Knitting Mondays: California Revial Knits Winner & What I Did on My Long Weekend

California Revival Knits

Our winner of the California Revival Knits book and Peacock Mitts yarn pack is Jeanette from Ontario. Happy knitting Jeanette!

A huge thanks to Cooperative Press for donating the book and Elemental Affects for donating the yarn pack!


This is is a long weekend in the US. Here’s what I’ve been doing:

Color Affection with beer. There may have been a hammock involved too

I’ve fallen down the Color Affection rabbit hole. I’m knitting mine as a holiday gift out of stashed Rowan Felted Tweed. I’m trying to knit one holiday gift per month between May and December, all accessories. But that just might be the beer talking.

What did you knit this weekend?


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10 thoughts on “Knitting Mondays: California Revial Knits Winner & What I Did on My Long Weekend

  1. Sue James

    Oh Jillian!! You picked out the perfect colors for me!!! LOL!
    I’m knitting house socks for me, socks for my son for Xmas, and a Mermaid Shawl for a friends birthday next month……back to knitting!!

  2. Terri

    I’m making the “Cunning Jayne Hat” as a birthday present for my brother. Almost done!

  3. Cathie

    Dishcloths for a friend who can’t hold on to her’s since she always gives them away to other friends!!

  4. pam

    I’m working on the Eleanor cowl from knitty winter 2010. #33 I think. I AM LOVINg this little lace project!

  5. Holly

    What caught my eye in your picture was the Oberon. One of my favorite markers that warm weather is here.


  6. Amanda

    Ditto on the Oberon – the day that I can get it on tap is a necessary celebration for me. I’m working on a pair of legwarmers for my sister, a tantric top for myself, a cowl for my mom, and two pairs of socks. While feeding epic hordes of tourists. >.<

  7. Nicole

    I finished a plain sock for winter boot wearing and began the second one. I also worked on my Wingspan in Ty-Dy fingering weight.

  8. Maureen J (mljan)

    Color Affection has grabbed me, too. I believe it’s responsible for a lack of compatible skeins, especially in the blues, across the knitting universe. It took me forever to find three yarns that I wanted to use.
    Serves me right for not having a decent stash.

  9. Pamela Flores

    Two sleeveless shells, one in cotton and one in a linen blend, both about half-finished. Trying to work up the nerve to cast on my first pair of socks!

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