Insight into a Knitty Design; Advice on Color from Ms. ColorJoy

Designer Lynn Hershberger is a genius with color. Part of her secret is that she is utterly fearless, combing colors in ways that most of us wouldn’t dare do. And it works, brilliantly!


She designed the wonderful – and naturally very colorful Crystal socklet in the current issue of Knitty.

Lynn encourages knitters to choose their own color combos for the socks, and inspired by a question on Ravelry from a nervous color-combiner, she wrote a wonderful blog post on this topic – “Color Combining for Novices“.

Helpful examples to illustrate different types of color combos

Even if you’re not planning to knit the socks, there’s lots of excellent material, well illustrated.

(Funny story: Lynn was my roommate at Sock Summit last year. She’s a wonderful woman, and we had a great time together. I wish I’d taken a picture of the closet in our room… my side was entirely in black and white, and Lynn’s side could only be described as a the wildest explosion of color imaginable.)

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One thought on “Insight into a Knitty Design; Advice on Color from Ms. ColorJoy

  1. Brandi

    Beautiful socks and hats. If I had been here roomy it would have been the same lots of dark somber colors and a color explosion. oh well at least my socks are a color explosion.

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