this sweater a go!

  96. Sandi

    So far I have 3 Noro SG Scarves with beanies to match, a grey moss stitch cowl with a hat to match, 4 kid’s hats, a Sari yarn cowl a skull & crossbones Anti-Santa hat, and an infinity scarf made. Only 2 hats, 1 mitten and a purse to go! I’m going to make it this year!

  97. Sarah

    Here are two random comments:
    1) Make sure you have a disaster kit in your house that has food and water for three days.
    2) Never buy medicine from a website unless it has a VIPPS seal.

  98. 734elizabeths

    And the music you would want to listen to while knitting this sweater? Why, something with the flugelhorn, of course.

  99. Caroline

    I have been dreaming of this sweater since I first laid eyes on it. I can’t afford that much Techno, however.

    Winning this would be my Christmas Miracle.

  100. Malin

    I’ve been thinking about making a sweater like this!

    As a rule I don’t do deadline knitting. I just give the things when they happen to be done, no pressure 🙂

  101. Hiroko Folkmann Drost

    Oh I’d love to try the Blue Sky alpaca, it is hard to get out here in the countryside here in Denmark where I live.

  102. db

    I knit a hat and am working on a scarf for christmass and I´d love to work with that fabulous looking yarn.

  103. d

    I have rather humble plans for handmade Christmas gifts this year, just a handspun cowl for my mum, and some handspun yarn for a knitting friend.

    The description of the Techno yarn sounds amazing! Never heard of something similar. I’d love to get my hands on some, just to see how it feels – I’d absolutely buy a skein.

  104. Helen

    I don’t gift very often – mostly as I leave it too late and I’m far too lazy! One day I’ll plan and get it sorted 🙂

  105. Alison

    What a generous giveaway! I’ve been knitting for Christmas since the summer. Hopefully I’ll be finished in time this year 🙂

  106. Emily M

    been knitting gift this year as well, sadly since we are down in Texas I’m sticking to mostly household items instead of ‘stay warm’ accessories.

  107. Ginny

    What a yummy giveaway! I have mostly mittens to make for family but some of them are in fingering weigh which I guess is what that yarn should be used for, right?

  108. Emily

    My Christmas knitting includes 3 scarves, 2 hats, and a shawl. I can see the finish line on the last 2 scarves which means I’m knitting something just for me next!!! (Maybe a Flugel sweater…)

  109. Maryanne

    I have a tubular scarf on the needles done out of thin Shetland wool. I’m about half way done, so only 3 more feet to go, woot!

  110. Deana

    I’m nearing the finish line on giftmas knitting, just 1.5 hats to go. This after 2 pairs of socks, 3 other hats, a smoke ring, and the never-ending scarf from hell!

  111. Sara

    I adore Blue Sky Alpacas yarn! I’ve used their alpaca/silk and their cotton before, and would love to try another variety…

  112. Norah

    I’d love nice, new yarn to knit a new seater with. Currently I’m knitting two fluffy santa hats for my twin girls. It will be their first Christmas!

  113. Renee Cook

    Now that is a sweater I could get into. It looks so comfy. And I love your cable ribbed hat and the infinity scarf. Great yarn and colors!

  114. Meg

    Fah Christmas, I’m knitting for myself. Not really, and your Infinity Scarf gives me une bon idee for my sister in law (I don’t know that one in French-C’est la vie- “la vie”)

  115. Carol

    This is a lovely sweater. I am working on knitted gifts as well for family this upcoming Christmas holiday.

  116. Victoria

    I cast on last week for a Christmas sweater for my husband, first time trying a top down project & I love it!
    This Flugel is a beautiful sweater, I’d love to have a chance to knit it.

  117. Donna

    Everyone in my family always gets socks as a ‘sock present,’ and the grandbabies are getting mittens too. My daughter would love a Flugel!

  118. elizabeth

    sweater almost finished for a gift, two hats to start and finish, Techno yarn- alpaca, merino and silk, what a beautiful hand and drape. This one would be for me.

  119. Natalie

    Count me in – I noticed when knitty came out there was going to be a draw for the yarn pack but had forgotten – nice surprise today!!

