WWW: Elephants, Llamas and Paris Fashion

Because everything looks better in llama

Llama Font: I don’t honestly think this needs any explanation or introduction. Just go, and say it in llama.

Cee Cee, knitter extraordinaire

A great story from rural Kentucky: an 8-year-old girl is knitting elephants for the victims of the tornado that hit Joplin, Missouri last year. She and her family were unable to donate money to the Red Cross due to their own circumstances, but Cee Cee was moved enough by the stories of families of losing their homes that she wanted to show love and support in some way. So she did what could – she knitted. She knitted toy elephants to be given to children who have lost their homes. Knitters and others are donating money to the Red Cross for each elephant that Cee Cee has made. More info on Facebook.

Making a new yarn-bomber!

An arts group in Norcross, Georgia, is holding yarn-bombing workshops in preparation for a city-wide yarnbombing event to be held in March.

50 years of knitting: a video profile of Suzanne Hedderich Adams–LaLonde, a knitter in Sherrill, NY. A selection of her work – sweaters, scarves, mittens, socks, blankets and prayer shawls – is on display at the local library. So wonderful to see a knitter’s work valued this way.

Bringing a smile.

Late last Sunday night, Yarnbombers decorated a group of trees in Hackney, London, with the objective of bringing a smile to faces on a dreary Monday morning. Mission accomplished, I would say!

Sweaters with Swagger’: A feature on the knitwear in the collections of Paris-based fashion designer Rick Owen and others. Fab stuff!

And although not strictly about knitting, a fascinating article about color, designers and color theory from Imprint magazine, featured on Salon. Even if you don’t read the article, the images are fun and inspiring!

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  1. Hester Sturrock

    Thanks for posting about the yarn bombing in Norcross, GA. I live in Norcross, GA and never knew if was even possible for this kind of thing to be thought about. Can’t wait to get involved with YARN BOMBING!!! Hester

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