WWW: Spring Fairs, Record Break Attempt, Beanie Festival

Come and play!

Get your fleece on! Lots of fun spring fiber festivals and fairs coming up.
This weekend alone, there’s a number of great events all over the US:

And later in the spring, looking further afield, there’s more:

If you’re looking for events near you, or planning a yarny vacation, consult Clara Parkes’ comprehensive calendar on the Knitter’s Review site.

The artist, modelling one of her own works.

A fascinating piece about knitter and artist Saki Chikaraishi, who describes herself as ‘hyper-knit creator’.  See more of her work at her website.  Her ambition is to “wrap the whole world up in knitting”, and is clearly a compulsive knitter in a way we understand. She says “as long as I have my fingers and any stringlike object, I can knit anything”.

Author Ann Hood talks about how knitting helped her recover from grief over the loss of a child, and kick started her writing again.

A few of the hundreds.

Fundraisers in Coventry attempted to break the record for most knitters in public, previously set a group at the first Sock Summit. Hundreds of people packed into Coventry Cathedral for the second annual Coventry and Warwickshire Knit-A-Thon.

Do you think Jon Stewart wears hand-knit socks? A profile of Beth Shorr, talent coordinator for The Daily Show and knitter.

Residents of Las Cruces New Mexico should look out for a yarnbomb being installed at New Mexico State University today.

Knitters in and around Torquay, Victoria, Australia, are participating in the fourth annual Torquay Beanie Festival. This month-long festival encourages knitters to make items to donate to the needy, and local businesses are getting involved by hosting displays of all sorts of knitted headgear. There will also be outdoor displays, and a display at Torquay Uniting Church where the beanie festival began.

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3 thoughts on “WWW: Spring Fairs, Record Break Attempt, Beanie Festival

  1. Seanna Lea

    I love the photo of Beth Shorr with her knitting storage behind her. Of course, I need more/better storage, so I immediately picked up on that!

  2. Michelle B

    Whoo HOOO I’ll be at The Great Lakes Fiber Fest (affectionately called Woolapalzooza by my knitting group!)We go every year and make a day of it!

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