  120. Mary

    I’m not knitting many gifts this year – sewing is faster and less invested. I would love this sweater for my Christmas gift though.

  121. Melanie

    Mittens, fingerless gloves, a felted backpack, a few cowls, some christmas balls for my work buddies,& a vest for my honey That sweater would be a nice break! Oh and the Yarn…YUM

  122. Kia

    I’ve been dreaming of knitting this sweater for weeks now! Would love to knit something for myself after the Christmas present knitting madness. 🙂

  123. jltrask

    Oh! This looks like a do-able sweater for me! Or maybe for one of my daughters, or grand-daughter, or niece… It looks like it would work for a lot of people! And, I’d get to knit it, too!

  124. Heidi

    I love this entry and I’d love to win Flugel !! Thanks for letting us know that there are others out there who knit for gift giving — especially having such an expense as a new roof! Keep warm (and dry)!

  125. Karen

    I think I can, I think I can- I’ve got to finish a sweater and a doily, knit a hoodie pullover, a pair of socks, and a scarf. A Techno yarn pack would be nice for after the holidays!

  126. Michelle

    Wonderful job on your gift knitting, I’ve only just started mine, made a great pair of duffers that I’m going to work on felting today.

  127. Kate B

    I’m limiting the knitted gifts this winter to a sweater for my soon to be 6 month old niece and socks for my husband. That sweater looks great – would love to win the kit.

  128. Jenny

    I’m in sweater mode right now! I want to Knit.ALL.The.Sweaters! But I’m also doing some Christmas crafting, a few of which are almost done, but most just barely started or need to be started. I have lots on my list, but it won’t hit me til next month which ones are “expecting to make” and which ones are “reality of what I’ll actually make.”

  129. Meg

    I’ve got 4 hats, 3 sets of mittens, and a pair of longies to finish before Christmas – unless I decide on something more. Also, a messenger bag to sew.

    I’ve been dying to try that beautiful yarn…thanks for the give away!

  130. Fei Fei

    I have a hat and scarf set I am making for a friend, as well as a second sock (why, why, why?) But I’d add on a Flugel if given the chance 🙂

  131. krystina

    Everyone is getting something knit or sewn for Christmas. I’m making tons of French Press slippers and simple dishcloths to go with hand-made soaps for teachers.

  132. Wapi

    Ohhh, I’d love to knit this awesome sweater.
    Until christmas I need to finish 1 sweater (50% done) and 1 pair of socks.

  133. heather

    Such a cute sweater! I would love to win this kit. I don’t currently have any gift-knitting plans for the holidays, but I might squeeze in a scarf or two if I have time!

  134. Heather O'Connell

    I’m knitting a sweater. But not just any sweater! A sweater for my man…. a man-sweater. But wait! A man size 2X sweater. It’s huge! Don’t ask why I’m basically knitting using fingering weight (sigh). Happy holiday!

  135. suzalele

    A mobius for my eldest daughter in SanDiego. Cotton Chenille (hate it, but she loves it and i coldn’t say no!) The sweater is the bomb, my needles would love to knit it up!

  136. Maureen

    I’m really hoping to finish the sweater I started for my mom LAST year. She’ll be really surprised if she gets it!

  137. Lyssa

    your hat is fab, even if it took you a bunch of tries. still awesome!

    (and yes, the contest is lovely too, thanks)

  138. Shannon

    For some reason this sweater calls to mind Flashdance. I used to LOVE the dance scenes from that movie. I am not sure why, maybe my cables are just crossed somewhere.

  139. Leticia

    I’m not even going to try to hide it: I am dying to try Techno! I’ve been hinting at the hubster that I want a BSA kit BADLY and been looking for excuses to treat myself to it, even though I have an enormous stash. Me please!!!

  140. sue

    i’m knitting a few christmas presents. my brother doesn’t want us spending money on him for christmas, so he’s getting mittens and/or a hat for christmas. also, i knit a scarf for a friend last christmas, and i have a bunch of yarn leftover from that, so she’s getting a matching hat this year.

