WWW: Black Friday Sales; Save Calmer!; The ‘Delit Maille’

This Friday in the US, the day after the Thanksgiving holiday, is traditionally a day of big sales – the unofficial start to the holiday shopping season.

Some of our fibery friends are getting into the spirit and offering deals and discounts that day…

Spunky Ecelctic is offering 20% off of all handpainted fiber and yarn. And be sure to check back December 3 for deals on wheels and other equipment!

The Spinning Loft is offering a 15% discount on every bit of fiber, dyed and natural. Use the code “skeins2011” at checkout. Friday November 25th only.

Black Trillium is offering 25% off all day Friday, November 25th. Please use the coupon code BlackFriday when you check out through Etsy.

a wonderful, unique, unlike any other

Save Calmer! If you follow Amy on Twitter, you will have read of the petition to save Calmer. Calmer is a cotton-blend Rowan yarn much beloved by non-wool knitters (like Amy herself), for its amazing softness and stretch, with a construction unlike any other yarn available to knitters. “Yarns do get discontinued all the time,” says Amy, “but this yarn has no equal on the market from any vendor. Those with wool allergies or sensitivities and those who choose not to use wool for whatever reason — we can’t afford to lose it!”

Lucy Neatby and Wendy Johnson have blogged about their support for this movement.

Sign the petition!

Witty and woolly satire.

A knitter and blogger in France is creating knitted dolls of French politicians to satirize and comment on the French political situation, as the election approaches. Her website, the “Delit Maille” (“knitting offence” in French, but say it out loud to be reminded of a UK tabloid) has become incredibly popular amongst both knitters and newshounds. Video story.


Adorable alpaca (& fiber) pictures in this piece from the Maryland Examiner about the Second Annual Maryland Alpacas and Fleece Festival held this past weekend at the Howard County Fairgrounds.

Pop-culture blog Jezebel features a tutorial on knitting a Burberry-inspired cowl.

Knit your very own!

And following up on news of the amazing sweaters worn by character Sarah Lund in the worldwide hit TV series The Killing, the Radio Times in the UK has published a pattern for the sweater featured in the second season. (Spoiler-free for those of us who haven’t seen the it yet!) There is also a contest to win one of the original sweaters.


A small gallery in downtown Toronto features a rather fab knitting-themed display. The knitter’s arms even move… (Thanks to Sarah Fay for the pic.)

This is the work of a local artist. She’ll be doing a display in a shop window  — a different one every month.

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6 thoughts on “WWW: Black Friday Sales; Save Calmer!; The ‘Delit Maille’

  1. Patty

    before you sign up to save calmer might I suggest that you make sure that the mill can still make it? Sometimes mills are unable to get the particular fiber, the costs are prohibitive or the mill went out of business. Rowan should be contacted to find out why they are discontinuing the yarn.

  2. Seanna Lea

    Ooh, sales. I have been dreaming of a spinning wheel for about 2 years, so this might be the year I pick one up (though it is more likely to be early next year even with sales).

  3. Meg

    I’m so ready to not call it Black Friday. I sort of remember when it started, but really…can we stop now? How about Rainbow Friday? or Peace Friday? or Soft and Fluffy Friday? Yummy Friday? Ooooh Aaaah Friday…? Anyone with any other suggestions? I know, i know, black is a nice color. It’s just the connotation, and the history. What do ya say?

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