Spring WIPs

I love looking at all the FOs and WIPs from our latest issue.

CaffeineGirl‘s Afternoon Tea Shawlette in progress.

Very promising!

And knitters are really loving the Carousel sock.

MrsMumpitz‘s version


And 101mystic has taken the idea and turned it into a pair of gloves

Brilliant idea! Brilliant execution, too!

A seriously radiant Good Day Sunshine by Lailai


And Haloroundmyhead has gamely taken on the knitting and fashion challenge that is the Pineapple bag…. (just kidding, it’s both fabulous and not too difficult to knit)


Space-cadet is ready for summer with her Gemini t-shirt

Great job!

Malin‘s Raindrop cardigan is coming along very well…

Terrific color choice!

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6 thoughts on “Spring WIPs

  1. Cathy Goldman

    I want to know what yarn you are using for the pineapple bag….I’m looking for a cheaper alternative to the silk yarn….You’rs is looking fab,,,,thanks cg

  2. haloroundmyhead

    I used Araucania Lonco. Unfortunately it’s a bit hard to find at the moment…although not officially discontinued, there’s not many shops left that stock it.

    I finished the knitting part of the bag last night, so now I just need to sort out the drawstring, tassels, and lining. I might also apply a fabric stiffener to the leaf section, since I’m putting in the drawstring at the transition between the leaf and fruit sections.

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