Knitting Mondays: California Revival Knits Giveaway

I can’t think of a better way to start the week than to giveaway beautiful things!

Today I have a copy of California Revival Knits by Stephannie Tallent.  Have you seen the patterns in it yet? I’m loving the Wrought Mitts and Cardigan.

California Revival Knits


I also have an Elemental Affects yarn pack to make the stunning Peacock Mitts.

Beautiful Peacock Mitts

Thanks to Cooperative Press and Elemental Affects for donating today’s prizes!

One person will win both the book and the yarn pack.

The usual rules apply for our giveaway: Leave a comment on this post before midnight, eastern time, on Wednesday, May 23, 2012. 1 comment will be chosen at random to answer a skill testing question.

If he/she answers correctly, they will win our prize! Good luck, everyone!

(If you have won a prize from us already this year please give another knitter a chance and leave your name out of the hat. Thanks!)

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501 thoughts on “Knitting Mondays: California Revival Knits Giveaway

  1. Rannveig

    I saw these patterns a while ago and then promptly forgot about them again. Thanks for reminding me!

  2. Emily M

    I have the Wrought Iron Cardigan in my Ravelry faves already. I’d love to make it!

  3. Susan

    I love peacocks!! And colorwork is the skill I am working on this year so they would be perfect!

  4. Leigh

    I really love the cowl on the cover. These mitts would be a good small, summer project to take on road trips.

  5. Samina

    I think this might be one book in which all the patterns are are gorgeous & wearable/useable! I’ll order this even if I don’t win it.

  6. Theresa

    Beautiful! The peacock mitts are absolutely lovely and the patterns are gorgeous. Great give away!

  7. Lindsay

    Wonderful patterns. My daughter loves peacocks so the mitts would be perfect for her.

  8. Deana

    Oh, how lovely! Colorwork is one area I am seriously lacking skills so this would be a wonderful book to add to my collection. On my list it goes!

  9. Patrizia

    I’ve seen the patterns and they are beautiful. Wrought Mitts are definitely my favorites.

  10. Kristy

    Oh, how lovely! I just graduated from college and am looking forward to a long, relaxing summer. It would be great to win this now that I actually have time to knit again!

  11. Cara

    I have been lusting over this book since I first saw some of it’s patterns.

    Oh please pick me =)

  12. peaseblossom

    I’m really into color knitting right now. So much to love about this giveaway!

  13. Holli

    I used to live in California and would so much like to recapture that place with these knits. Everyone is gorgeous.

  14. Barbara S.

    I love the Catalina Star Pillow and the Wrought Iron Mitts!
    The Peacock Mitts look interesting as well.

  15. Pat L.

    The patterns are lovely and rest assured I haven’t won any prizes this year (or any year). My luck is just that good!

  16. Cathy W

    The Wrought Iron set is just gorgeous, and the Tiles pullover needs to be mine. But I’ll happily knit peacock mitts, too!

  17. Claudia Horner

    Ooooh, I have to say this book and yarn look quite delicious! Pick me, pick me! Thanks for a fun post. I’ll have to see this book at the bookstore and gaze upon it’s wonderfulness if I do not win. Have a great day!

  18. Rachel

    Those are gorgeous!! I am just beginning to try some colorworking, so this would be a great chance to give it a try and not have to invest too much money into a book or mulitple yarns.

  19. Irene T

    Oh, now another project in my queue! The peacock mitt is calling my name. Hmm, wonder if I have yarn for this, considering that I’m on a yarn diet at the moment.

  20. Sally H

    The Wroght Iron Mitts look like a great warm-up to the Wroght Iron Cardi. Thanks for the chance.

  21. Judes

    There’s some seriously awesome colorwork in this book! The Fringe Socks in particular are amazing.

  22. MadTatter

    Those are some seriously beautiful patterns. You guys always have the BEST giveaways!

  23. Kathy

    Wow, those are some amazing patterns. I like repeating patterns, but I do sometimes feel that patterns are just a rehash – these are certainly unique!

  24. kit mason

    I’d love to try to make those peacock mitts. Very good for frosty morning driving!

  25. Amanda

    I love the wrought iron mitts too. They would make a fantastic b-day present for a friend of mine whose birthday is next month. Mitts in June, I know, but its what she wants.

  26. Christina M

    Wow the book looks awesome! I’d love a chance to try out the peacock mitts, too!!

  27. beth

    I have seen a other positive reviews of this book and would love to get my hands on a copy. Thanks for the opportunity!

  28. Sarah M

    That book has been added to my Amazon wishlist for sure! Fingers crossed to have my name pulled 🙂

  29. Jenny

    I hadn’t seen that book yet, and there are some lovely patterns in there. I especially like the Wrought Iron cardigan. It has the same shaping as my favorite cardigan, so I could definitely see myself making that.

  30. Mel

    I love the Peacock Cowl & Mitts and the Wrought mitts. The pillow looks like it would work well in my living room! 🙂 Beautiful!

