Spinning Tuesdays: Sometimes It’s Not What You Think

This is my wheel Suzie-Q, she has a squeaking problem.

Majacraft Suzie Pro, a naughty squeaker

To be frank, she has a naughty squeaking problem. When I treadle her she sounds like  honeymooners going at it on an antique iron bed. Funny at first, but it quickly gets annoying.

I love this wheel. I love to make singles and ply on her. She fantastic for big air or textured yarn. She’s heavy and sexy and spins forever. She got so noisy I almost quit using her altogether.


For a while, I thought she just needed oil or that it had something to do with how the treadles were attached in the back.

I thought it was the green bits

See the green bits? I call them rubber baby treadle bumpers. I thought they were the cause of the squeak and dusted them with cornstarch. Still squeaking, and probably laughing at me.


I took Suzie-Q to First Saturday Spinning at The Spinning Loft. She started doing her thing, everybody laughed, except Nora. She has a Majacraft Rose.  She said, “I know what’s wrong and how to fix it. One or more of the treadle screw holes is stripped”.

She was right. I never would have guessed it.



She fixed hers using wood filler to make the screw holes tighter. I used toothpicks and glue. I didn’t want to use bigger screws because I was afraid of splitting the wood.



I figured out that the squeak was coming somewhere in the left front.

The front bottom hinges

I unscrewed and rescrewed the screws to determine which hole was stripped.


The center screw in the right set of hinges wouldn’t tighten completely, bingo. To be thorough, I decided to tighten up all three holes in the set.


I used a wooden toothpick in each screw hole to give the screw something to bite into.

toothpick as filler

I coated each toothpick with Gorilla Glue and tapped it into the screw hole as far as it would go.

Gorilla Glue to set it

I let it dry, broke off the toothpick and lightly sanded the holes level. I cleaned and oiled the hinge and screwed it back into place, tightly.

I sat right down and spun. No squeak.

I have my Suzie-Q back in regular spinning rotation and she’s as sexy and swampy as the song she’s named for.

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19 thoughts on “Spinning Tuesdays: Sometimes It’s Not What You Think

  1. Diane

    Thanks for the info…I seem to have become the fix-it person for our guild…I’m sure this will come in handy some day!

  2. Mel

    My friend has a Kromski Symphony that sounds like a couple going at it, too. 😉 Happened since hers was new. However, I have a Susie and it also squeaks. I’ve checked everything *except* the screw holes; thank you for the tip! 🙂

  3. jp

    Genius. My ROse has been squeaking forever, though not as loudly as your Susie by the sounds, just enough to be irritating when I use her. This has given me an idea of what might work…

  4. Jennifer Crowley

    Nice. I’ll have to keep this in mind when my wheel starts squeaking.

    I’m pretty handy around wheels, and normally can kludge something together, but it’s nice to know what other people do.

  5. Brandi

    I don’t have a suzy q myself but I do have the same pedal setup. It’s a great idea to keep in mind if I or one of my spinning friends has that issue.

  6. Sue F

    AWESOME!!! My Susie has the same squeak, if not quite the same volume … yet. Now it never will. Thanks!

  7. Devon

    Thank you soooooooooo much! My Rose has a squeek that comes and goes and when it does it makes me switch to one of my other wheels. Thank you very much!!

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