‘Bigger on the Inside’ Contest; The Original Scarf

The response to ‘Bigger on the Inside‘ has been so great – people love the design, absolutely, but they are also enjoying and relating to the story.  (Indeed, given that it’s Obsession Thursday, we might suggest that some of you are obsessed with it… 😉 )

I’ve received so many emails from knitters who experienced a similar thing – being told that their style was inappropriate, being told that they shouldn’t dress the way they want to, being told that they shouldn’t wear their handknits. No matter how gently the message is delivered, it can make a knitter feel isolated and out of place. I have to say, given the response I’ve received, I will never feel isolated or out of place again!

Many knitters have asked about my original scarf, wanting to see more of it…

Here it is, in its full glory, Mum’s glorious interpretation of a Doctor Who scarf, made at my request in the mid 1980s. 45sts of (k1, p1) ribbing, worked in what looks like a worsted weight acrylic. It’s 7 inches wide and 106 inches long – just under 9 feet.

Flying my fan-flag loud and proud!

I know the colors aren’t right – and I knew that at the time – but it was much harder to find a picture of the inspiration back then, and at the time I wasn’t keen on brown. So we just improvised.

Thanks Mum!

And if want your own ‘Bigger on the Inside’, we are giving away a yarn pack containing enough of the fab custom TARDIS colorway of Lorna’s Laces Solemate to knit it, valued at $52 US.

Bigger on the Inside


The usual rules apply for our giveaway: Leave a comment on this post before midnight, eastern time, on Monday, May 7, 2012. 1 comment will be chosen at random to answer a skill testing question.

If he/she answers correctly, they will win our prize! Good luck, everyone!

(If you have won a prize from us already this year please give another knitter a chance and leave your name out of the hat. Thanks!)

If you are interested in creating a more authentic version of the actual Tom Baker scarf, this website is very helpful.

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725 thoughts on “‘Bigger on the Inside’ Contest; The Original Scarf

  1. SpiffyB

    Wow that is the perfect TARDIS blue! I would love to win – been dying to get all wibbley wobbley with your timey wimey lace…

  2. Catie

    I love the original scarf! I would also love to win a kit to make the Bigger On The Inside!

  3. Kate

    That original scarf if amazing! I love that you went with colors you liked instead of feeling bound by the scarf that inspired this one!

  4. Beth

    I keep threatening/offering to make my husband a Tom Baker scarf. I don’t think he knows whether he wants one or not, but this was his favorite Doctor.

  5. Joan

    I’d love to knit Bigger On The Inside.

    I’d love to actually *have* something bigger on the inside, if possible. It would just make storage & organization so much easier.

  6. Beth

    Oooh . . . pick me. Love this scarf and will be knitting at least 3 for the Dr. Who fanatics in my life.

  7. Charlotte

    Oh my goodness, I want to make this shawlette for my sister for Christmas. She is a big doctor who fan. I know she’d love it! 🙂

  8. Maureen J

    Sign me up. I spent the prime of my life dressing a part and acting all company is my life professional, and I am so happy that part is over. I would guess the scarf your mother knit would be understood by your current co-workers.

  9. Bonnie

    So fantastical! Love the unique shaping of this creation! :). Thanks for sharing it!

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