  141. Karen

    I’ve been anxious to try this new yarn from Blue Sky Alpaca–is there any yarn they make that isn’t great?

  142. Jo-ann

    My Christmas Knitting list equals 3 sheep for a Christmas crib and the manger for baby Jesus (incomplete from LAST Christmas) + one more graduation amigurumi and a knitted teacup for a grad pressie for someone graduating university on the 20th December.

    Pick me please.

  143. Becca

    It is a lovely sweater – its on my list to do already! That combined with the perfect yarn, wonderful.

  144. Tamar

    It’s been so long since I’ve been able to knit a sweater! I can never afford enough yarn at once. I’m thankful for the chance to win this! What a comfy looking pattern.

  145. Chevas Hefflinger

    wow! that is awesome! have been out of the sweater loop for a while……would be perfect to get me back into the groove!

  146. Knittyasana

    Aahh, Wings of Desire…..Over Juneau, Alaska.
    Flugel über Juneau?
    With this sweater I might make it!

  147. Amy

    I still have a hat to make for a coworker (all 10 other team member gift hats are done!) Then socks for myself and a baby shower gift for January – I would love to make this sweater!

  148. Knittaroo

    The Briar Rose infinity scarf turned out really pretty!
    Techno sounds like pretty much the most luxurious yarn on the planet… mmm, alpaca and silk and merino…

  149. Karen Berger

    Your friend is lucky to receive such a nice scarf….
    Please enter my name in the give-away.

  150. Elizabeth

    Terrific giveaway.
    This Christmas I am knitting cowls, cowls and more cowls. I have also begun a pair of 2-at-a-time toe up socks and a fair isle ear flap hat. Knit faster, knit faster.

  151. Abbie

    I am totally going to knit myself a sweater this winter. Awesome Sauce giveaway and Flugel is such an cool word!

  152. angela

    I’m planning to knit a Flugel already, but looking for yarn subs because the Techno, while lovely, it over my budget. I’d love it if that problem just solved itself in this giveaway! Thanks for the shot!

  153. Lin

    What’s the secret of leaving a comment that stands out from the pack? I wish I knew. It’s a bat-wing kind of season.

  154. Annette

    Beautiful yarn in gorgeous colors – Lounge Purple, Cha-Cha Red, Aquarius – I want them all. Sounds like the perfect snuggle yarn.

  155. Carol L

    I’ve never knit a sweater and this would be a great one to start with…especially since the yarn is so lovely

  156. Sara

    Just finalized the long list of christmas projects for various members of the family. Mittens, scarves, hats, acessories, and a baby sweater. It would be great to have a sweater for myself to look forward to!

  157. Jenink

    I’d love to give techno a try- such a unique yarn and not carried by any LYS that I know of anywhere vaguely in my vicinity.

  158. danielle

    TOTALLY in love with that infinity scarf – any link to the pattern? The sweater kit would be lovely to win…..I like the classic lines of the sweater.

  159. Cay Kend

    Beautiful yarn! Hope I win it 😉 Also love the tweedy hat. If it was mine, I wouldn’t give it away!!!

  160. Shannan

    What a cozy looking sweater! Would love to knit it for myself as a gift for getting through the holidays in one piece.

  161. Abi

    It IS always hard to give away something you worked really hard to get right. Maybe you can make another one for yourself. And it’ll be easier and go faster since you already learned the pattern.

  162. ikkinlala

    I’m curious about the Techno yarn – it’s an interesting idea, and I’ve never used anything like it before.

  163. Lisa Riseman

    Pretty sweater and I just love how soft alpaca yarn it. Now if I will only be able to answer a question if I am chose!

  164. shelley

    Oh, I quite liked flugel when I saw it. I would love to win that prize. Thanks to Blue Sky Alpacas and Knitty!

  165. Christine

    Loving your blog…inspired ton resume spinning! The Flugel sweater would be flattering on everyone.

  166. Sarah

    What a beautiful set of items! Thank you to the amazing folks of Blue Sky Alpacas! My fingers are crossed I’m selected!

  167. Sandy Couzens

    I just found your web site today, and then to find the great contest was exciting. I’m just learning how to knit and I’m already hooked.

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