Lanesplitter: Resistance is Futile

Lynne was Knitter Zero. The lovely Lynne showed up at a Knitty Roundtable wearing her Lanesplitter skirt, and we all fell over at the wonder of it and how flattering it was on Lynne, and Jillian and I almost immediately cast on for our own.


At least five or six other knitters who were there that night have made their own, including Susie L, Jennifer and Lynn W.


We had a mini-reunion last December, my skirt with Lynne’s, and Susie L’s terrific version.

It's all Lynne's fault.

The contagion continues to spread… Kate inevitably infected Denny (although their styles are very different, they are spiritual knitting twins), Lynne passed it to Sue, and Jillian and I finally found a sheep-free yarn for Amy to knit one of her own, Lang Yarns’ Sol Dégradé. Last weekend, we once again gathered around Lynne for a new photo op.


L to R: Amy with Lanesplitter-to-be, Sue, Kate, Knitter Zero Lynne, Jillian and at the bottom, Denny.

Amy may have cut the tip off her finger a few weeks ago, but it is healing well, and she’s resumed kniting…slowly. She’s making great progress so far, even with her injury.


not so bad for non-wool, eh?

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24 thoughts on “Lanesplitter: Resistance is Futile

  1. Maureen

    I was in attendance on that fateful night when Lanesplitter began its ascent into viral knitting. I quickly completed the skirt, only to let it languish as I knit and frogged the waistband several times, couldn’t find a yarn I was satisfied with. Just started the fourth attempt. Fingers crossed this is the one. I would love to wear this baby before winter turns to spring. Such a great pattern, makes you want to knit more.

  2. Knitter Zero

    I only wish my arse got looked at half as often by non-knitters. 🙂

    Started a class last night, leading 5 ladies to Lanesplitter goodness. Tip of the day? WASH YOUR SWATCH! And adjust your finished diameter not only for negative ease, but to take into account how your yarn grows after washing.

    Of course, leading the class means I had to start another for myself. This time, using Cascade 220 for a background colour, and Noro Silk Garden for the purl ridges. Oh, a zillionty more options. Next reunion, I’ll sport a different look.

    And of course, now I’m eyeing that bin of Sol Degrade in the shop for a non-wool version for summer – curse you, Amy! (But in the nice way.)

  3. 10a

    Oh I sooooo badly want to finish mine… Started it last year (even added a bit of extra length) in FINGERING weight yarn.
    I mean, what on earth was I thinking?!!

  4. Renee Anne

    I love the look of it but I know it’s not something that would look good on me (if only because I don’t wear skirts in the first place)…and really, why bother making something if you know you’re going to hate it when it’s done?

    So, I’ll leave you to it 🙂

  5. glennis

    hey- thanks for the mention of my new online indigo dye workshop. it’s sure to be an adventure and an international one at that!

    so far there are folks from 10 countries and 12 different states who are joining us.

    sowing indigo seeds far and wide- seeds of creativity and wonder !

  6. nowaks nähkästchen

    It was last spring on a trade show in Germany (for sewing and knitting and related stuff) when I spotted quite a few of them. And it was a show for professionals only.

    (Still I won’t make one for myself because on me it will NOT look flattering at all. 😮 )

  7. mrs.radley

    I want to make that skirt! Amy I am very glad you are back knitting and I hope the uke will enjoy your attention once again. The colours look fabulous.

  8. Jamie

    I rarely wear skirts, but I have lusted for this since I first saw it.

    I am now convinced that I NEED it…not a good thing when I am already battling January startitis.

  9. Sara L

    Okay, now I’m inspired to finally finish my Lanesplitter. I started it last year after seeing one of these group photos, but haven’t got around to seaming up the side and adding the waistband. No time like the present!

  10. Crystal

    I’m wondering about the TARDIS. Mug? Cookie jar? USB hub? Something else?

    The skirt is cool too.

  11. Jess

    Yeah, I’m for sure planning to knit one of these, ever since the first time you published the blog post about it! It’s so funny b/c when I saw it in that issue I thought it was cute but never would have thought to knit it unless I saw all these gorgeous versions!!

  12. Shelley

    I just have to finish the waistband on mine! It got put on hold for holiday gift knitting (which I just finished this week).

  13. Stefanie

    I did one in brighter colors, but I would love to do another in either darks or neutrals. I wore it even in the summer, soooo comfortable!

  14. Amber

    I am currently working through the virus known as the Escargot hat, but the Lanesplitter infection can’t be fought off for much longer.

  15. Lady Annetta

    I bought the yarn for this gorgeous pattern after seeing The Hotness here on Knitty ~ I’ve dug it out & it’s becoming one of my first projects for this year. Actually, this is the year of Knitting For Me, so I’m looking forward to it.

    And may I say, you all look Fabulous! Well done you!

  16. ellen

    I’ve bought the yarn, it’s next in the cue, what I want to know is what amount of negative ease was used on average as the pattern suggests 0-6″ (that’s a pretty big spread). Seeing as there’s a bunch of you how about an informal survey.

  17. Lisa Ward

    Resistance is futile times two! I already had some Kureyon picked out for a Lanesplitter, but now I’m thinking about the Sol Degrade, since I do live in very non-woolly Los Angeles.

    Also, what is that wonderful shawl that Jillian is wearing?

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