WWW: Extreme Knitting, Knitted Mayoral Candidates, Felting Workshop

Keeping the north warm with woollies.

Yarn Bomb Yukon, a group in the far north of Canada, famed for their transportation-themed yarnbombs, has announced plans for their most ambitious effort yet: knitting a cozy for a DC-3 plane!  When complete, it’s likely to be the largest yarnbomb ever created in Canada.  The plane is on display outside the Yukon Transportation Museum. It’s an important piece of the history of Canada and the Yukon, as such aircraft were critical in settling and supplying the remote northernmost regions of the country.

The project is being supported by the Yukon Transportation Museum and the Yukon Arts Centre, and  conservators, an aircraft engineer and an architect have been engaged to ensure that the care and safety of the plane is a top priority for the project. Yarn Bomb Yukon is looking for volunteers willing to contribute supplies or pieces to contribute to the cozy.

The candidates

Knitter Heather Brown of London has created knitted replicas of all the candidates in the upcoming London Mayor’s election.

Some of Ms. Pearl's fab creations

Crafters in the Ottawa area: this coming weekend the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum in Almonte, Ontario is hosting an intensive 2-day felting workshop. Internationally known, UK-based felt maker and artist Sue Pearl is hosting and will share her felt-making techniques and innovations.

An obituary for Maurice Newble, a businessman in the North East of England who ran a chain of 19 haberdashery shops. The shops were successful enough to have their own line of yarn – they were buying the wool and having it processed and labelled with their own name.

It’s a fascinating peek into another time and another way of life, in post-war Britain, when knitting wasn’t just a hobby but the way to clothe your family.

"Extreme knitting"

Fabulous: knitters have started working with offcuts from the Harris Tweed factory in the Western Isles of Scotland.

For many years the selvedges from the looms of Harris Tweed weavers were just cut off and dumped, but these strips of fabric are now being saved and knitted on giant needles to create rugs, bags and dog beds.

The best part of this story about a young TV actor from Vancouver taking up knitting while on set for the show Once Upon a Time? The fact that the show has a knitting consultant!

Fox News includes knitting needles in a list of “surprising” things you can take on a plane.

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11 thoughts on “WWW: Extreme Knitting, Knitted Mayoral Candidates, Felting Workshop

  1. Reiko

    Re: Once Upon a Time – Vancouver knitting designer and Baaad Anna’s shop staff member Caitlin Ffrench has knit items for the show. She’s ffrench on Ravelry.

  2. Kim Richardson

    It amazes me how poular knitting has become in my wee town…. Next career in life local yarn shop owner… However i’ll have return to school maybe even Kindegarten at 48 to learn how to share… Lol

  3. Shelley

    Makes sense that Once Upon A Time has a knitting consultant – they have some FABULOUS knits on that show!

  4. Beth

    People are constantly surprised when I whip out my WIP on airplanes. It’s an odd phenomenon since the ban on knitting needles has been over for ages.

  5. Jenny

    Re: Once Upon a Time and Caitlin Ffrench – Caitlin IS the knitting consultant on set. She’s a lovely person, and she dyes beautiful yarn with leaves and bugs! (wewilltellyouallofoursecretsblogspot.ca) We’re so proud of her accomplishments, and can’t wait to see which cast member she can bring to the yarn side next!

    (PS I may have a secret crush on her, shhh!)

  6. Karen Russell

    re Harris selvedges: Pendleton Mills in Vancouver WA used to sell selvedge, I guess they still do. All fine wool, makes wonder rugs.

  7. RockSci

    Re: Maurice Newble, just a gentle reminder that Sunderland is in north-east *England*, but not the UK because the whole of Scotland is to the north of it!

    It was a different world – I though the part about them buying in fabric to have school uniforms made to their own designs was interesting too.

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