Spinning Tuesdays: This Is What Spinning Startitis Looks Like

I’ve been thinking about my spinning goals for the year, but I have a case of a particular crafting illness.

I have a bad case of Spinning Startitis. For the past week or so I’ve started a bunch of things.

Here are a few of the bobbins that I’ve been working on.


Yarn Hollow, Yarn Hollow, Spunky Eclectic and Bricolage

A bobbin spun from Shetland roving  from Yarn Hollow, spun woolen. This will become a tight three-ply and eventually mittens.


A bobbin spun from Cheviot and Shetland rovings from Yarn Hollow, spun woolen with a double marl to see how the colors work together. This will become a 2-ply, then eventually a shawl.


A bobbin spun from South African Fine top from Spunky Eclectic, spun worsted. It nearly killed me, the worsted spinning. It’s going to take a lot of practice to get to the point where worsted is a relaxing spin for me. But look at the blue color, that alone kept me going. This is going to be 2-ply, and eventually a lace crescent shawl, I even have the stitch pattern picked out already.


A bobbin spun from Bricolage  Studios’ handpulled roving. This one I just let rip, it’s lumpy, bumpy, thick, thin and all kinds of textured. Right now it’s just hanging out. I may ply it with some shiny thread.



So it’s seems I’m really getting the hang of my Spinning with Intention goal for the year. Not really a surprise if you know how much I like to plan things. I probably should add finish what you start to my list of goals. Maybe for 2013.

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5 thoughts on “Spinning Tuesdays: This Is What Spinning Startitis Looks Like

  1. Jennifer

    I hear you with the startitus. I have two bobbins with different fibers on them and have been working off my 3rd bobbin for 6 months now. I’m not allowed to start anything new until I finish my 2 lbs of Jacob that I started in August, or 2 of my various spindle projects.

  2. Elizabeth

    this is why i love having storage bobbins . when i get bored i just take it.off.my real bobbin and start something new !!

  3. julia fc

    Such range! ::applause::
    I need to spun up the two Bricolage bumps I bought at Beth’s when I was out visiting. I hope mine turn out as fun as yours.

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