Godzilla Ridge?

Best project ever?

Godzilla is a giant lizard, yes?
I am rather a fan of the Lizard Ridge blanket. It’s the FO I’d save from a house fire. As a rabid lover of Noro, I believe it’s a masterwork, using 24 different colorways of my beloved Kureyon.
And remember I said that I hadn’t figured out what to do with that bag of Noro Hitsuji, the new-ish bulky weight Noro yarn?


Well, thanks to Jennifer at The Purple Purl, I think I found the answer: a Godzilla Ridge!
If you work the Lizard Ridge square pattern almost exactly as written (skipping the very first and very last rows of the square, as the yardage is a bit tight) on 8mm needles with the Hitsuji, you get a square that is about 18 inches across. (If worked in the yarn as written, the squares are 10 inches across.)
6 squares will make a blanket that is 36 inches wide and 54 inches long, not that much smaller than the original 42 x 64 inch 24-square version.


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22 thoughts on “Godzilla Ridge?

  1. Kim

    OMG. Totally gorgeous. I’d go back in after that blanket too. I love Noro and I like that Lizard Ridge square. Beautiful.

  2. Ruby

    Honestly I would go through the window to pull out my yarn stash in case of fire til I could not get anymore.

    Cannot wait to see picks of the finished version. Enjoy a long weekend of knitting.

  3. Maureen

    I saw this at The Purl last week and was equally gobsmacked at the awesomeness. Starting calculating right away. Only problem is that there is a lack of extensive colour choice at the moment. Perhaps that will change soon.

    I have been puttering away on the Kureyon version for years now and have only knitted up 9 squares, one of which is in an unfortunate Double Bubble kinda colourway. Yikes.

    It is such a lovely blankie, maybe its time to pick it up again. Must answer to the call of the Kureyon.

  4. Connie H

    I’m currently doing the Lizzy Ridge, I’ve finished 8 blocks. This also looks wonderful. The Lizzy Ridge just mesmerized me & I thought I need that challenge. I hope I love it as much when I’m done & get it together.

  5. Jamie

    I made Lizard Ridge when it was first published. Shocked myself by finishing it (including several rows of garter stitch on each edge to prevent curling) in less than a month. My daughter (the recipient) said everyone in her dorms tried to borrow it.

    It is still one of my favorite FO’s.

    I love the idea of a Gozilla Ridge. I don’t have any Hitsuji, but I do have full bags of Iro and Kochoran. Anybody have an idea how those might work up?

  6. Jackie C

    WEBS has Kogarashi (51% silk and 49% wool, 3.5 st/in) on sale for $10.99/ball — I just ordered enough to make my my own Lizard Ridge. I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  7. Denise~


    I think I’d curl up in that chair, just where it’s placed, and snuggle be completely happy for hours. (note to self – must buy more Noro)

  8. Catherine

    the lizard ridge pattern is so gorgeous – love it in both colourways, quite understand how you would save it from the fie. I have some Norro in my stash (who doesn’t!!) and feel like rushing off right now to begin my own blanket

  9. Kim

    Cannot wait to check out the other colours available…I have a grandson due in July…could be his favourite blankie!!!

  10. Seanna Lea

    I love the idea of a Godzilla version, though I would expect that you would knit it to the same number of squares for a truly Godzilla level blanket.

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