Spinning Tuesdays: Beautiful Batt Spinning

I hope everyone got lovely fiber gifts for whatever Winter holiday you celebrate, and  spent a day or two relaxing in pajamas.

I gifted myself a Bricolage batt

Bricolage Batt

Emily does the most beautiful mixed batts, lots of interesting texture and great colors. She makes gorgeous jewelry too. I might have bought myself a Poppy necklace.

I core spun this batt, letting it be as textured as it wanted to be.

Textured Bricolage Yarn

After spinning fat and core spun yarns for most of this year, I’m thinking about what to focus on for 2012.

Have you decided on any spinning resolutions for 2012?



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3 thoughts on “Spinning Tuesdays: Beautiful Batt Spinning

  1. MadTatter

    My spinning resolution for 2012:

    Learn To Spin.

    An elegantly simple and straightforward resolution, no? I’ve got the drop spindle already…now I just need to be able to use it!

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