  31. annek

    I saw the patterns on-line and couldn’t see one I didn’t like well enough to knit. Impressive. (Sort of reminded me of an old vinyl record I once had. I played it to death as it was the first record where I liked EVERY song.)

  32. Aimee

    I don’t even wear cowls, but the one on the cover is stunning. I’ve been eyeing it for awhile now.

  33. Beth

    I’ve been watching this book make the rounds on the blog tour, and falling a little bit more in love with the patterns each time. I’d love to win a copy!

  34. Samantha

    Such beautiful patterns! I would love to knit any of them. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  35. Knittingdancer (Teresa)

    Thanks for a chance to win this book. It has some beautiful things in it.

  36. Tisha

    I hadn’t seen this book before, but there are a few patterns in it that I’d love to make. Can I please win the book???

  37. Savannagal

    Throwing my hat in the ring. Thanks for a chance at winning the great patterns.

  38. Rachel

    There is a really good mix of different types of patterns here-loving the Tiles cardigan!

  39. Megan

    How gorgeous! I would love to knit those peacock mitts, and I know just the right person to give them to!

  40. emmafia

    I’d love to try the peacock mitts, totally different from what I usually knit! Hope I’m the lucky one!

  41. Susan

    Wow, I am in love with the peacock mitts, peacock stole, and the wrought mitts! So lovely!

  42. Karel

    The Peacock Mitts are magnificent: I already have the perfect recipient in mind! I can’t wait to look at the rest of the patterns in this collection.

  43. Laurie

    A quick look at the patterns shows lovely knits. A nice mix of color and textures.

  44. Gina in the San Francisco Bay Area

    I’ve seen previews of this book and it is gorgeous. So many beautiful patterns highlighted by stunning photography.

  45. LauraBeth

    I love Cooperative Press. Every time they come out with a new book, my favorite list grows.

  46. Diane

    That book has some gorgeous patterns. Here’s hoping this is my week to be picked by the random number generator!

  47. Esther

    I saw a book review on the video pod cast “Knit One, Heart Two” and loved it. Particularly the Wrought Iron Cadigan, beret and mitts. The fingerless gloves would be my first colour work. Fingers crossed.

  48. G.K. Green

    Thanks for this giveaway, and, yes, of course, please enter me to win! I was fortunate enough to see the Peacock Mitts in person, and they *are* absolutely stunning …

    G.K. Green / gkgreen on Ravelry /

  49. julianna

    Always such lovely and generous giveaways — thanks so much to your generous sponsor. 🙂

  50. Shannon Larson

    The projects look like a lot of fun, and I have been wanting to start some colorwork, so this might be the incentive I need.

  51. Emily

    These are amazing and I’m already working on a peacock-themed project; those mits would be a perfect pairing!

  52. Sarah C.

    I have been admiring this book for awhile! I really like the wrought-work red sweater. 🙂

  53. Cheryl McAllister

    Wow! You are right that the Wrought Iron Cardigan is absolutely gorgeous as well as the other patterns. They really do give the effect of California architecture in a lovely fabric.

  54. Marlitharn

    Such colorful patterns! I haven’t done much colorwork but I’d love to do more, and I really like the cowl and the mitts.

  55. Nike Eve

    Oooh, I love the patterns in that book! Might have to put that on my wishlist 😉

  56. Linda

    I’d love to win this pattern collection as there are several things I’d like to make!

  57. Connie K.

    Want, want, want this book! I’ve been drooling over it and waiting for the budget to allow me to buy. And a yarn pack for the peacock mitts? One Christmas present down.

  58. Carol

    What a fabulous pattern on the cowl. As I don’t need a cowl down here in the deep south, I would love to use the pattern on a pillow.

  59. Sylvie

    There’s some gorgeous colorwork in this collection, and I also love all the wrought iron-inspired pieces.

  60. MarieAnge

    I would so love to win this book!
    The designs look amazing and that yarn! Droooolllll 😉

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway! 🙂

  61. Robin

    Kismet! I just watched a review of this book on Knit1HeartToo and it looks fantastic. Fingers crossed.

  62. C-lee

    Wow. Just when I thought I didn’t need any more knitting books (NOT!) 🙂 I would welcome this one with open needles!

  63. Elizabeth

    Love the peacock!! And so proud that Knitty is right here in Toronto!!

    Blessings, Elizabeth

  64. Kayteau

    I am really loving the Wrought Cardigan as well, but those peacocks are tempting!

  65. Peggy

    Wow, I’ve never seen a book of knitting patterns where I absolutely loved every one of them–these are gorgeous!

  66. Leslie

    Could be my first foray into colorwork… been doing mostly lace lately and haven’t tried colorwork yet. 🙂

  67. Kady Webb

    I heart yarn and patterns. Plus, I could use some knitting therapy during anatomy and pathophysiology this summer!

