Spinning Tuesdays: Another Reason to Have a Stash

Here’s another reason to have a fiber stash, for your friends who get into spinning trouble.


The other day I was knitting along happily on my father in law’s Christmas scarf, a cabled pattern knit out of a handspun, three-ply Gotland.  I’ll admit I was feeling smug because all of my gift knitting was right on schedule.

Then I looked down at my ball of yarn, it looked small. I looked again. Then I squeezed it, maybe it was wound really tightly. Nope. I was going to run out of yarn. Not just run out of yarn, much worse, I used all of the Gotland I had to spin the yarn.


How bad was it?

Half of Ray's Scarf

The knitting part was bad. When I finished the yarn I had, I was just under halfway done.

The fiber part was worse. The fiber I spun came from a fleece I had bought from New Zealand six years ago.

I was feeling really sorry for myself, the scarf, or half scarf, was exactly what I wanted – size, design, drape.


Then I remembered Carla. Carla is my friend who is always an enthusiastic participant in any fiber shenanigans I come up with, including splitting fleeces ordered from New Zealand. Yes, there was more than one, don’t judge.


I texted her. She was in an all day meeting with important people at work, but this was a fiber emergency. “Do you still have any of that Gotland fiber we got from NZ 6 years ago? I ran out of yarn for Ray’s scarf.” She instantly texted back, she understands a fiber emergency. “Yes!”

Not only did she still have it; she hadn’t used one bit of it, and she put her hands on the bag in less than 10 minutes.

More than a pound of Gotland roving

So keep stashing that fiber, your friends may need it too!

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12 thoughts on “Spinning Tuesdays: Another Reason to Have a Stash

  1. karen

    that is a wonderful happy ending. 6 years!! but the most amazing part is that carla could put her hands on it in 10 minutes! truly incredible!

  2. Melanie

    I’ll second Emily’s plea: Jillian, would you be willing to share your recipe? I know a few folks who would be delighted to wear a scarf like this one (me among them!). While I’ve not yet ventured into spinning, I’d happily search for a second-best commercial substitute for your handspun.

  3. Heather

    Now THAT’S a real friend! Sharing with you from her stash! WOW! I have a hard time doing that, though I’d hope I’d be able to help a friend in an emergency.

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