What I’ve Knitty-ed: Clapotis

Gorgeous, no?

Like every other knitter on the entire planet, I fell hard for the wonder that is Clapotis.


Did you know that there are over 18,000 Clapotis projects on Ravelry?


(It’s pronounced clap-o-tea, BTW, with the emphasis on “tea”.)


And like many other knitters, I’ve made more than one.  But my first will always be the one I love the best.


I acquired the yarn in a trade.  And I am quite sure that I got the better end of that deal.


I got 8 skeins of a long-discontinued Noro yarn, Sarubia.  It’s 60% silk, 40% Kid Mohair and I love love love love love it. (You probably saw that coming.  It’s Noro and it’s got silk and mohair in it.  How could I not?)  It’s a slubby, very wooly sort of blend, not at all like the Kidsilk-alike sorts of blends you often see.


And the color is tremendous: much more subtle than many of the Noro yarns. It reminds me, in the best possible way, of gasoline in a puddle. The background is an espresso brown, and there are stripes of a pale watery grey, a pale watery green and a pale watery pink.  There’s an iridescence to the colors, coming from the silk.


I traded 4 balls of a plain worsted weight wool in a solid dark green.  It’s a great yarn, and my friend said it was just what she wanted for a felted bag.  But come on! I got the world’s most beautiful Clapotis, and she got a green felted bag.

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15 thoughts on “What I’ve Knitty-ed: Clapotis

    1. Maureen

      Don’t me scared. It is a great knit and not difficult at all. In the case of the Clapotis all the hype is true.

  1. Sara L

    Ooooh! My sis gave me two skeins of that EXACT yarn. I’ve been wondering what to do with it. Now I’m inspired to turn it into a skinnier Clapotis.

    Don’t fear the stitch dropping! Go ahead and try it; you only have to knit a few inches to discover it will all be okay.

  2. Deb

    Hello, I’m quite new to knitting so am one of the few who had not come across this before, so I wanted to thank you for bloggin about it! I love this pattern so much – can’t wait to try it! 🙂

  3. Maureen

    Funny you should mention the Clapotis. I have made three so far and am about to do a fourth as my mother has requested that I make her one. My first is also my favorite though it comes with a sad story. I made it out of Noro Silk Garden for a friend who was diagnosed with cancer. Unfortunately she did not make it and the Clapotis came back to me. I cherish it for my friend and for itself.

  4. Lauren

    I love my clapotis (plural) too! I’m actually wearing my skinny version today and received a compliment on it. Dropping the stitches is like a naughty bit of knitting fun.

  5. Adriene

    I’ve knit this and it’s my favourite keep-me-warm-at-work shawl! It was the first time I’d dropped stitches, and it was actually quite a liberating experience. Don’t knit it with aluminum needles, though… too frustrating to get the first few rows going on them.

  6. SuzieL

    I have knitted three of them so far and there may be more in my future, but the correct pronunciation emphasizes the LAST syllable, as in ‘clapoTIS’ (final s is silent).
    Lots of smiles and please, post about entrelac so people can be taught not to pronounce the final c. (Lots more smiles).

  7. Kate Post author

    Thanks to Suzie L (translator and linguist) for the correction on the pronunciation. Fixed!

  8. Seanna Lea

    I like the look of the Clapotis, but I haven’t made one yet. I know I’m not the only knitter to not make one, but sometimes it feels like it!

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