WWW: A lighthouse, a farm, and a prison. All places to knit.

The winners of our contest are Diana and Veronica in California and Jennifer in Minnesota. Thanks to Bagsmith for the prizes!

What a fabulous place to knit.

Friend of Knitty, Shannon Okey, has just announced that she’ll be teaching a one-week knitting retreat at Whitehead Light Station, August 31-September 5th this year. The Light Station is a fabulous setting for a workshop, an original restored lighthouse on an island off the coast of Maine.

The course is a designed to be a confidence- and skill-builder for beginner intermediate level knitters. Course participants will learn how to measure themselves and their knitting for optimal fit and precision, examine sizing schematics and how to select appropriate pattern sizes, plus discuss gauge and how patterns really work. This class is best suited for adventurous beginning knitters through intermediate knitters. Course participants will also explore dyeing techniques to create custom-dyed yarn and then create their own dream sweater or other knitted project.

A tour participant.

The Second Vermont Regional Farm to Yarn Tour has just been announced. The tour, taking place the weekend of May 19th & 20th, explores the Green Mountain State with a yarny perspective.

There will be workshops, tours and group sessions providing an insight into the yarn-making process. From sheep sheering to the actual manufacturing of yarn, the entire process will be available for you to be a part of. Saturday the 19th will send you through southern Vermont farms, while Sunday the 20th gives you a glimpse of northern Vermont yarn making. Nearly 20 farms and fiber shops are participating, and it sounds like an excellent way to spend a weekend.

Knitted & felted! Really!

A fab slideshow of some amazing knitted creations by the UK knitting art group The Materialistics. This exhibition, featuring characters and scenes from children’s storybooks, will be visited by the Queen as part of her Golden Jubilee tour.

providing training and paid work

An article about designer and knitter Brandon Mably – Kaffe Fasset’s design partner and collaborator – teaching inmates to knit in a UK prison. These classes are part of a larger program, Fine Cell Work, a fascinating enterprise that trains prisoners in skilled, creative needlework, and provides paid work.

Yarn store WEBS has been selected as one of the 20 finalists in the US National Retail Federation’s “This is Retail” Video contest. Congrats!

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5 thoughts on “WWW: A lighthouse, a farm, and a prison. All places to knit.

  1. Sherry in Idaho

    I offered to teach a knitting class at the women’s prison here, with me providing yarn and needles. I was told that the inmates can crochet but not knit. HUH? Whatever they do make does have to be donated to charity.

  2. Seanna Lea

    @Sherry I cannot believe that people are so short sighted to think that the knitting implements are truly more dangerous than a crochet hook.

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