Knitting Mondays: Goals for 2012

Kate’s goals:

In the UFO category, there’s the Must Have Cardigan that I started in early 2008… I dusted it off a couple of weeks ago, and decided to finish up the body pieces and work the buttonbands so I could try it on.  I figured that once it felt like a garment, I’d be encouraged to finish.  My plan was a good one – I’m really excited about it now!

Getting there...

In the USO (unstarted object) category, there’s that bag of Noro Hitsuji which I’m sure will make something really terrific… something… am thinking a vest.

I'm sure it wants to be something nice.

And in the UEO (unending objects) category, more black socks of course.  Because a girl can never have too many pairs of socks.

Boring, I know. But I need them. Remember that I layer two pairs of socks in the winter.

The most urgent project for 2012, however, is to finish up the pair of Qiviut socks – the temperature is dropping.


Jillian’s Goals:

1) Knit from Knitty! I want to knit at least 6 things from Knitty this year.

I just finished my Lanesplitter, so I’m counting that as one project done! Look for a Lansplitter group photo in Friday’s blog post.

Next up:


Works for curly haired girls!

2) Knit Socks!

I want to love knitting socks. I am a very slow knitter, usually I finish 1 pair of socks per year. It’s sad, I know. This year I’m going to try for 3 pair, with at least 1 pair for me.


3) Knit with My Handspun!

One of my spinning goals this year is to spin and knit a sweater. I’m already doing some sample spinning for this one.


Amy’s finger needs to get better before she can even think about knitting!


What are your knitting goals for the year?

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16 thoughts on “Knitting Mondays: Goals for 2012

  1. Erin

    The colours in that Noro are just lovely! And all those Lanesplitters on Sunday were very convincing… may have one in my future!

    I have some pretty ambitious goals for this year:

    1. knit my first pair of socks. both of them, not just one single sock.

    2. finally get someof those designs out of my head and onto some yarn!

  2. JJ

    Two pairs of socks! I am not alone! Now maybe my daughter will quit teasing me. Though I was hoping my first pair of hand-knit wool ones I’m currently in love with making would lessen the need for two pairs. Oh, well. Better knit more.

  3. Dani in NC

    I don’t know about goals for the entire year, but my current goal is to finish MY Lanesplitter. I started it in September but got sidetracked by life. I’m hoping to finish it before the end of March. I want to wear it before the weather gets too hot.

  4. Jamie

    My goals each year boil down to:

    knit faster than I buy (to whittle down some of that stash)
    knit at least 1 pair of socks per month
    knit at least 1 gift per month (includes planning ahead for Xmas)
    knit at least 1 item for charity per month

    I usually do quite well on these last three, but I can’t remember ever accomplishing #1. Luckily I’m a fast knitter, so my stash is not growing as quickly as it might otherwise.

  5. Bonnie

    I’m a slow knitter, too, and I want to knit more socks this year. I have two pair going right now. Also, I’m thinking of knitting a sweater for my hubby (from Jared Flood) and one for myself – a February Lady. I have the yarn for my sweater already.

  6. Renee Anne

    I have ideas in my head to knit with some of my handspun. I still need to wash it and set it before I can even begin to entertain a thought of knitting with it…but I have ideas in my head for my first skeins of handspun 🙂

  7. Cynthia

    My big goal is to learn how to do stranded knitting. I really want to try some multicolour knitting that ISN’T the result of how the yarn is dyed.

  8. Kelly

    I worry that putting my goals ‘out there’ invites interruption from the knit-karma gods, but a vague idea for me this year is sweaters (already going well on this). That and socks. I haven’t made socks for my boys in a long time. And mittens with the goal of having them finished *before* winter is over (I get side-tracked from small projects).

  9. Courtney Kramer

    My knitting goals this year are:

    Create at least 5 patterns with only 2 of those being dishcloths

    Knit one gift for every family member for Christmas and/or birthdays this year

    Have at least 15 completed projects by the end of the year

  10. Leslie Olson

    January – wrapping up the unfinished (I’ve finished a headband, sock, cowl and have about 2 hours left on a baby blanket)
    End of January – new baby gift
    February = Fresh Start…I’ve got a Rowan Sweater Pattern and the yarn ready to go – FEAR!
    Hat for my husband, he’s only been asking for two years
    Socks for each of my daughters (they’ll probably destroy them in the wash, but maybe just maybe they’ll see the value)

    Knitting Group – Saturday mornings at Caribou. I’m coordinating it and hoping to attract some new friends as we knit in public!

    Also a field trip to Purl Soho in NY….I’ve been spying their blog and my 2 of my daughters live in CT. I’ll go visit them. Really, I’m going to visit them, not just to spy out a great shop – really…..really!

  11. LynneW

    Hoping to find the perfect project for some of the yarns I’ve bought in the past couple of years, that didn’t work out as expected in the patterns I bought them for.

    Please, what yarn are you using for the black socks? I’m also a terribly slow knitter and socks seem to take forever, but I’m persevering. Unfortunately I’m a plain-black-socks person and the LYS only has multicolored. If I had a specific yarn (and needle size too, please) I can ask her to order …


  12. Seanna Lea

    My goals this year are to complete at least one UFO from when I started tracking projects in Ravelry. So, I have started some work on the Everything by the Kitchen Sink Sweater, which is one of the oldest pieces I have and started a project with some stash yarn. So far so good, though with nothing yet completed it is too early to tell.

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