Spinning Tuesdays: Knitting Ideas for Corespun Yarn

But what do you do with it? That is one of the big questions about corespun yarns. Folks love the way they look and love spinning them, but what can you use them for?

For me the obvious answer is knit with them.

I’ve had a couple of ideas racing around my head lately and I’ve been swatching.

Here’s an easy one, a top down shawl.


Corespun shawl swatch

I used needles much bigger than I would for a millspun yarn of the same wpi or even a smooth yarn of the same wpi. It’s crazy light yarn, but looks heavy because of all of the texture, another cool thing about corespun. I’m getting about 30 yards out of each batt I spin and I have 4 batts set aside.  I’ll have to see how big of a shawl that makes at this gauge.


This next one will take more time. I want to combine corespun into a millspun sweater. The sweater will be smock-ish in feeling – a deep scooped neck , a buttoned bodice just longer than empire, short sleeves, and an open a-line body from the bottom of the bodice to mid-hip. The sweater will be in a neutral a very brown taupe.

The yarn I picked for the base of the sweater is my new Crush Yarn, Shepherd’s Wool, a 3-ply merino spun here in Michigan. It’s sturdier than most merino yarns I’ve knits with but soft and squishy.

Shepherd's Wool yarn in Hot Chocolate

I'll do some shaping with ribbing, quick and easy!


I’ll use the corespun yarn for large patch pockets on the front of the sweater. I want the pockets to be nearly sculptural – wider at the bottom with short rows to make them puffy.


Sweater swatch with corespun

I love the bottom yarn with the swatch, but there’s not enough for two big pockets. Maybe I need to run over to my LSS (local spinning store) and see if there’s a batt to match.




What are you knitting with your handspun this week?

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4 thoughts on “Spinning Tuesdays: Knitting Ideas for Corespun Yarn

  1. Nora

    Love the Shepherd’s Wool. Knitted Caireen out of the exact same yarn last winter. It can pill like crazy if your gauge is too loose (my leftovers went to a pair of arm warmers and they are pilling like mad).

  2. Artisan Threads

    love the core spun yarn, I agree with Nora, watch the gauge.
    Art yarn is so much fun for texture I often put strands of it through weving to add a statement.

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