  68. Tina_R

    Brings back memories of 30 years of California, especially the architecture. Looking forward to a flying visit I’ll make there in June.

  69. tiffany p.

    I had been admiring the cowl on the cover so the book would be a great start to knitting it. The yarn to knit the mitts with would just be icing on the cake.

  70. Chandra

    This giveaway couldn’t be more made for me, I’m a California native and used to raise peacocks. Oh please yarny gods, my stash and bookcase need new friends.

  71. Kat

    I love the Wrought cardi and mitts in this book, too, and I’d love to have a copy of the book in particular. Steph’s designs are really iconic and special.

  72. Lisa (in BC)

    Proverbial name in hat, please! I like the Wrought designs in this book, and a friend may like the Tiles sweater. I love Knitty for showing me new things.

  73. Sarah

    Please toss my name in the hat for this prize pack. I just spent too long admiring the patterns in this book.

  74. Rochelle

    I discovered your blog in my “new” zite app. I’m glad to see knitting made their California page. The peacock cowl is beautiful. At first glance I thought they were hummingbirds.

  75. Eleanor

    I’ve been stalking this book on its blog tour ’cause I love both sweaters in it (Wrought Iron & Tiles). And hurray that their modeled by realistically-sized women!

  76. Cyndy Landers

    Oh I clicked on the ad on the side bar Monday. That cowl is to die for. What a great prize.

  77. Kristen

    I am completely smitten with the entire “wrought” collection of patterns. So lovely!

  78. Jen

    I’m at Royal Roads University right now, where there are peacocks that roam the grounds. What a nice tie-in!

  79. Elaine Yuen

    Beautiful projects – complex, almost like mosaic or embroidery – also like the nature the,

  80. Mairi

    Intriguing patterns. I particularly like the colourwork socks, and the twisted stitch gloves.

  81. Melanie

    What a great book, I would loved to add it to my library. Since I am always cold, even in sunny California, I could make and wear the mitts all the time1

  82. Cynthia

    I love the Knitty giveaways. I already have a couple of patterns in this book in my want-to-knit list.

  83. CK

    The Wrought Mitts & Beret are a fabulous set — I’d love to be wearing those this autumn!

  84. Amanda Heyen

    Such a lovely pattern. I’m doing some intarsia gloves now and I know what a challenge it is, but these are particularly beautiful.

  85. Doreen

    I think I commented on the wrong post earlier. Those beautiful Peacock Mitts are indeed beautiful.

  86. Colleen

    I am pretty sure I saw these patterns when they were still “soon to come” and thought how badly I wanted to knit them! This is an amazing giveaway!

  87. Chris in Hesperus

    Peacock Mitts! I love all the Wrought Iron pieces too. What a great book!

  88. Mia

    What lovely patterns! Thanks KnittyBlog, Cooperative Press and Elemental Affects for this giveaway. Would love to knit the Peacock Mitts for my mom, since she lives on a property that has about 30 of the birds.

  89. Judy

    I would love to win the book. The Peacock Mitts would be a challenge for me, but I’m up for it!

  90. tulokyn

    I moved to California from east coast Canada just over a year ago!

    I was looking through this book just the other day, and it looks pretty interesting. I like it very much.

  91. susan

    The Wrought pattern group is amazing, as are all of the patterns! I really hope I win this package, thanks for the chance.

  92. Debbie

    I love the peacock mitts – they would be perfect for my sister. The book looks like it has some fabulous patterns too!

  93. kcc

    wow! those gloves! i love the peacock stole too in the book. and i never had heard of that yarn before, but what colors! new resource for yarn! thanks

  94. Jacquie B

    I came very close to buying the mitt kit at Stitches. Now might be my chance! 😀

  95. Fiona

    The peacock gloves are spectacular. I’d love to see more designs from the book too.

  96. CC

    I have seen some pics of projects in this book and I’d love to have it.

    p.s. I live in California, does that count extra?

  97. Ann Marie

    Seen the book on a podcast and think the patterns are lovely. The kit sounds interesting as well.

  98. Jen Alexander

    Maybe this time? It’s a lovely book. Just the thing to help me get my mojo back.

  99. Courteney

    The only awful thing about those mitts is the amount of ends I just know there’d have to be woven in!

  100. Pam

    I agree with a lot of other posters: that cover cowl is amazing and worth the price of the whole book!

  101. Ivanna

    SO great that the CA Arts & Crafts work is being represented in yarn, would love to figure out how to put some of William Rice’s block prints into intarsia.

  102. Heather Bergman

    The mitts are stunning and I am always looking for a new book to add to my collection. Fingers crossed you pick me.

  103. Barbara Kennedy

    What an amazing concept! Having visited California last year, I can understand where you got your inspirations. I particularly like the peacock cowl.

  104. Amy

    WOW! I am new to Knitty and just learned about these give-aways. What a wonderful idea/gift and what beautiful ones they are this month! Kudo’s!

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