WWW: Knitting for the big slopes and the big screen

Jimmy Beans Wool is very proud to announce that they have signed a multi-year partnership with the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association (USSA), the national governing body of Olympic skiing, snowboarding and freeskiing, to become the first ever-official yarn, knitting and crochet supplier to U.S. Snowboarding and U.S. Freeskiing.

A driving force behind the partnership is to build awareness of the yarn industry and to expose people to different crafts, fibers and companies. Jimmy Beans Wool has partnered with Red Heart® yarns to create “Stitch Mountain”, a marketing and promotional campaign that encourages people to be creative on and off the slopes.

The knitter and her aunt, hard at work on a secret project...

A fun and fascinating profile of Jane Whatley, a knitter in the UK, who has worked on projects for the wardrobe departments for  various movies, including the recent War Horse, and the Harry Potter series, and Love Actually.  She has even knitted for Colin Firth!

Knitters in the Indianapolis area will be eagerly watching the screen during the upcoming Superbowl, being held February 5th, in their city. Knitters contributed 12,494 scarves to be given to volunteers working at Superbowl activities over that weekend. The scarves were all knitted in blue and white, the colors of the Indianapolis Colts, the local team, and wearers should be easy to spot amongst the crowds when the game is televised.

Shibori Girl Studios has announced a new slate of classes for 2012, including an innovative online workshop about Indigo dyeing. More info here.

I know it's crochet, but that's a very cute kitten!

Special Caturday Feature! Knitters in Winnipeg are creating blankets for cats and kittens at their local Humane Society. Bonus video of adorable cat-on-knitting action!

Knitting Ninja! Veronik Avery received a really rather wonderful gift from her clearly talented 15-year-old daughter

Knitting for babies.

High-school students in Brooklyn are knitting blankets to be donated to babies with HIV/AIDS in the New York Area.

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7 thoughts on “WWW: Knitting for the big slopes and the big screen

  1. Jennifer

    I think it’s amazing (in a good way) that high budget films would spend so much for a knitter to handknit something that they will then beat up and tear. Yay for handknitting! Thanks for interesting articles.

  2. PoodleYarn

    I would like to update your story about the SuperBowl scarves. Knitters from all over the state of Indiana contributed knitted scarves to this endevour. (Not just the Indianapolis area)


  3. Nicole Jamison

    How wonderful to read about HS students doing such good in the world! Here’s hoping the students I teach today will do the same later in life.

  4. Ellen

    I remember an article last year about one of the European yarn companies with a female Olympic skier or snowboarder who knits as a key spokesperson. I think Jimmy Beans should find an Olympian athlete or hopeful to be their spokesperson for this campaign if our laws allow it.

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