WWW: Olympic Yarnbombing, Scholarships for Crafters, and Bees!

How good is this?!

A slideshow of an exceptionally good Olympic-themed Yarnbomb in the UK.

More info about the Mystery Knitter responsible for this masterpiece in an article from the Ottawa Citizen.

Love it!

Less mysterious, but just as wonderful: an elementary school in Fairbanks, Alaska yarnbombed the railings outside their school for an art project. Teacher Paula Brink-Hart has been incorporating knitting into her classes for years, and inspired by a student’s presentation about a local yarnbombing, she decided to create an outdoor installation for the school. A group of fourth, fifth and sixth graders created a cozy for the 128ft railing outside the school.

"You are my sunshine"

Beautiful yarn for a very good cause. Three Irish Girls have released a limited edition colorway “You Are My Sunshine” in honor of a customer and friend who lost her baby. In their words, the colorway “symbolizes the storm of emotions felt by families who are impacted by the loss of a baby, with deep grays, violets, greens, and browns that are chased with glimpses of sunshine and the return of bluer skies.”

It will be available only until March 15th, so shop soon! 20% of the sales price will be donated to Share, a not-for-profit organization that provides support and resources to families who have lost a baby.

Oh no! Not the bees!

On the nerd’s favorite blog, BoingBoing, an entry about a knitter who had to make 50 life-sized bees as part of a commission for an art gallery. Click through to her blog for more amazing photos.
(Please forgive the terrible Nicholas Cage quote; I couldn’t resist.)

Great to see the news of the “Beans for Brains” scholarship spreading through the “regular” media. Every year, yarn retailer Jimmy Beans offers a scholarship to young crafters for post-secondary study. Five awards of $2,250 are available for students across the US, provided by Jimmy Beans and other generous sponsors. More information on the program and how to apply here.

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2 thoughts on “WWW: Olympic Yarnbombing, Scholarships for Crafters, and Bees!

  1. Jennifer Crowley

    I think the thing Three Irish Girls is doing is wonderful… such a good way to draw attention and show support to a tragedy that happens to families and is rarely talked about.

    The yarn bombing is really really neat!

    1. Paula Brink-Hart

      Wow! Thanks for posting about our yarn bombing at Pearl Creek School. My class spent all semester knitting and when the 30 below weather warmed up to 17 above, we all went out to sew our cozy onto the 39-meter railing from our parking lot to our school! The kids had a great time doing it and are extremely proud of their accomplishment…not to mention all the compliments we get! Thanks again for acknowledging us!

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