The Knitty Sock Project

MsMyrtle, a student of mine, relocated to the the southern Hemisphere from Toronto a couple of years ago. She’s been doing a lot of travelling in her exciting new life, splitting her time between Western Australia and New Zealand, and to help pass the time, she launched a project: The Knitty Sock Project.


She’s decided to knit all the socks published on Knitty…. Progress is good so far!  As of the middle of April, she’s finished 20 pairs.

An excellent collection

Did you know that there is a Ravelry group dedicated to the Knitty socks?  It’s a great place to go to see pictures of fab finished Knitty socks, to ask questions, and chat about the over 100 sock patterns (!) published on Knitty throughout the years…


MsMyrtle started her sock knitting career with my Socks 101 class, which is basically an in-person version of my Socks 101 article from way back when, so that counts as a pair of Knitty socks, too, I think.


How many have you made?

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14 thoughts on “The Knitty Sock Project

  1. Seanna Lea

    I don’t know how many Knitty Socks I’ve made, though I do know I’ve knitted two Monkeys and one Potatomus (of all the names, it is the hardest for me to remember).

  2. Amber

    Wow! I’ve only knit 10 patterns of Knitty socks (I’ve knit two pairs of Spring Forward and Spring Fling – so 12 pairs of socks.)

  3. SarainBrooklyn

    I definitely have a “Monkey” in my future – probably a Potatomus, too… My “socks 101” project was so inspiring, I went from being sure I’d never knit socks to thinking I’d never knit anything else. (Settling somewhere in-between, I hope!) My first pair was Sunday Swing. They came out a little big, so my husband wears them. Only 3 pair since, but this madness just started in late winter, so…

  4. Jamie Wang

    I just counted. There are currently 109 socks, slippers, and leg coverings in the Knitty database! I’m impressed with MsMyrtle’s ambition.

    Personally, I know I’ve knit Hedera, Monkey, Pomatomus, Twisted, Falling Leaves, Crusoe, and Froot Loops. That’s a pretty good list, but clearly I’ve barely scratched the surface.

  5. Diane

    I was surprised to see that I made 5- Blackrose, Broadripple, Monkey, Spring Forward, Vog On…

  6. Anna

    I’ve only made 2 – Monkeys and Spring forward, but given I’m currently knitting my 4th pair of socks ever, the ratio of knitty patterns is pretty high!!

  7. Angelbis

    This is very impressive! I’ve made 4 (or 5 depending on how you count). 2 pairs of broadripple, double heelix, queen of cups,and pyroclastic.

    Good luck MsMrytle!

  8. cma

    I’ve knit Widdershins 9 times, if you count the ones I currently have on the needles! It’s my most favorite sock pattern ever. I’ve also knit rpm 3 times, and have made Fargyles (though alas, they did not survive) and Monkey. Won a blue ribbon at the fair for those. 🙂

  9. quinn

    That is an ambitious project! Go, MsMyrtle, go!

    I’m going to go check out the group on rav right now 🙂

  10. Meg

    I’m sooo into this project…just as soon as finish this row, er…um…on all of the projects I have going. Or maybe I will modify it and do all the lace patterns…yeah! that’s what I’ll do…

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