Spinning Tuesdays: Who Do You Spin With?

Who do you spend your spinning time with? Outside of classes or events?


I have a tight group of spinners, 6 or 7 women, we manage to get together every 6 weeks or so in various combinations. We just hang out and spin and tell life tales.


I always  wanted to belong to a spinning guild. I love the idea of a guild. To me a guild is a larger group of spinners who teach each other and support each other to become better spinners.


I’ve been a member of a local guild for several years. It’s a pretty big guild, probably 200 active members. This guild has 4 big sales a year and that has become more and more of a focus every meeting. I’m not really interested in selling, I’m interested in spinning.  Instead of being frustrated at every meeting.  I didn’t renew my membership this year.


I even went as far as to ask a local spinning shop if she could have monthly spin-ins that would include talking about spinning and some fun spinning challenges. Spin a yarn based on a favorite book or movie character, anyone?


Who do you spin with?


My spinning goals are going slooowly but they are getting checked off.

This week I spun 3 of my 4 Fiber Fiesta fibers. Seen here on my elegant drying octopus.


Elegant drying octopus from Ikea

I fell completely in love with a yarn I spun for a holiday gift. The fiber is Birds and Berries on Targhee from Spunky Eclectic. I spun it as a single and fulled it.

Squishy Targhee

I want to make a hat, top down, just plain. I think there is enough yarn to make fingerless mitts too. The question is, will I be able to give them away come December?

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14 thoughts on “Spinning Tuesdays: Who Do You Spin With?

  1. Joanna

    I am a new spinner, so I usually spin in the living room with our three-year-old son eagerly cheering me on, “you did it!” or, “you made it!”

    We do have a wonderful guild in our city, I really need to go join up.

  2. elizaduckie

    We have a knitting group that meets in a restaurant that has space for us to include our wheels when we are in the mood to haul them. Many of our group also spin on spindles, which being so vety portable tend to show up more than the wheels. We meet every week from three to nine so there is lots of time to share. The wheels tend to come out, on average, once each month, the spindles more often.

  3. Renee Anne

    Sadly, most of my spinning is alone. I can’t do it during the day because Little Man (18 months) would want to “help” and we don’t really have a local spinning guild (though many in our local knitters’ guild are also spinners, dyers, and weavers – and we have about 500 active members).

    So, it’s not that I don’t know any spinners but I just wind up spinning alone. I think our local spinning shop does have an open spinning night every week….

  4. Pam F

    I live in California, my sister is in Texas…we spin quite often via Skype…for hours. Sometimes we try new things and sometimes we just spin & talk. Currently we’re learning to spin on a Russian spindle. It’s all lovely.

  5. Beth

    I spin weekly, on Tuesday mornings, with friends and neighbours at our island’s community school. From small beginnings – just three or four of us a few years ago – we have a group of around two dozen spinners. In any given week we have about a dozen attending. Not bad for an island population of around 550 people. Our group goes from strength to strength and we seem to pick up a new spinner every few weeks or so now.

  6. Tami

    Most often I’m able to spin weekly. I have some friends who we meet and spin on alternating Mondays and Wednesdays.

    I also host the yearly World Wide Spin and Public for our area and get 20 to 30 people there. its the weekend before the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival to help get everyone ready for that event. 🙂

  7. Diane

    Thank goodness for our guild (Genesee Valley Handspinners Guild) and a small, more local group…this gets me at least 2 days of spinning per month. I’m thinking we need at least one more evening to get together!

  8. onceasheep

    We have a monthly Spin Saturday on the first Saturday of the month and also a Guild meeting on the 3rd Sunday. The focus is always either social spinning or passing on techniques. Most of us spin for the pleasure of the process rather than for the end result if you see what I mean so the emphasis is always on fun and a bit of experimentation. I’m sure even amongst your Guild membership there will be like minded folk willing to “just spin” with you!

  9. Rachelle

    I spin with my local guild who luckily are focussed on spinning and enjoying eachother’s company rather than selling. Some there do spin to sell, but it’s not the main focus at all.

  10. Rebecca

    I spin in the dark of night, when my little ones are fast asleep. That is as much as I can manage right now but I am sure there is a companionable daylight future.

  11. Egrace

    I learned to spin while visiting a friend who lives in ID. There was a great spinning group that met every Friday afternoon.
    I wanted a group like that so I invited people from the handweavers guild. There were a few of us and every once in a while someone new comes.
    It’s a lovely group. I’m so happy to have them.

    I like that drying octopus too.

  12. Kelly

    I spin with my bunny Molly and cat Hannah, a cup of coffee, and an audiobook. It’s the best!

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