Spinning Tuesdays: The Original Fractal Spinning, Spinning Tornadoes.

A few Knittyspin readers have pointed out  that I forgot to include an attribution to the original source on fractal spinning in Alex Tinsley’s article, Fractal Spinning in our Winter 2011B issue.

The original article and first use of the term fractal spinning occurred in the Summer 2007 issue of Spin Off , The Fractal Stripe by Janel Laidman. Not only is Janel the mother of Fractal Spinning, but she can make any painted roving or top bend to her will. You can buy a digital download of all of the 2007 and 2008 issues of Spin Off here.

It was an oversight, I apologize to Janel for not catching it and give great thanks to the readers who noticed and let me know.


What’s on my wheel:

I’ve been spinning around Jacey Boggs’  most excellent book, Spin Art, for the SpinDoctor Spin Art SAL.

I played with spinning Tornadoes this week. Here’s one I really like.

I took this:

Tornado fixin's















Some Spunky Eclectic merino, a 2-ply silk, Kid Silk Haze and two sparkly threads.

What I love about spinning textured or art yarns is that it makes me really pay attention, since I’m spinning with motions I’d never use otherwise. With Tornado spinning you loosely apply the 3 or 4 extra yarns/threads at a 90 degree angle to a stripping down roving or top while adding twist.

Finding the balance between twist and pull in was maddening in the best possible way. I kind of like the frustration of learning some thing new. Anything the breaks me out of my usual spinning style, makes me a better spinner.

Here’s the finished yarn:




















Tornado, a little closer














What are you spinning this week?

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6 thoughts on “Spinning Tuesdays: The Original Fractal Spinning, Spinning Tornadoes.

  1. Heather

    Wow I need to look this technique up that is really cool. How sad is it I have nothing I am spinning right now.

  2. Diane

    This year continues to be the Year of Cotton. I’m on a serious woven garment kick and I adore cotton fabrics so I’m spinning everything I can get my hands on. This week, it’s an unknown blend of wool and cotton that was a cast-off from a fellow guild member. I think I’m in love with it.

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